Can CBD Help You Sleep: What Does Science Say?

Can CBD Help You Sleep

Do you remember whether you slept well last night? You probably have to think back to whether you did. The National Sleep Foundation says almost 70 million people suffer from sleeplessness and disturbed sleep at night.

The search for a cure to sleeplessness and a better sleep pattern has been ongoing for years.  Different forms of remedies are being tested and tried to shoo away the sleep thief. One of the questions in this ordeal being asked recently is Can CBD help you sleep?

CBD and Sleep

There has been an extensive increase in the availability and usage of CBD products in recent years. One of the important reasons people prefer CBD products is its impact on sleeping disorders.

Innovative CBD products are introduced in the market, which is slowly becoming a game-changer. Many sellers offer capsules, gummies, and tinctures specifically produced to help with sleep relief with no side effects

Though the exact reasons for how CBD works have not been found, many research and studies have come up with possible reasons for how can CBD help you sleep.

What Does Science Say?

Cannabinoids have the property to interact indirectly with CB1 and CB2 receptors present in the endocannabinoid system. These receptors are found in the endocannabinoid system network that helps with pain relief, relaxation, moods, and other conditions that affect the onset of sleep.

A study published in 2019 in the National Center for Biotechnology Information says that CBD can help with sleep. A pool of 72 adults participated in the study, and 48 of them found an improvement in their sleep pattern within the first month of CBD intake.

Over time, there was an increase in the percentage of adults with reformed sleep patterns. 

Many such studies have shined a light on the potential of CBD to induce relaxation and better sleep patterns in adults.

CBD and Sleep Aids

Can CBD help you sleep when combined with other sleeping aids? And the answer would be yes. People have also started to study CBD’s effects when combined with sleep aids like melatonin and CBN.

When the natural sleep aid Melatonin is combined with CBD, it appears not to have any negative interactions as both are naturally occurring substances in the body. As CBD and Melatonin combine, it has shown to have better results when it comes to sleep.

Full-spectrum products containing multiple cannabinoids have a greater impact. Compared to other pharmaceutical sleep aids, CBD combined with Melatonin and CBN have lesser side effects.

CBD has started to show positive results in research and labs. Though a lot more research is required to see the full extent of potential hidden in CBD intake, one cannot deny the experience felt and lived through.

All said, CBD products being easily accessible, it is essential to keep in mind the standard of the product. Go for a reliable producer and seller who well-acquitted standards and lab-tested products. 

Once you are satisfied with the quality check, go ahead with the products but remember it is always better to talk to the doctor first.

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