Vaping 101 – 7 Lesser-Known Tips for Beginners to Start Vaping


Admit it; most of the people reading this are here due to how fun vaping looks and the cool image it delivers of the user. The vaping devices look far more attractive than a cigarette has ever been. However, this is a new phenomenon, and authorities are still researching on it. But we know as a fact that this method of taking in nicotine with added flavors and scents is 95% less harmful than smoking tobacco. Hence, it can be beneficial for those thinking of quitting cigarettes and living a better life. 

Vaping is a procedure that includes vaping liquid or e-juice inside a cartridge with a concentration of tobacco of your choice. You can also vape with Cbd, for which there is a different device more suitable for it. 

Now, the world of vaping may seem fun and different, but it’s not child’s play. There are some rules around conducting vaping right to get the most out of it and if this is your first experience, then getting to know some of the beginner tips that no one tells you about is mandatory. So why wait for going on this marvelous new journey that may prove better for your health as well. Keep reading to find all that you need to know for vaping below:

Learn the Art of Inhaling

Before going to the store and buying the most expensive device and e-liquid to start vaping, it’s best to learn about a suitable way to inhale it. This is important to get a good taste and experience from vaping and not be subjected to side effects of lower or high nicotine levels. Inhaling from an e-cig can be a bit like a cigarette but far less dangerous. There are two methods that different vapers use according to their needs. And whichever way you choose will also depend on the nicotine level you want to go with and the kind of device you pick. 

The first method is called Mouth-to-Lung (MTL) that uses small devices allowing smaller vapes but high nicotine levels and resistance coils. It feels similar to smoking a cigarette. You need to draw in vapors slowly in your mouth and then open up and breathe in the vapor towards the lungs and then exhale. 

The second method is called Direct Lung (DL). The vapors from a large vaping device with low resistance and nicotine levels travel directly to the lungs. Such a hit from a big e-cig is said to be smooth and easygoing. This can be a better technique for those starting out as the nicotine levels are low and have a softer effect. 

Maintained is the Key

Remember to think of vaping or e-cig devices as electric gadgets that need maintenance due to their add-ons. There are different things included in a device, comprising coils, batteries, atomizer, mouthpiece, etc. The upkeep of all these parts of an e-cig is important for the device to work properly, supply at its top, and be hygienic. 

The battery part is where you get all the connections for building up the best vapes and inhaling them satisfactorily. But if not cleaned or wiped regularly, it could cause liquid buildup and cause the device to malfunction. To clean it, you will first need to unscrew it from the device and then wipe it up nicely before placing it back. Similar is the case of the coils that are vastly connected to creating and sending out of the vapes from a device and can play a part in their quality. It would help if you changed your coils as soon as you smell something fishy or taste it. It can be really bad for health to use burnt coils, so make sure to change them as soon as there is a bad taste in the vape.

Invest Properly

Quality is prime in any product you buy from the market as a means of sending things into the body. The same goes for buying a first-time e-cig. If this is your first time, you must invest in a quality e-cigs without thinking about the cost and then test others once you have some experience with this one. High-quality matters because of the vast market associated with the practice, and many of them can sell bad quality vapes and e-liquid tanks that are bad for health. 

Buying cheap and no-name products can also mean that you may get pre-used and contaminated products that are sure to make you sick. Your first vape pen will come as an addition to an e-liquid. You must only buy high-grade e-liquids and make sure they have some tests running through while providing premium and pure added ingredients. 

Add flavors to Your Life

When it comes to flavors for rejoicing your vaping experience, there is no one right way to go about it. It completely depends on you what your first flavor is going to be, and from there, experience will determine which flavor or a combination suits your taste. You may feel like a child in a candy store once you get down to choosing an e-liquid for your vape. You can pick from all different kinds of categories, like sweet, savory, candy or dessert flavors, and much more. 

While choosing a fit taste for your tongue, make sure that the nicotine added is also up to your level and adequate for the inhaling method you choose.  With this, you must also make sure that every time your e-juice enters the e-cig tank, it doesn’t sit out for too long uncovered as it could release a lot of the taste. Also, make sure to store it in a dark place where the flavor blooms the most. Not to forget, shake the tank nice enough to ignite the flavor in it before taking a few hits or more!

Keep the Coils Wet

The coils of a vape pen are responsible for heating up the formula and creating vapors. Hence, when they have such an important task that also involves being heated, they can interfere with the taste if let to underperform. For this reason, always make sure that your coils are nicely dipped in the e-liquid juice. This is to make sure that they aren’t let to burn dry as it can create an arid and burnt taste. So remember to fill quickly in the container every time after nicely rinsing it. 

Clean Up Regular

The apparatus for an e-cig is quite sturdy but can also be light and pretty delicate. If not maintained appropriately, they can quickly become ancient to be thrown out. This can be a waste of money. It’s better to invest in a quality vape pen one time and keep up with its maintenance and clean up regularly to use it for ages. For cleaning it up, you must simply dismember it and rinse all parts, especially the tank, under warm water. Set all the equipment aside to air dry before assembling it to release any odor or residue. 

Set PG/VG Ratio

For most of the vapers new or seasonal in this world, it’s mostly all about the vapors that a combination of a high-end device, strong-flavored, and added ingredients liquid provides. And by choosing a good enough PG/VG ratio, it can help you do just that. You can set the amounts any way you like to have the vapors form like how you want them and be suitable for you as well. For this, you can choose either a high amount of one of these. A high VG is recommended for lesser allergies and better clouds. At the same time, a high PG and low VG can only produce so many cloud effects and are harmful as well.

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