Sussy Baka Meaning – Everything You Need to Know About This Meme

Sussy Baka Meaning

Sussy Baka is just a Japanese term that means stupid or foolishness. A joke, or even a word can all be used by people. The origins of the phrase may be date directly to video games or anime. This term has become well-known over the world, and its slang and phrases have made their way into daily English. To learn everything about Sussy Baka meaning, read this article.

Origin of Sussy Baka

Sussy Baka is a Japanese slang word for foolish. As a result, it is vital to thoroughly research the word before using it. It is a funny term for someone who is acting silly or inept. It’s also becoming popular on the video-sharing app TikTok. So what exactly does this phrase mean? It’s essentially a name-calling game with the aim of making jokes of others.

It has a long and famous history, despite the simple English translation. Hakushi Monju, its Chinese counterpart, is a poem about an affluent Chinese family that spends all of their money on silly things and falls bankrupt. 

The term “baka” is taken from Japanese and means “stupid.” It’s a harsh phrase that’s frequently used as an abuse. “Sussy baka” is a common online phrase that refers to a dubious fool or stupid. It is just a Japanese insult that can mean “fool” or “dumb.” It can also be read as “idiot.” This term has several meanings and may be used in both funny and offensive contexts.

This is still a slur that means “dumb.” This term is commonly used in jest and should not be spoken in front of visitors. Yet, in a more serious context, the term may be used to refer to a person who is more uneducated or dumb than you.

Sussy Baka meaning may refer to a person who is either extremely fond of their family or knows very little. Baka can also refer to a terrible person, an idiot, or a strange person.

Sussy Baka and It Connection to Anime

Despite the fact that Light began as a good character in anime, he found himself in a number of bad situations as a result of Sussy Baka. He was a fake among them all, and a scammer without a doubt! 

As the anime went, we saw him come frighteningly close to exposing his actual identity several times. Well, what can I say? He was beaten by a 13-year-old. Whoa, what a baka! Even though I confess it, I’d watch a show in which he performs Among Us while chatting to himself.

Sussy Baka

Eren Yeager has already been having his own Baka moments recently, or maybe it’s been ongoing for a while. On the flip hand, thanks to the viral nature of the video, he has won a spot on this list. I’m guessing you’ve listened to this audio clip multiple times, so if your sense of humour matches mine, you can’t get away from it.

My Hero Academic Sussy Baka Meaning

The issue therefore becomes, where did this term combination come from? It began when someone called Deku, a hero of My Hero Academia, a “baka” as he was yelling “Baka. Deku. Why are you acting in such a Baka-like fashion? Deku. Why are you acting in such a Baka-like fashion? It wasn’t Bakugo that time, but he’d love this moment from Akeam Francis’ TikTok live stream.

After some time, a Tiktoker with ID Natsumi share this piece from the live feed on the same site. Within a month, the video garnered 1.7 million views. Since then, the term has been on a number of TikTok covers. On one of those covers, Akeam reply to a remark by repeating the same statement, but with the word “Sussy” added at the end. This is the Sussy Baka meaning as a result.

TikTok and Sussy Baka Trend

Sussy Baka is now a global craze that has spread over social media. It’s a witty mash-up of numerous insults drawn from the phrase “sus.” The phrase did appear in the pc game Among Us & swiftly swept around the internet. Since its debut, the word has arisen several jokes and videos.

It all started in March 2021, after Tiktoker Akeam Francis share an image asking, “Why you gotta be a Sussy Baka?” over a sticker of another Among Us group flossing. The video’s popularity rose, with over 1.2 million weekly views. The sound in this video became a famous reference, inspiring other TikTok videos.

Although the craze started on TikTok, now it’s spreading to YouTube. While there is no specific meaning, it refers to someone who uses a hilarious or witty online video. While the name can refer to a multitude of things, the message is the same: calling somebody Sussy Baka is just an insult, whether or not it is intended as a jest.

In Japanese slang, many use this phrase. It can also indicate foolishness or idiot in some instances and it can be used unkindly. Yet, the meaning of the phrase might change according to the setting, the connection, and other variables. The term “baka” is frequently used as a sarcastic tone in anime. It can also refer to a deer. It has a wide range of applications, so make advantage of it accordingly.

Among US and Sussy Baka

It’s a phrase from the hit video game “Among Us.” It means “fool,” “crazy,” or “dumb person” and has recently become a popular meme. The word, first use by akeamfrancis2, has now receive massive fame in online culture. 

Its unique tone is the result of combining Japanese and the term “Sussy.” This slang became popular in June 2021. As a part of worldwide meme culture, this phrase has spread across numerous civilizations.

That is a frequent idiom in English as well as a popular term in Japanese. Baka is a Japanese term that means “fool.” The sentence is usable by either a guy or a female. The word can also apply to someone who is immature or has a soft heart.


Sussy Baka is an online slang phrase you can use jokingly or as a slur to joke with people. The phrase first became known during the initial days of the popular game Among Us. Although the term can be in use insultingly, it may also be quite loving. If you are keen on knowing more about Sussy Baka meaning then read this article.

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