The 7 Most In-Demand IT Certifications in 2022

In-Demand IT Certifications

In the ever-changing world of information technology, keeping up to date with the most in-demand certifications is the best way to stay relevant and marketable.

IT is one of the most profitable industries to enter if you’re good at your job. One of the best ways to show employers that you can meet the ever-changing demands of the job is by knowing or having the most desirable skills.

Take a look at the seven most in-demand IT certifications in 2022 below.


ITIL 4 is the fourth version of the foundational framework for end-to-end IT management. This newer version came out in 2021, and each intermediate-level course lasts three days.

With an ITIL 4 certification, you can show increased system efficiency and profitability.


A Certified Information Security Manager manages all or part of a business’s information security system. IT threats in the business environment are a concern many employers are trying to circumvent.

A CISM certification gives employers a peace-of-mind knowing that their IT professionals can protect the business and its assets.

AWS Certified Solutions Architect

A certification with AWS allows a Solutions Architect to build and maintain business applications within the AWS Cloud.

Any company working on moving internal systems to a Cloud-based alternative will benefit from an employee Certified with AWS as a Solutions Architect.

Microsoft Certified Azure Fundamentals

An Azure Fundamentals certification from Microsoft is an in-demand certification for several reasons. For those who aren’t directly in IT, Azure Fundamentals gives a solid overview of IT basics that any manager could benefit from knowing about, like compliance and security.

The Azure Fundamentals is the first step in many desirable Azure certifications for those who work in IT.


A Project Management Professional certification is a designation recognized by the Project Management Institute to highlight the professionalism and ability of skilled project managers.

A PMP certification is beneficial for many fields, not just IT.

An employee with a PMP certification shows employers that the employee is a self-sufficient worker capable of managing their work, managing the work of others, and working with a lot of moving parts.


Certified Ethical Hackers are always in demand for companies that want to test their firewalls and security against hackers in a safe and controlled environment.

With a certification in ethical hacking, employers know that their ethical hacker is helping find and eliminate gaps in information security so that the business is better protected.


A Certified Information Systems Auditor is someone who has proven that they can plan and execute a thorough IS audit.

CISA certification is a sought-after certification by many employers due to its foundational application toward information security.

Wrapping Up

While information technology is constantly evolving, you can grow with the times. The certifications discussed in this article are currently the most valuable.

IT certifications are critical to many businesses, and staying up to date with the essential recent certifications is a great way to increase your worth amongst employers.