Unblock Games Easily: Top Strategies


Are you tired of being blocked from playing your favorite online games? Whether it’s dress up games, girl games, or any other type of game, being unable to access them can be frustrating. But don’t worry, there are ways to unblock these games and get back to playing. Here are the top strategies to unblock games and get your gaming fix.

Use a VPN

unblock games

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a great tool for unblocking games. It works by routing your internet connection through a server in a different location, making it appear as though you are accessing the internet from that location. This can help bypass any restrictions or blocks that may be in place. There are many VPN services available, both free and paid, so do some research to find the best one for your needs.

Clear Your Browser’s Cache and Cookies

Sometimes, games may be blocked due to cookies or cached data on your browser. Clearing these can help unblock the game and allow you to access it. To do this, go to your browser’s settings and look for options to clear your cache and cookies. Once you’ve done this, try accessing the game again.

Use a Proxy Server

Another way to unblock games is by using a proxy server. This works similarly to a VPN, but instead of routing your connection through a different location, it goes through a different server. There are many free proxy servers available, but be cautious as some may not be secure. It’s best to do some research and find a reputable proxy server to use.

Change Your DNS Settings

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Your DNS (Domain Name System) settings can also affect your ability to access certain websites and games. By changing your DNS settings to a public DNS, you may be able to bypass any blocks that are in place. Some popular public DNS options include Google Public DNS and OpenDNS.

Use a Different Browser

If you’re unable to access a game on one browser, try using a different one. Sometimes, certain browsers may have stricter security settings that can block games. By switching to a different browser, you may be able to access the game without any issues.

Contact the Game Developer

If none of the above strategies work, you can try reaching out to the game developer directly. They may be able to provide you with a solution or an alternative way to access the game. You can usually find contact information for the developer on their website or social media pages.


Being blocked from playing your favorite games can be frustrating, but with these top strategies, you can unblock games and get back to playing in no time. Whether you use a VPN, clear your browser’s cache, or contact the game developer, there are ways to bypass blocks and enjoy your favorite games. Have you tried any of these strategies? Let us know in the comments.

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