Top 12 Video Editing Software Right Now

Video Editing Software

These are the top 12 video editing software to use right now. You might think that only big movie studios and music video makers need professional video editing software, but that’s not true. Even if you want to promote your product or brand with engaging videos, good tools are essential. The video has become crucial in today’s digital world, especially with more people staying home due to the COVID-19 pandemic and consuming online content. To create high-quality videos, you need reliable, professional video editing software as a part of your marketing strategy. Let us take a look at the list. 

1. Filmora

Filmora is a simple video editing software for all creators. It has powerful tools to help you make amazing videos with overlays, filters, titles, and transitions. You can also enhance audio, remove background noise, and do advanced editing like using a green screen or layering clips. It works with 4K videos and is available for Windows and Mac. Pricing plans start from $7.99/month and go up to $155.88/user/year for schools, individuals, and businesses. Quite affordable, we would say. They also have custom plans for educators. You will find it to your interest. It is really interesting. Also many amateurs also use Filmora for their projects. It will help you to a great extent. 

2. Camtasia

Camtasia is one of the best software in the market. Also, it is so good that many industry professionals frequently recommend it. What’s more, you can also make whatever you want on it. It offers you a lot of features to work with. You can import your files with great ease. The transfer process is very smooth. Also, the software is really good. One may say it is value for money even. We think you will like this software a lot. Furthermore, Camtasia is the way to go if you want quality. It is your dream software. Many amateurs use it. Professionals use it too. Also, if you use it well, you can do a lot of things, like making short films. 

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3. InVideo

InVideo is an online video editing tool that allows you to have full control over your videos’ content and branding. It offers various ready-to-use video templates for brand promos, product ads, webinars, and marketing videos. Also, with its user-friendly editing features, you can easily create professional-looking videos by adding scene transitions, animations, filters, and trimming tools. Now this is called value for money. Furthermore, let us take a look at other features. 

The software provides a vast library of videos and music, making it simple to design promotional videos. It also offers a wide range of audio and graphics to capture the attention of viewers and potential customers. Also, InVideo offers two pricing plans: Small Business and Unlimited. Moreover, the Small Business plan costs $20/month or $10/month billed annually, while the Unlimited plan costs $60/month or $30/month billed annually.

4. Movavi Video Editor

Movavi Video Editor is really good for beginners. Also, you can quite easily download it from their website if you wish. It allows you to do a lot of things. Mostly, people use it to edit music compositions. Furthermore, the features are very easy to learn. You get several advanced tools. These will come handy later. Chroma keying, color grading and stabilization are some of their features. Also, you can call it value for your money. It is really good for you. Also, if you wish to learn video editing first hand use this tool. 

Movavi Video Editor
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5. Final Cut Pro

Final Cut Pro is a high-quality video editing software from Apple. It has advanced tools for editing videos and audios and works best on MacBooks with powerful graphics processors and CPUs. It’s fast and flawless, creating amazing videos with special effects, filters, and motion graphics. It can handle RAW formats, HDR materials, and 360-degree videos. It also helps organize your clips and lets you share them on Apple devices, online platforms, or Blu-ray and DVDs. You will find it a good addition. Many people find it useful. You will too, we daresay. 

6. Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere pro is really good. You can edit a lot of stuff here. From amateur videos to professional movies. You can make almost anything here. Also, it has a lot of features for you. Recently they included a few more add-ons. This is really helpful. Also, this means the software is now far more powerful and important for you. What’s more, you can also import RAW footage and HDR media as well. Also, you will find it a delight to work with. Adobe Premiere Pro really is your friend in everything. Many professional studios use it to work on their creations. 

7. Videobolt PRO

Videobolt PRO is a powerful and user-friendly video editing platform in the cloud. Even beginners can use it easily because it has a well-designed interface. It’s great for companies and individuals who need fast video editing for commercials. You get access to professionally-designed templates that you can customize for your brand. Key features include a brand library, media library, stock footage, and cloud-based rendering. Many people prefer to use it. It is highly beneficial. Also, you will find it very easy to work with. It is one of the easiest editing software out there.

Adobe Premiere Pro
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8. VideoPad

VideoPad is a free video editing solution for freelancers and small businesses. It works on Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS devices. It provides powerful yet easy-to-use tools for trimming videos and adding cool effects. The simple interface helps you create professional-looking videos quickly. It also offers advanced features for fine-tuning your videos, like audio editing, 360-degree video, 3D editing, green screen, and video stabilization. You can easily share your work on YouTube, Vimeo, and other social media sites directly from VideoPad. It’s a convenient and versatile video editing software.

9. BeeCut

BeeCut is a user-friendly video editing solution for individuals, small companies, and mid-sized businesses. It’s easy to learn with its WYSIWYG video editor and offers creative masks, filters, and transitions for quick video-making. Also, you can create professional-looking videos with features like custom intros, multiple timeline layers, video stabilization, picture-in-picture, and audio editing. Also, it’s great for educational content, presentations, social media ads, and marketing. Plus, you can use it on Android and iOS devices for on-the-go editing and direct uploads from your phone. If you like working with advanced materials, it is for you. One might even call it a boon. 

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10. Fastreel

This app was created by Movavi. Also, it is very useful. Furthermore, you can edit a lot of different content with it. It allows you a lot of freedom. The platform offers a free music library to improve your video outputs. Moreover, you can use it to create almost anything you want, from professional business videos to home movies. Also, the basic plan is free, but for more advanced tools, you can choose the Single Premium plan for $5.95 per video or the Unlimited Premium plan for $9.95/month. Discounts may apply for annual billing. Moreover, it is pretty good for even amateurs. Take it for a spin. You will love it. We guarantee it. 

11. Moovly

Moovly is an excellent video editing solution for beginners. It’s a web-based platform that offers easy-to-use tools for creating high-quality videos for personal, educational, and business purposes. You can choose from a variety of templates and easily drag-and-drop media content like images, videos, audio, and animated clips, from their library of royalty-free media objects. Also, it is very good when it comes to video editing. Even if you are a beginner, you can learn it very fast. Furthermore, there will be no hassle on that part. Just imagine having that kind of power. It will help you a lot. Furthermore, Moovly is a really great software. 

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