How to See Hong Kong Like a Local


Hong Kong is one of those destinations that offers a variety of activities for everyone. Going there like a tourist is an amazing experience. However, living as the locals do will give you a chance to truly get to know it. So, here is our little guide on how to see Hong Kong like a local.

For all the nature enthusiasts

If there are any nature enthusiasts among you, hiking is one activity you will love. You get the chance to be active, enjoy the beautiful scenery, and even cool down in the ocean. The most famous hiking trail is the Dragon’s Back trail which lasts for four hours and is a pretty peaceful activity you can do during the weekdays to avoid the crowd. When you get to the end of it, you can swim in the Big Wave Bay, where most hikers choose to relax. 

Eat and drink as the locals do 

One of the ways you will truly experience Hong Kong like a local is to shop and eat at their street markets. There is no better way to sense the atmosphere of the city then going through the narrow streets of the markets and buying fresh meat, fish, fruits and vegetables. Aside from your market tour, another fun thing to do is enjoy a glass of champagne in Hong Kong from the local wine shops. For more amazing food and drinks, visit Yuen Kee for delicious desserts, fresh fish at Sai Kung, and dim sum at Tim Ho Wan.

Experience urban life 

If you are looking for some fun time, Hong Kong has a lot to offer. You can visit Lang Kwai Fong to drink, have fun and party all night long. If you want a more peaceful environment, then live music at Peel Fresco is the thing for you. This a part of their music scene, so don’t miss it, if you want a truly local experience. Another part of the city you shouldn’t miss is Soho, where you will find many art galleries, bars and a very lively atmosphere. So, check out some of the cocktail bars, and just enjoy the people and the crowd. Don’t forget to ride the largest escalator system in the world, right there in Soho. There is something even for the ones who want to relax in a quieter place and enjoy the view of the city. And you can do just that by enjoying the panorama from the rooftop of one of the buildings, or visiting one of the many museums, and monuments. 

Water activities

When you want to cool off a bit and have a relaxing day, many boat and ferry rights will help you do that. You can take a ferry and visit the outlying islands of Hong Kong, each of which has to offer a lot of culture, history, temples and great sea food. If you are traveling with friends or family, a great group activity is to go on a junk boat and spend the day visiting the beaches of Hong Kong. Tai Long Wan is one of the most beautiful beaches, so if you get a chance, definitely go there and enjoy the crystal blue water and white sand. 

Shopping spree

Hong Kong is one of the best destinations for shopping and a place where you will find a multitude of stores and shops that fit everyone’s taste. The IFC is one such place, where you will find many luxurious shops and be able to have a bite while shopping. Hollywood road is a place where most locals go for antique stores and small shops that offer artsy items. Many markets should be on your list as well, and not just for the food, but clothes, accessories, souvenirs and much more.

Getting to know Hong Kong is best through all the little secrets the locals know. This is why you should try some of the things from the list, which allow you to experience the lively atmosphere, rich markets and relaxing side of this amazing city.