Dig Into The Various Captain America Facts

Captain Can Run A Mile In One Minute

Even if someone is not a Marvel Fan or a superhero fan, there’s just no way that they haven’t heard of the name Captain America. To know about Captain America facts is not only about discovering the facts from the comics but from the movies as well. So, as we all know, Captain America is one of the most famous and popular superheroes that has graced the comics and movies. However, there are many fans out there who may not know all that there is to know about Captain.

Well, if you are curious about Captain America, then you are reading the right article. So, in this article, we shall talk about all the interesting facts that you need to know about Captain America.

These Are The Captain America Facts One Must Know About

If you are a hardcore fan of Captain America, then you are at the right place. From his origin story to others, there are just tons of Captain America facts worth knowing. So, without furhter ado, it’s time to give this article a read and find out about Captain America. 

1. Captain America Cannot Get Drunk

If you are already aware of the origin story of Captain America or Steve Rodgers, like, how he acquired his superpowers, then you should know about the serum for which he turned into a strong being. Well, as a result, that serum has also given him fast metabolism In other words, there’s no way that he can get drunk because his system would burn it at once. One might argue that Captain is lucky in a way. 

Captain America Cannot Get Drunk

2. He Doesn’t Only Have The Brute Force

So, it’s worth noting that Captain America is not only famous for his brute strength but he has other powers as well. In other words, it’s not that all he can do is lift heavy cars and fling them to his opponents or enemies. He can also jump from huge heights without breaking a single bone of his body. For example, Captain can jump from a helicopter and it would still be no big deal for him. 

3. He’s The Fifth Avenger 

According to the reports, Captain America is the fifth Avenger. While it’s true that his first big screen adaptation was The First Avenger, it’s worth noting that he wasn’t the ‘first’. Captain America is not one of the founding members of the Avenger group. At least not in the comics, for sure. So, in the comics, Captain actually showed up in the fourth Avenger issue. So, the original founders of the Avenger group, in the comics, are Iron Man, Ant-Man, Wasp, Thor, and Hulk. Captain joined the team after Hulk left. 

4. Captain America Has Fought Against Communism

The Marvel comics have a lot of intricate plotlines that can confuse you a lot. For example, it’s worth noting that in the comics, Captain once fought and beat up the Nazis. Well, before he became the superhero that we know now, he was fighting against communism. In fact, during the Cold War, he fought against the USSR. 

He’s The Fifth Avenger

5. Sebastian Stan aka Bucky Barnes Auditioned For The Role Of Captain America

So, on this list of cool Captain America facts, we have an interesting fact for you. What would have been like if Chris Evans didn’t play Captain America? At the moment, it’s difficult to imagine someone else than him for sure. However, it’s worth noting that there was a time when Sebastian Stan actually auditioned for the role. But, as we all know, he was given the role of Bucky Barnes aka Winter Soldier. Later on, the actor also admitted that Chris Evans’ part just wasn’t right enough for him. 

6. Captain America’s Birthdate Is July 4

Just the other day we celebrated the 4th of July, or, the US independence day in style. If you had to make Captain America more ‘American’, then of course, make his birthday on the 4th of July. Guess what? It is actually Captain America’s birthday. In other words, Steve Rodgers aka Captain America was born on the 4th of July. So, it was an obvious sign that he was meant to become Captain. 

7. The Serum Also Made Him A Better Person Altogether

Of course, no one can deny that Captain America is a wonderful person. The serum that Captain was given not only provided him with a buff body and strong powers. It made him a better human being as well. In fact, it changed his personality to a great extent. However, one might argue that Captain was always a kindhearted person. Well, the serum just enhanced his feelings to a great extent. 

Captain America’s Birthdate Is July 4

8. He Can Lift The Thor’s Hammer

So, this is again one of those Captain America facts that everyone knows about. In fact, every Marvel fan who has watched The Avengers: Age of Ultron and Avengers: Endgame, would certainly know about the fact that Steve Rodgers aka Captain America can wield Thor’s Hammer. In other words, he is worthy of picking it up. So, in the film Age of Ultron, there was a scenario when all the avenge members were asked by Thor to try and pick up his Hammer.

Everyone, from Iron Man to Hawk Eye, Bruce Banner, tried, but none could do it. Only Steve Rodgers seemed to do that, for a fraction of a second, which Thor also had noticed. However, it was not until Endgame that he finally picked up Thor’s hammer. Basically, he let go of the unworthiness that he had in the previous film, and that’s what probably made him achieve that feat. 

9. Chris Evans Turned Down The Role Of Captain America Twice

According to the reports, Chris Evans, whom we know as Captain America from the MCU, actually confessed that he turned down the offer not once, but twice. In fact, he admitted that he was actually quite scared of the outcome. So, it wasn’t a baseless thing that he said, because at that time, doing superhero films were a gamble. Either you could hit the jackpot, or make a flop. Fortunately for Chris Evans, his performance as Captain America aka Steve Rodgers made him legendary. 

Captain Can Run A Mile In One Minute

10. Captain Can Run A Mile In One Minute

So, a lot of people may like to know, that Captain America has the power to run a mile under one minute. In fact, all of us do remember the scene in Captain America: Civil War, in which the captain runs around Washington D.C at least twenty times. 

11. The Shield Of Captain America Wasn’t Round At First

Ardent fans of Captain America would know that the shield of Captain America wasn’t round at first. On the contrary, it was actually triangle shaped. However, the creators changed it later on and now we have a smooth, and round shield.

12. His Name Was Almost Super American

Joe Simon, who is one of the creators, explained that he almost named Steve Rodgers Super American. However, having too many heroes with the name Super could actually ruin the essence. So, that’s the reason why he chose Captain America over Super American, and fans are glad that he did this. 

His Name Was Almost Super American

13. Captain Was Once Capwolf

Marvel Comics has so many more intricate plots than the movies that can confuse a lot of people. So, if you are a fan who has just started reading the comics, you may discover that Cap was actually once Capwolf. In other words, in one variation of the comic, Steve was injected with a serum that turned him into a werewolf. So, that’s how the name Capwolf came. 

14. Steve Isn’t The Only Captain

Last but not least, it’s pretty obvious, especially if you have seen Endgame, that Steve isn’t the only Captain America. In various iterations of the comics, there have been different captains. For example, Bucky Barnes, Sam Wilson, Isaiah Bradley, etc have wielded the Captain’s Shield.

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