Top 6 Airplane Movies on Disney Plus That You Should Definitely Watch

Airplane Movies on Disney Plus

A lot of crazy things can unfold on an airplane. You may become a witness to a murder, or find the love of your life. So, there are a lot of Airplane movies on Disney Plus that provide the audience with a range of emotions. From suspense and thriller to romance and drama, Airplane movies have it all. In fact, there have been a lot of films made that take Airplanes as their central stage. 

If you are an airplane lover, then, of course, you may have watched all the films that we will mention in this article. So, in this article, we shall provide you with a list of amazing films that has Airplane as its setting. From adventure to romance, and suspense, there are a whole lot of emotions captured in these films. So, without further ado, it’s time to take a look at the article and find out all that you need to know about the movies. 

Here Are The Top 6 Airplane Movies On Disney Plus

Disney Plus is a streaming service that requires a subscription. So, if you are looking to watch some terrific airplane movies on Disney Plus, then you are at the right place. As we mentioned earlier, there are a lot of movies that have airplanes as their central stage. From romance to adventure, a lot of genres have already been explored. In fact, mainly renowned artists have also acted in several of these films. So, without furhter ado, it’s time to focus on this article and find out about the movies in question.

1. Sully 


The first movie on our list of the best airplane movies on Disney Plus, we have Sully. Released in 2016, Sully stars Tom Hanks as the central character. In addition, the film also has brilliant actors such as Aaron Eckhart, Laura Linney, and more. So, it’s worth noting that all of them have done incredibly well as an actor and provided exactly what their roles needed. Thanks to such brilliant actors, Sully the film has managed to receive several nominations and wins. 

So, the film is about Captain Chesley Sullenberger or Sully (Tom Hanks), and the first officer Jeff Skiles, as they accidentally strike a flock of birds on the afternoon of Jan 15, 2009. This accident caused severe damage to both the engines of the Airbus A320. With very little time to think and fearing that they won’t be able to reach the nearby airports, Sullenberg lands the plane on the Hudson River. So, this film has action, adventure, and everything that you would want from an airplane film. 

2. Air Force One

Air Force One

Columbia Pictures have done an incredible job at the film Air Force One. So, as we can understand, it’s an action drama film that also has an airplane as its setting. According to the reports, several famous actors, such as Harrison Ford, Gary Oldman, and Glenn Close, have acted in this amazing film. Moreover, under the direction of Wolfgang Petersen, Air Force One motion picture became a huge box office success. 

So, the film follows a group of Russian terrorists who hijacked a plane in which the president of the USA, James Marshall was flying. The terrorists take James hostage and demand the release of their leader from prison. So, while the terrorists were taking control of the plane, James managed to communicate with the White House. In this precarious situation, the President has to make a difficult call to save his family as well as other hostages on the plane. It’s an exciting film that has all the elements of adventure and thrill. 

3. Con Air

Con Air

The next film on our list is Con Air. So, it’s also one of the best Airplane movies on Disney Plus. Under the direction of Simon West, Con Air is an action thriller film. Released in 1997, this film features several renowned actors, such as Scott Rosenberg, David Tattersall, Bobbie Read, and more. It’s a film that also centers on the concept of an Airplane. 

Sgt Cameron who is a discharged US Army Ranger, was serving his 10 years of prison sentence in an attempt to save his wife from being assaulted. Cameron had killed a man to save his wife. So, after eight years, the police leave him on parole. The plane in which he boarded contained several other convicts as well. So, due to some reason, the convicts manage to escape and now Cameron has to catch them. 

4. Pearl Harbor 

Pearl Harbor 

Pearl Habor is another fantastic film that uses Airplanes as its trope. In fact, the 2001 film, Pearl Harbor has received a lot of love from both critics and the audience alike. The sharp direction of Michael Bay was also one of the reasons why this film garnered so much praise as well. If you are a movie lover, then you are definitely going to love Pearl Harbor. It’s a film that once again uses an airplane as its setting and makes full use of all the tropes available. 

5. Amelia


According to the reports, Amelia is a wonderful movie that features a lot of great actors, such as Hilary Swank, Richard Gere, Ewan McGregor, and more. So, it’s a 2009 film with a runtime of 1 hour 51 minutes. Even though it’s an airplane film, unlike the other ones mentioned in this article, this one has romance as its theme. So, it’s a film about Amelia Earhart from Kansas, whom a tycoon recruits to become the first ever woman to cross the Atlantic Ocean. Amelia becomes the most famous woman pilot of her time as well. Gradually, she also falls for the tycoon and they eventually tie the knot. 

6. Flight of the Phoenix

Flight of the Phoenix

Last but not least, Flight of the Phoenix is also an amazing film that has most of its setting on an airplane. If you are looking for Airplane movies on Disney Plus, then you will find this one rather exciting and adventurous. Starring Miranda Otto, Dennis Quaid, and Giovanni Ribisi, this film is an exciting adventure fest for all movie lovers. Featuring a wonderful cast and staff, this 2004 film has gained critical acclamation. 

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, there are lots of Airplane movies on Disney Plus to see. If you are a movieholic, then probably, you have seen most of the films mentioned in this article. However, if you haven’t, then you are surely on for a treat. 

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