All The Glee Facts That You Must Know If You Are A Fan

Glee Facts

Here is a list of all the Glee facts you must know to cement your fandom of the show. You might be familiar with the details of Brittana’s relationship, Rachel Berry’s pursuit of her dreams, and Kurt Hummel’s singing talents. However, there are some lesser-known facts about the cast. One of the cast members is deaf in one ear, and two of them actually dated off-screen. And no, we’re not referring to Lea and Cory.

A Tale of Tattoos

Lea wanted to honor Cory’s memory with meaningful tattoos. She got the words “If you say so,” which were his last words to her, tattooed on her rib cage. Additionally, she got his Glee character name, “Finn,” and his quarterback number, “5,” inked on her upper thigh and elsewhere, respectively. Also, this is what we call true love. 

Kurt Was Made for Chris

Chris Colfer, who played Kurt, originally auditioned for the role of Artie. Although Kevin McHale ended up portraying Artie, the crew was so amazed by Colfer’s talent that they created the character of Kurt specifically for him. Also, this is one of the best portrayals of the character. Let us see how far it goes. 

Heather Morris and Beyonce

Heather Morris, known for her role on Glee, has an impressive achievement to boast about. She was once a backup dancer for Beyonce! In fact, she was the one who taught the Glee cast how to do the moves from Single Ladies. Also, this is something to give her an edge. 

Kurt Was Made for Chris

The Secret Talent

In addition to his impressive acting and singing skills, Chris Colfer is also skilled in the art of Sai. He has mastered the use of this traditional Okinawan weapon (sword), making him someone you wouldn’t want to mess with! Also, it means he loves doing something else apart from acting. 

Jenna Ushkowitz and Modelling

Jenna Ushkowitz, known for her roles as an actress and singer, started her career as a model at the young age of 3. Furthermore, this means she always has a backup. In case acting does not quite take off, she can return to modeling. Quite the repository of talent, these people. 

Slushie Throwing

During the filming of Glee, the scenes where bullies thrrew slushies at them were not pleasant experiences for the actors. Lea Michele described it as a “disaster” and mentioned that the cold slushies took a toll on her, requiring days to recover. Also, these incidents show a dedication to the role. 

Jenna Ushkowitz and Modelling

Lovely Amber Riley’s Voice

Chord Overstreet believes that Amber Riley is the most amazing singer he has ever heard. It’s a sentiment many of us can agree with. We just wish their onscreen romance could become a reality! This is not just us. This is every fan of the show who wants to see the couple holding hands and kissing in reality. For once, we wish this could actually come true. Let us see. 


Kevin almost scored a big Hollywood role as McLovin in the movie Superbad. It’s easy to see why, considering his great acting skills. The resemblance between him and the character is uncanny! Also, this is one of the best examples of how he wants to get out of his comfort zone. 

Dianna Agron was Last

Quinn Fabray’s role wasn’t confirmed until the night before filming started, as per IMDb. Surprisingly, her character wasn’t even conceived until the evening prior! Also, we are glad she finally made it to the show. She is a very likable character and people all over the world like her performance. 


Heather’s Teacher

Heather Morris had Harry Shum Jr. as her teacher during her Hip Hop dance classes, as revealed by Harry himself to Backstage. Their shared dance background explains why both of them are such phenomenal dancers on Glee. Also, this is another feather in her already long cap. 

Lea and Michael

In her book ‘Brunette Ambition’, Lea Michele disclosed that she and Matt Morrison had a romantic history. They had been friends for years and even dated in the past during their time on Broadway, as Lea revealed herself. Also, this shows they already had chemistry together. 

The Accident

Lea encountered a major car accident in the parking lot of Fox Studios just before her Glee audition. Despite the mishap, she persevered and made it to the audition with glass still stuck in her hair. “I was pulling out pieces of glass while in the audition room,” shared Lea.

Lea and Michael

The Movies are in the Pipeline

If you’ve been eagerly anticipating a Glee movie since the show’s end in 2015, there’s good news! The original cast members had contracts that included provisions for THREE movies, so it’s possible that a Glee movie could be on its way. Also, this makes for some really delightful news for the fans. 

Naya Rivera’s Almost Marriage

In 2013, Naya and Big Sean were in a highly talked-about relationship. They got engaged after dating for only 6 months, but unfortunately, they broke up 6 months later. Their high-profile romance attracted a lot of attention, and it was even rumored that Big Sean’s song, “I Don’t Give a F**k With You,” was about Naya. Celebrities and their high profile marriages will always remain a point of debate. Let us see if something comes of it in the future. 

Jane Lynch is Deaf

Jane Lynch, the actress from Glee, told Craig Ferguson on The Late Late Show that she cannot hear in her right ear. She said that she became deaf in that ear when she was a child because of a high fever. Still, it does not mess up her acting skills in the slightest. Also, everyone loves her acting to the fullest. 

The Movies are in the Pipeline

Glee Stars and American Idol

Amber Riley auditioned for American Idol when she was 17, but she didn’t get chosen. Naya Rivera also tried out for the show before Glee, but they didn’t pick her. It’s too bad for them, but at least they got roles on one of the biggest shows ever! Also, we are pretty glad they didn’t go to American Idol. 

Other Achievements of Amber Riley

After Glee ended, many of the actors disappeared from the spotlight, but not Amber Riley. She continued to make a name for herself by achieving significant accomplishments. In 2013, she won Dancing With the Stars, and later on, people chose her to play Effie White in the West End musical, Dreamgirls. Also, we are glad she chose other vocations after her role in Glee. 

Lea was in Broadway

When Lea was 8 years old, she got a part in a Broadway show called Les Misérables. It was a big accomplishment for her at such a young age. Rachel Berry, a character from a different show, would have been proud of Lea if Rachel’s own situation had been as successful.

Lea was in Broadway

Kevin McHale in a Band

Here’s a fun fact about Glee! From 2006 to 2009, Kevin McHale played in a boy band called NLT (Not Like Them). They released songs like “Karma” and “That Girl.” Also, this shows he always had artistic tendencies. Good for him, we guess. 

Jenna Ushkowitz and Vampire Diaries

Jenna Ushkowitz, a Glee cast member, and Michael Trevino, a star from The Vampire Diaries, were in a relationship for three years. They unfortunately ended their relationship in 2014 but remained good friends afterward. Also, this is pretty incredible. We demand a rematch of the couple. 

700 Songs

Singers performed 700 songs on the set. It was obviously a pain to record. But the producers did it eventually. And we loved each one of the songs. They are catchy. At the same time, it is easy to remember. Most of them were either covers or mashups.

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