Christina Caldwell Welcomes Her Ninth Child: Find Out More About Her & Her Kids

Christina Caldwell
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Did you know Kendra Duggar’s mother Christina Caldwell has welcomed her ninth child recently? In fact, she has given birth to her ninth baby weeks after Kendra gave birth to her daughter Brooklyn. So, naturally, fans thought that it’s kind of weird to see that both mother and daughter were pregnant at the same time.

To commemorate this wonderful event, Christina Caldwell even prepared a card. In that card, they revealed the baby’s name and other details. So, if you wish to know everything about Christina and her 9th baby then it’s time to follow this article.

Caldwell Welcomes Her Ninth Baby

It’s not often that we see mother and daughter giving birth at close intervals. Well, this is exactly what has happened with Christina Caldwell and her daughter Kendra Duggar. Actually, weeks ago Kendra Duggar had given birth to her beautiful daughter Brooklyn. So, it’s really interesting that her mother too has given birth to her 9th little one soon after.

In fact, on Friday, Christina and her husband Paul said that they are blessed with another baby. So, it’s the 9th child in the family and everybody seems so happy as well.

Christina has shared the pictures from the hospital, looking all radiant. In those pictures, we saw the radiant mom cradling her newborn baby. In fact, it’s worth noting that they have already thought of a name for their ninth baby. On Monday, 17th May, they revealed that the little one’s name is Moriah Faith.

They have made an announcement in a nice fashion as well. So, the family posted a picture with all the details about the baby. In addition, they have also added a welcome quote. The cute picture had the title ‘Hello, I’m New here’. In addition, they revealed the baby’s name, which is Moriah Faith. The picture also captured the baby’s weight, which is 6 lbs 15 oz, and length, which is 18 ⅓ inches. As per the info, she was born on 5th May 2021, at 7:08 pm.

Moreover, they also have a welcome message that reads something like this: “This person you have lived without your whole life, you can no longer live without! Our world has paused. Soaking in this precious gift.”

Pictures Of The Baby: How The Whole Family Spent Some Quality Time

So, it’s really heartwarming scenes as Christina Caldwell and her family welcomed their 9th addition to the family. The whole family took pictures with the newborn baby and shared them with us. For example, Kendra held the baby and paul kept an eye on the baby as she slept peacefully.

Kendra’s Baby Brooklyn

Well, as we said earlier, Moriah, the ninth child’s birth comes just three months after Kendra had given birth to her 3rd child Brooklyn. During an episode of the TLC reality show, fans saw the moment when the 22-year-old Kendra welcomed her third little one, with her husband Joseph Duggar. However, fans found it a bit odd that Kendra and her mom Christina Caldwell became pregnant at the same time.

It’s worth noting that she went into labor with Brooklyn 10 days before her due date. The reality show documented the whole process. Moreover, it’s also worth noting that, in addition to Brooklyn, the couple also shares a 2-year-old son Garret and a daughter, Addie, who’s just a year old.

Brooklyn’s mother Kendra gave an update about the little baby to her fans. She said, “Brooklyn’s doing well…I feel like Garrett’s adjusted pretty well to Brooklyn, but I feel like Addie is still struggling, so, we’re working through that now.” In the end, we can say that the family is really happy with their new members and fans wish them all the love.