Helpful Items for New College Freshmen

iPad Replacement Batteries

There are tons of lists that tell freshmen what they need to bring to college that can be helpful, but most focus on what will be useful in the dorm room. There are items that will make studying and walking around campus easier, as well. Instead of only focusing on the living arrangement, plan for the full college experience. From a replacement Ipad Mini 4 Battery to rain boots, freshman year doesn’t have to be difficult.

Emotional Preparation

Before making any purchases, it’s important to be emotionally ready for this big step into adulthood. Between living with a total stranger and having the pressure of maintaining your own schedule and routine, college can be overwhelming. Before leaving for college, spend time one-on-one with close family members and friends since you’re about to leave home (possibly for the first time). It can also help to identify goals to refer to when times get a little tough. If you get homesick and wonder, why am I even here, you’ll benefit from your own voice answering that question.

Extra Batteries and Cables

Something is going to break. You’re going to need a new iPad mini 4 battery or your charger is going to fry. For all of your electronics, make sure you have back up batteries and chargers in case the worst happens. It is also helpful to bring copies of any warranties. If your laptop stops working, it’s a lot easier to try a new battery or charger or bring it to a store with your warranty. Otherwise, your parents may have to try wiring down money or sending a new one, which could take time away from focusing on your assignments.

Multiple Umbrellas

If you only buy one umbrella, you’re asking for it to break. Having a back up umbrella can be extremely helpful. Even if you attend college in a dry area, it’s an item you don’t think too much about until the one you thought you could rely on is broken or missing. Getting to class and studying is already stressful with a packed schedule. The last thing a college kid needs is to catch a cold or be plain miserable due to getting drenched.

Boots and Jackets

Speaking of rain, getting the right boots and jackets for all types of weather is also important. Rain boots can be great, but having boots for snowy, windy, or super cold weather ahead of time can help to avoid being unprepared for unseasonable weather. Especially when moving to a new area, you just don’t know when the weather can turn. Even if you do know the area, it’s better to be prepared ahead of time than to get caught off guard.

Extra Socks and Underwear

This is probably on a lot of lists, especially mothers, but it can’t be emphasized enough. Sometimes, you just can’t get around to doing laundry. Between fighting other students for the washing machine and just plain not having the time during finals, it’s better to pack extra than get crafty with what you have. Don’t Febreeze your way into cleaner undergarments; just pack more. Also, don’t assume that since you were on top of laundry at home that it will carry over to college life. Unless you have a washer and dryer in your dorm or off-campus house, or you live close enough to home, it’s nearly an unwritten rule that you’ll run out of clean underwear.

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