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Wood burning fireplaces are always going to be in-style when it comes to making choices for additions to your living room. There’s a “classic” sense to it. From the physical aesthetic, to the smell of freshly burned firewood, a wood burning fireplace is going to give your space a sense of comfort and character that can’t be found in other accessories. Embers Living promises that you can find all of these characteristics when you Buy Wood Burning Fireplaces online from our website. We won’t just offer you one specific one for your home, we’ll offer you multiple models for you to choose from. Browse our website today to see what wood burning fireplaces best suits your home!

Feel free to pick from the wide variety of choices we have when it comes to wood burning fireplaces. One of our top selections happens to be the Majestic Ashland 36’’ Radiant Wood model. It’s flushed hearth design gives off a distinct feeling of homeliness. The scratchy, yet the polished finish is a “classic” model with a modern twist that makes the fireplace fitting in any living room setting. You’ll enjoy it the moment you start burning logs in its spaces. Additionally, the gas logs available will ensure that the fireplace is always warm and cosy for you to sit nearby during this upcoming stretch of cold, wintry weather.

We love to get into major detail with specifications when it comes to showing off our fireplace designs. Whenever you are looking to buy wood burning fireplaces online, we’re always keen to have the measurements laid out for those who want specific details before making a purchase. It’s only fair to be transparent to customers such as yourself. And we want to empower buyers with the knowledge they need to make a big purchase for their home. In fact, we even have sketches of the basic layout with measurements for width, height, and depth, so that we can give you a visually detailed example of just how the fireplace will fit into your home.

Did you want your potential purchase to show off more bricks? Did you want to switch around door designs? We have these options and more. Our selection of wood burning fireplaces comes with the option of choosing different accessories for the product you’ve selected. You can be extremely nitpicky with certain details, ranging from the type of brick being used for the fireplace, to selecting the final amount of bricks used in the build of it. By allowing customers to do this, we find it gives them great chances to be creative with how they go about customizing their preferred living spaces. It’s an exciting opportunity.

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