8 Tips How to Remove Dip Powder Nail Polish at Home

Dip Powder Nail Polish

Dip Powder Nails are a trendy alternative to your usual manicure experience. It is durable without the cost of bendability and is practically more convenient to do.

However, there would come a time where you will need to remove it; either for a retouch or to rest your nails.

Your nails are made to protect your fingers and hand from wear and tear as you use them daily. Therefore, one should understand that letting your nails rest is vital to make them as healthy as possible for future manicures.

Regardless, removing dip powder nails can be hectic. However, with the right tools and precautions, anyone can safely remove them without damaging the nails.

This guide will walk through the process of removing dip powder nails and providing essential tips that will help along the process.

Preparing the Materials

Nail Clippers

Nail Files (100/180 grit if needed)




Nail Pusher

Cotton Balls

Petroleum Jelly (optional)

Foil (optional)

Hot Towel (optional)

Before starting, it is essential to prepare the materials needed to remove the dip powder nails. Usually, you will find most tools and materials in standard nail dip starter kits; however, if needed, preparing additional materials will be an option as well.

Step 1: Filing

File down the top layer of the dip powder nails using a nail file; make sure to do this gently to prevent damaging the nails. Essentially, you need to reduce the topcoat layer to lessen the time it takes for the acetone to remove the dip powder.

When you file the topcoat, it makes the acetone penetrate the dip powder nails easily. Once the top layer is filed, buff out the rest gently until the nails are covered in dust.

Tip #1: If you have any extensions, use a nail clipper to reduce the nails to their natural length. Cutting off the excess extensions will hasten the time it takes for the acetone to dissolve the dip powder nails.

Step 2: Soaking the Nails in Acetone

Fill a bowl with a generous amount of acetone, at least enough to submerge the nails into.

Make sure to use pure acetone, like the ones found in your best acrylic nail kit.

For the dip powder nails to dissolve, submerge all fingers into the bowl for about 10-15 minutes. If a single bowl is too cramped, use two; the idea is to submerge them all at the same time to reduce the time it takes to remove the dip powder.

Tip #2: To make the process faster, you can use a hot towel-covered above the bowl. This accelerates the removal of dip powders in your nails.

Tip #3: If the dip powder is still too bulky after soaking it for 15mins, continue to submerge it for five more minutes and use cotton balls to wipe the remaining dip powder. Typically, it should start flaking at this point, which makes it easier to remove using cotton balls.

Tip #4: Dipping the nails into the acetone for too long might dehydrate your fingers. One simple trick is to rub petroleum jelly unto the fingers, excluding the nails; that way, the fingers will not dehydrate quickly.

Tip #5: If you don’t have any petroleum jelly, you can minimize dehydration by wrapping acetone-soaked cotton balls on your fingers using tin foil.

Step 3: Pushing the Dip Powder

At this point, after 15-20 minutes, the dip powder will start to flake off.

Using a nail pusher, gently push the loosened dip powder off the nails, one by one.

Make sure to gently start at the cuticles and slowly push the remaining dip powder to the tip until it falls off.

Tip #6: Use long gentle strokes starting from the cuticles. Rapidly pushing it at short strokes might damage the nails.

Step 4: Buff and Shape

Once you have pushed the larger portion of the loosened dip powder, you’ll notice that there will be tiny traces of it still stuck on your nails.

You can use a buffer to remove them. Again, gently buff the surface of the nails to even out the texture; this will ensure that it has a smoother finish.

Tip #7: If the nails seem jagged and uneven, you can use a nail clipper and the buffer to even them out.

Step 5: Nail Aftercare

Finally, when the dip powders are entirely removed, you should think about doing nail aftercare next. Aftercare is essential to maintain healthy nails and fingers. Try taking a break from manicures for a few weeks to relax the nails. You can find out more on Dip Powders at Double Dip Store review.

Tip #8: Use hand creams, oils, and hand moisturizers to rehydrate the nails.


Dip Powder Nails are durable, bendable, and natural-looking, perfect for an alternative manicure experience. However, it is vital to note that removing dip powder nails and resting the nails is essential to keep the nail beds healthy.

The best long-lasting at-home dip powder nail kit comes equipped with all the materials needed to remove the dip powder; however, additional materials can be an option.