Jada Pinkett Smith – Age, Mom, Young, Net Worth, Tupac And Movies

Jada Pinkett Smith

To begin with, Jada Pinkett Smith is a celebrity in America. Further, Jada is a famous actress and producer in Hollywood. The actress Jada is also good at dancing. Furthermore, Jada Smith is the wife of a famous actor and Mom of two children. Lastly, Jada Pinkett Smith is the wife of the actor, Will Smith.

Read through the article to learn more about Jada Pinkett Smith Age, Mom, Young, Net Worth, Tupac And Movies. The article will include information about the couple. 

Quick Bio-Wikis : 

Personal Info ✔
✔ Name Jada Koren Pinkett Smith
✔ Profession(s)
American actress, screenwriter, producer
✔ Birthday September 18, 1971
✔ Age As of 2021 (age 49 years)
✔ Gender Female
✔ Birthplace Baltimore, MD United States
✔ Nationality American
✔ Famous as Music group: Wicked Wisdom (Since 2002)
✔ Height 5′ 0″
✔ Zodiac Sign Virgo
✔ Net Worth As of 2021 around $60 million
Family (Children & Siblings) ✔
✔ Children/Mom Jaden Smith, Willow Smith
✔ Partners Adrienne Banfield-Norris, Robsol Pinkett, Jr.
Relationships & Kids ✔
✔ Marital Status 1990–present
✔ Husband Will Smith

Introduction to Jada Pinkett Smith

As mentioned earlier in the article, Jada Smith is a famous actress. Further, the actress is the wife of Will Smith. Will Smith is a popular actor and producer in Hollywood. Apart from acting, Jada Smith is also good at dancing. The actress Jada also owns music Company and a fashion label.  

When and where was Jada Pinkett Smith born?

In the first place, the birth of Jada Smith took place in the year 1971. Further, her full date of birth is September 18. 1971. As per the actress date of birth, Jada is currently forty-nine years old. Also, the birth of the actress and producer took place in America. Jada Smith was born in Baltimore in Maryland. Lastly, Jada Smith belongs to the Virgo zodiac sign. 

Who are the parents of Jada Smith?

To begin with, Jada Smith comes from a small family in America. The actress is the only daughter of Adrienne Norris and Robsol Pinkett Jr. Apart from her parents, Jada also has a brother. The name of the actress brother is Caleeb Pinkett. Jada Smith mother was a Nurse in Baltimore. On the other hand, her father ran a construction company.

Furthermore, Jada Smith parents divorced at a young age. Later on, the actress grew up with her mother and grandmother. Jada was good at performing art from a young age. Hence, her grandmother enrolled her in multiple activities.

A short bio about Will Smith

As stated earlier in the article, Jada is the wife of Will Smith. Further, Will Smith is a famous actor in Hollywood. The birth of Will Smith took place in the year 1968. Furthermore, the actor full date of birth is 25 September 1968. As per the actor’s date of birth, he is currently fifty-two years old. Also, the birth of Will Smith took place in America. 

Furthermore, the actor was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Will belongs to the Libra zodiac sign. Apart from acting, Will Smith is also famous for his rapping skills. In the 1980’s he rose to fame as a rapper. Will Smith stage name as a rapper is – The Fresh Prince. Later on, his role in a television series on NBC doubled his popularity. Over the years, Will Smith has played wonderful roles in famous movies.

Lastly, famous movies of Will are bad boys and Men in Black. Even the movies, I Robert and Hitch are popular.  

The career of the actress Jada Pinkett Smith

In the first place, Jada Smith was good at performing arts from a young age. 

From her childhood, Jada Smith began attending dance and music classes. Later on, he majored in dance and theatre. Soon after graduation, the actress began her career in acting. In the beginning stages of her career, Jada was playing small roles. Her debut in acting was through the series – true colour.

However, the actress, Jada Smith rose to fame through a comedy movie. Jada Smith appeared in the movie – The Nutty professor. The movie also included the famous comedian Eddie Murphy. Over the years, the actress appeared in various other movies.

Some of the famous Movies roles of the actress are as follow:

  • Lida Newsom in Set it off – 1996
  • M.J Major in Return to Paradise – 1998
  • Annie Farrell in Collateral – 2004
  • Gloria – Voice – Madagascar – 2005
  • Stacy in Bad Moms – 2016
  • FBI agent in Angel has fallen – 2019

Apart from films, the actress also appeared in television series. Jada Smith was a series regular in season one of Gotham. She also appeared in Hawthorne and 21 Jump Street. 

In addition to acting, Jada Smith is also a successful businesswoman. Lastly, Jada is also a producer and owns a production company. The name of the production company is Overbook entertainment. Also, the production company is co-owned by Will Smith. 

When did Jada and Will Smith get married?

The wedding of Will and Jada Smith took place in the year 1997. Further, the couple met each other during an audition. Jada was an audition for the role in the NBC television series. Even more, Will began dating Jada in 1995. After two years of dating, the couple tied the knot in 1997.

Jada Pinkett Smith

The marriage ceremony of Will and Jada Smith was a beautiful one. It took place in the presences of family and friends. Further, the couple is in a relationship for nearly twenty years. Over the years, their marriage has gone through ups and downs. Also, Jada and Will were separated for a while. But at present, they are two together and living in America.

Does Jada Smith have any children?

Yes, Jada Pinkett Smith is a Mom/mother to two beautiful children. In other words, Jada has two children with Will Smith. The couple gave birth to their son on July 8, 1998. Further, they named her son Jaden Christopher Smith. Jaden Smith is currently twenty-two years old. Similar to Will Smith, Jaden is also a rapper and an actor. 

Furthermore, the couple Jada and Will gave birth to a daughter in 2000. The name of their daughter is Willow Camille Smith. Willow birth took place on 31 October 2000. As per her date of birth, she is currently twenty years old. Lastly, Willow is also a singer and rapper in America.

List of Awards won by Jada Pinkett Smith

The actress Jada Smith won her first award in the year 2006. Further, the list of awards won by the Jada area as follow:

  • NAACP Image award in 2006 for outstanding literary work – children’s
  • Again NAACP image award in 2006 for outstanding actress in Drama series. The actress won the award for her role in Hawthorne.
  • MTV Movie and TV awards in 2019 under MTV Trailblazer.  
  • In 2019, NAACP image award for the outstanding host. Jada Smith won the award for her outstanding skills as a host. Further, the actress won this award again in the year 2020.

Overall, Jada Smith has won five awards to date. However, the actress has been nominated for various awards. Finally, Jada has a long way to go in her career.

What is the net worth of the Jada Pinkett Smith?

Jada Pinkett Smith net worth & salary: To begin with, the actress Jada Smith is famous in Hollywood. Also, Jada has a successful career in the entertainment industry. Hence, the net worth estimation of Jada Smith is around $60 million. However, her husband Will Smith is very rich. His net worth is around three hundred and fifty million dollars.

Bottom Line:

To sum it up, Jada Smith is a famous actress in America. Also, she is the wife of Will Smith. The couple has a successful career in Hollywood. Further, Will and Jada have two beautiful children together. At present they are living a happy life in America.