Know About All The Cheats And Hacks In My Talking Tom friends

My Talking Tom friends

Are you a fan of My Talking Tom? It is an amazing game with lots of fun activities to do with Tom and his friends. Toms friends also come with lots of tricks and cheat to win the game easily. Want to know about it. Then you are in the right place. By using these tricks some of the things in the game will be easy for you. For instance, you can help your favourite cat to pass all the levels without any hurdles. You can also get more features to keep him healthy and strong. Here are some of the My Talking Tom friends cheats for you. 

The main priority is Toms friends 

If you are going to keep Tom as your pet then you can follow the tips. One of the main things in the game is Tom’s health. Further, you have to keep him happy as well. First of all, you have to click the smiley face button if you are in the main yard. Then you will get access to the mini-games and also toys. Tom will be happy if he plays with games and toys. You can also tickle Tom’s tummy and make him happy. Also, it will improve his mood. 

Feed Tom 

A way to a cat’s heart is through food. So feed Tom food whenever he is hungry. Because of this, he will be happy. You have to click on the button with the fork and the knife icon to go to the kitchen. Then tap on or drag food items in the order to feed them to Tom. For instance, you can feed Tom four carrots instead of the cheese as it will fill him up sooner. 

Keep Tom clean 

In the Tom friends, you have to keep Tom healthy by following the hygiene. You have to give him a bath when he needs it. Also, feel free to use soap for bathing. When Tom is injured do not forget to apply for medicine. You have to know which medicine will cure him faster. 

Tuck Tom in 

In the My Talking Tom friends game, you have to click the moon and stars icon when Tom feels sleepy. Sometimes he may show some visible signs of sleepiness like all cats. You have to be ready to tuck him in. Take him to the bedroom and tap on the lamp to switch it off. If you do not switch it off, Tom will not go to sleep. So follow all the processes correctly. After a while, Tom’s energy meter will stay full and he will wake up. 

Get flight tokens to fly 

You will find the flight tokens in the mini-games so collect them. These will be fuel for Tom’s plane. It is not necessary to be good in all the mini-games. You have to just focus on the things that will get you the best possible scores. The more you progress in the mini-games the more number of flight tokens you will find. 

Level up to get more tokens 

Another way to earn more flight tokens is by levelling up. Every time you level up you will get a whole bunch of flight tokens. Then you will gain more experience to do it easily. To attend to the daily needs of Tom to play the game well. 

Look after baby Tom

You can keep the baby Tom in his baby form by giving the baby potion. You can feed it to the adult Tom who will become a baby again. Then you can enjoy the joy of looking after the kitten Tom. But the progress in the game will remain the same. 


My Talking Tom friends is one of the best games ever invented. You can enjoy spending time looking after Tom.