Stay Comfy at Home in 2022 With These Tips and Tricks

staying comfy

As 2022 settles in there’s a lot of hope for the year. Every year brings it with is so much newness and expectation. New resolutions, goals, priorities, make the new year exciting. However, in the midst of all of the planning and craziness, you should also prioritize something else in your life – and that’s staying comfy and at home in 2022! 

One of the greatest challenges the modern culture throws at you is the constant push to be doing something! Whether it’s your career, your love life, education, or finances, it seems like there’s always something to be doing. The benefit of living in a health-driven society is that there are ample tools available to help you live out your health and wellness goals, but it can also be hard to section off time to just relax. 

As a human, you need to have downtime. Time to just relax, turn off your brain, enjoy simple pleasures, and stay in. This kind of downtime can be a challenge to have tho. The good news is that with these tools, 2022 can be the year you still go out and accomplish your dreams, while enjoying much-needed downtime. Here are some of the best tips and tricks to staying comfy at home in 2022!

Compression Socks

One of the best tips for those who struggle with poor lower limb circulation in 2022 is getting a pair of graduated compression socks. For individuals who struggle with circulatory issues, it’s hard to imagine staying at home and resting as being comfortable. One of the problems with lower limb circulatory problems is that when you rest and aren’t actively moving, your circulatory system can take a hit. This can cause unpleasant effects like edema and even pain. 

With graduated compression socks, you can experience the luxury of a relaxing night in the house without suffering the consequences. These incredible socks are as effective as they are cute when it comes to promoting healthy blood circulation through your lower limbs.  With a variety of different patterns and colors to chose from, getting a pair of compression socks doesn’t have to be boring either! 

Innovation That Really Helps

Cordaroy first got on the map when the appeared on Shark Tank. Providing a bean bag that could also be transformed into a comfortable bed was something that proved to be a massive success. So it’s no surprise that as the company has continued to grow and release other products, they would continue to be highly effective. 

Cordaroy’s PUK is the answer you have been looking for when it comes to an effective phone or tablet stand. Not only that, but this incredible device can also double as a coaster for your morning coffee! 

So whether you are wanting to protect that hardwood desk or tabletop or you are looking for the best way to prop up your phone’s display, Cordaroy’s PUK is the answer you need. 

Stress Relief Has Never Been So Natural 

To be completely honest, you aren’t going to stay at home and enjoy a restful night in if it’s not relaxing. The whole point of staying cozy and warm in your house in 2022 is to actually feel rested and restored. For many people, the stresses that come out of their daily grind can follow them into their homes and most often do. 

Whether that’s stress from work, school, or just personal life, when it follows you through the door of your house it’s hard to find peace. That’s why investing in natural CBD stress relief products this year can be a great step for transforming your at-home time into real relaxation time. 

Made from natural, safe, organic CBD, these products are thought to help relieve tension and enhance your physical and mental wellness. Not only that but CBD products are also thought to help improve your sleeping schedule which can greatly increase your ability to enjoy your day.

Unwind With A Natural Probiotic 

There’s nothing better than getting home and opening up your favorite drink! With Tepache, that drink isn’t only going to be outstandingly delicious but made with real probiotics, it will also have your gut health in mind. 

Made from an old family recipe, Tepache has been a fan favorite for decades. Made with the freshest ingredients, this little bit of Mexico in a can will quickly become your favorite part of those nights you stay in. 

Unwind in Style

One of the best parts about staying home and enjoying an evening is the comfort. Your favorite seat, your favorite book or tv show, and your favorite foods. In 2022 you should not only make a point of staying in and staying cozy, but you should get the most out of it by wearing your favorite clothes.

Putting in the effort to wear something you love on that lazy house day will boost the satisfaction of staying in. What better way to enjoy an afternoon at the house than in your favorite men’s graphic tees

Sleep Aids for the Little Ones

Any parent can tell you that if the little ones aren’t sleeping well then there’s nothing to restful about a night in. Helping your little ones grow up to be strong and healthy is one of the most satisfying and rewarding things you can do with your life. A huge part of this process is teaching them how to get the most sleep possible during their formative years. When it comes to teaching a baby how to sleep, you’ll take all the help you can get! 

Thankfully, your friends at Little Yawn Collective have created safe, organic, probiotic sleep aids that really do help this process. Not only that, but because of their commitment to creating nontoxic, safe supplements for the most precious individuals in your life, you can rest easy yourself! 

Self-Care is Key

Not only should you make sure that you are stress-free, comfortable, and stylish for your night in, but you should also practice some self-care. What better way to enjoy your comfy at-home time, than with a spa-level experience in your very own bathroom. Thanks to the folks at Spongelle, your shower loofah can take an average shower and turn it into something spectacular. 

Using a patented design, these loofahs are not just an all-in-one beauty treatment, but they are also bacteria resistant and cruelty-free. After using Spongelle’s signature shower loofah you’ll never want to take another shower without one.

Dogs, Shows, and  Books 

Try and think of three things that can bring more joy to your home life than your furry best friends, some killer tv-shows and the best books on the market? When you’re planning your day of the week to unplug from real life and just catch up on much-needed rest and rest time, making sure you’ve invested in these three areas can impact your experience. 

Making Sure Your Loyal Friends Are Healthy

Keeping your dog healthy and strong doesn’t have to be hard. With Sunday’s signature food formula, you can get food that is high in natural, safe nutrition that your dog will love. Not only that but with answers to questions like ‘is brown rice for dogs?’ or ‘What kinds of grains should I be feeding my puppy?’, you can rest easy knowing you are giving your loyal companions the highest grade food available. 

Netflix and Audible

Last but not least, make sure you keep up with the latest shows on the platform that practically created the streaming culture. Netflix not only has old fan favorites but is constantly pumping out some of the highest quality, unique content on the market. 

If you want to take a break from the Tube, then check out Audible. With thousands of high-quality, audiobooks at your fingertips, Audible is one of the best tools for experiencing audiobooks currently available.