Antm Chantelle – The Amusing modeling journey of the America’s Top-model

Antm Chantelle

Antm Chantelle’s appearance as America’s next top model is not the reason for her popularity. She is a confident model who did not hesitate to embrace her vitiligo skin condition. Even after her exit from the TV show, she made it in her career. In recent years, people are binge watching the next top model show on Netflix. Many young models believe that appearing in the show gives them the golden ticket to enter a modelling career. 

In this show, three judges conduct a contest between fashionable models. However, Antm Chantelle who is now a top model has proved that even without these shows it is possible to be a model. As an amateur model and a woman with a skin condition, Chantelle was rejected from the show. Still, she is a top model in America due to her hard work. Now let us see the journey of Winnie Harlow and all about her career. 

Winnie Harlow
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Antm Chantelle aka Winnie Harlow’s amusing modelling journey 

Antm Chantelle developed vitiligo at the age of 4. It is a skin condition that can cause depigmentation of the skin. Due to this, she faces bullying comments from classmates. People often used nicknames such as Zebra, Cow and more to insult her. Due to these bullies, Chantelle had a tough time growing up. She also changed her school multiple times and she wanted to suicide. 

As the whole world had beauty concepts, Chantelle wanted to break this cycle. In meantime, Tyra banks the host of Antm found Winnie on Instagram and also told her to compete in the show. Chantelle participates in the show knowing that the judges are very critical of the contestant’s looks. 

However, Chantelle did not continue in the show after two weeks due to her elimination. Also, she did not win the show but thought to sign up for the sub-competition. Finally, Winnie did win the show but she did not rely on this fame alone. Let us see more about Chantelle’s popularity in modelling. 

Antm Chantelle

Antm Chantelle reveals the real reason behind her success 

Chantelle has come a long way after Winnie Harlow. Now she is a top model who is the brand face of huge companies. Also, her modelling career is exceptional with many opportunities. In an interview, Antm Chantelle was asked about the secret ingredient behind her success.

 To this Chantelle comments, that her photographer is the man behind it. He found Chantelle online and also took amazing photographs of the model. His amusing photos are what made her viral on the internet. Further, Chantelle says that Antm did not do anything to her career. Still, the model gracefully says that she is happy that it is also part of her journey. 

It is clear from her interview that to gain success talent and passion are all that matter. Even after her exit from Antm, Chantelle found her way to success. She followed her dreams looking for new opportunities to prove her talent. Chantelle did not allow people’s opinions about her look to affect her. 

Winnie Harlow opens up about her vitiligo skin condition 

There are several rumours about a skin condition that scares people. Vitiligo is one such issue that has tied up to false facts. For many years many people say that Chantelle is suffering too much because of this skin condition. However, Chantelle reveals that she is not suffering from it. It is not a skin issue with painful symptoms. 

In an interview, Chantelle says ‘Do you see me suffering from Vitiligo’. From these words it is clear that vitiligo is the same as ordinary skin but colour difference makes people think otherwise. Chantelle says that people have made beauty standards that are blurring real standards. Harlow is a model who openly speaks about vitiligo and also creates awareness about it. 

The reality about the show Antm Chantelle thought as a Kickstarter 

In show business, a perfect Kickstarter can lead to lifetime popularity. Many models believe that Antm is one such show that can give them the best headstart. Even Chantelle thought that appearing on the show will help her reach great heights. However, the top model admits that it was just a normal TV show but nothing else. 

In recent years true to her words people realise the truth about Antm. The show is receiving much criticism lately. Tyra bank who is a famous judge of the show is facing issues due to her comments about the models. 

People comment that the judges of the show are not helping models to be supermodels but they are ruining their confidence. However, what matters the most is the journey of Antm Chantelle. Her story is inspiring as she is a self-made model who has now an amazing career. 


Antm Chantelle who is also the famous Winnie Harlow is inspiring people with her journey. Know more about her exceptional career from the above article. 

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