How Did Dora Die? Famous TikTok Trend Explained 2023

how did dora die
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Much like this Old Grannies trend on Tiktok, we now have How Did Dora Die In other words, it’s the latest trend that we are seeing on Tiktok right now. Of course, those of you who have watched Dora The Explorer would know that, yes, we are actually talking about Dora. So, it’s worth noting that just like the Old Grannies trend, this one is also a reaction video trend. 

Tiktok can become a bit weird sometimes in the Trending department. In fact, that’s true from the trends we see usually. So, as we know, Dora the explorer is one of the most famous childhood icons for most of us. That’s why people want to know why this bizarre trend has come in the first place. 

If you want to know about it, then it’s time to go through this article. Here we will mention everything that you need to know about Dora and her ‘death’. In other words, we will tell you everything about the latest trend on Tiktok. 

How Did Dora Die? Explanation Of The Latest Tiktok Trend

How Did Dora Die
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So, first of all, we should know that Dora is the main character of the cartoon series Dora The Explorer. She is someone who loves to go on adventures and she also takes us with her. Now, how such a cartoon character died is quite a shocking affair to many. 

If you just go to Google or any other search engine and type ‘How did Dora die’, then you will get a lot of responses. For instance, you will get responses ranging from car accidents to even crocodile attacks. Moreover, a video has also surfaced on how Dora the explorer died. 

So, for those of you who want to know, we will explain the video the best we can. As per the video, Dora could have died from either falling off a cliff or drowning, or maybe she could have also burned herself while experimenting with matches. The video is all about how exploration can become dangerous. 

As per the sources, it was TheStringiniBros who made this video to make fun of Dora the Explorer cartoon. In that video, she showed multiple ways Dora can die. 

The Tiktok Reaction On The Trend

So, as we know, Tiktok is a place where we find a lot of bizarre trends going on. Now, several users of Tiktok have reacted to the ‘How did Dora die’ trend. Moreover, we should also note that numerous TikTok videos show an animation of the death of Dora. The most famous video claims that a car has killed Dora. A lot of users expressed their grief and shock over this trend. 

Did Dora Die In Reality?

Did Dora Die In Reality?
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Well, Dora the Explorer, which is a very famous kids’ cartoon show, tells us about the fun of adventure. So, if you are a fan of Dora, then don’t worry because your favorite character is not dead. In other words, Dora the explorer didn’t die for real. 

The sources tell us that the show aired for the first time in 2000. It has a total of eight seasons up to 2019. So, in the final episode of this cartoon series, Dora finally returns to her school with musical instruments. 

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