Who Is Brendan Khuri? Is He Arrested For Monique Death?

Brendan Khuri

James Khuri is a Multi-millionaire and the CEO of nine companies. He is popular in his real estate business and earned a good reputation in the industry. But a single incident changed his life and people started criticizing him a lot. It was his son’s reckless driving in the Beverly Hills that took the life of a 32-year-old woman.

Read through the article to get information about James Khuri’s son. Also, let us discuss the Beverly Hills Incident in detail here.

Who Is Brendan Khuri?

Brendan Khuri is the son of a businessman, James Khuri. Most people know him as a celebrity son of James. Brendan was born to James Khuri and Christine Roderick. But Christine Roderick was not staying with James, as the couple got a divorce in 2008. After staying single for some time, James is dating someone now.

James Khuri Son

Brendan’s father developed a lot in his business. He was a normal man in his initial days but due to his hard work, he is now the CEO of nine companies. At present, James is holding the business rights for two big firms such as

  • FJ Holdings
  • Khuri Enterprises

There is no need to get a surprise about Brendan’s father’s net worth, as it is more than $400 million.

Brendan Sentenced To Jail For 7 to 9 Months:

James Khuri presented his son, a sporty Lamborghini car for his 2020 birthday. Despite, Brendan’s mother was ignoring this gift James presented it to his son. Also, Brendan was just a teenage person, as he is 17 years now. But as the result, this gift ended the life of his dad’s secretary, Monique.

In Beverly Hills, Brendan was driving at more than 100 mph on that day. As a result, he hit on the silver Lexus car without any control. Unfortunately, Monique Munoz was driving that Lexus car and she died on the spot.

With this incident, both father and son gained a lot of public attention. People started accusing both of them badly. At first, it was all James’ mistake of presenting this car to a teen boy. Then, it was Brendan’s careless act of driving at a high speed.

Protestors accuse Brendan, as he is using his father’s wealth to come out of this problem. They even protested the outside of L.A. County District Attorney’s office. 

Was Brendan Arrested For Monique’s Death?

After so many prosecutions and arguments, Brendan got his punishment from the court. He was charged based on section 192(c) (1) for his reckless driving. Brendan’s punishment may vary from seven to nine months.

Also, Brendan was racing in his car along with his girlfriend on that incident. He crashed into Monique’s car which leads to spot death on 17th February.

Thus, Brendan is now serving his sentence in the detention center after pleading guilty. 


Monique’s family believes that James is also responsible for their daughter’s loss. Though, James made several apologies on his social media account. But people are not happy with this sentence, as they expect lifetime prison for Brendan’s act.

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