Traveling to Brussels_ Get ready with Essentials

Traveling to Brussels

A heart of EU politics and a chocolate heart of Europe – Brussels – is a treat for the eyes and soul; its enjoyable atmosphere attracts millions of tourists and welcomes everyone willing to experience its life. 

What are the main things to consider, when traveling to Brussels? Let’s discover together. 

What to Consider When Traveling to Brussels?


When traveling to any country, right after purchasing the tickets research the basic things:

  • Health insurance 

One of the prerequisites of the peace of mind. Health insurance is not obligatory when traveling to Belgium unless you are going to stay there longer than 90 days. However, it is highly recommended to take care of it, just to know that you are protected in case of emergency. 

  • Flight delays or cancellation conditions 

The most common airlines traveling to Belgium are Brussels Airlines, United Airlines, and Delta Airlines. Given the common practice of flight delays and cancellations, it is recommended to check up on relevant policies such as Brussels Airlines Compensation, and United and Delta Airlines Return Polisies, just to be prepared should the need arise. 

  • Accommodation

Double-check with the hotel policies regarding check-in and check-out. If your timing is different from the one available, contact reception to ask for solutions. 

  • Financial means 

It is always better to have a few bank cards and some cash, to be ready for unexpected situations

Things to do in Brussels

  1. Iconic buildings

Grand Place (free visits), Manneken Pis, EU Parliament Hemicycle (free but pre-booked visits), Atomium, Brussels Palace (free visits) – sounds interesting? Looks even better. 

When reaching the central square of Brussels, let the vibes of the city take you on a walking tour around its iconic places. There is no need for a map, just go with the flow and trust your instincts – Brussels’ beauty will meet you at any turn you take. 

If you intend to visit each building, make sure you book the tickets in advance to avoid long lines and waste of time. Grand Place and Brussels Palace offer free visits, and EU Parliament Hemicycle is free to visit as well, yet, the grop tour should be booked in advance. 

It is always best to check with cover-it-all guides, like, so as not to miss some important spots. 

  1. Gourmet Tour

Waffles, chocolate, and Belgium fries – Brussels will definitely capture the heart of every food lover and sweet tooth. The delicacies are offered at every corner, yet, it is always better to go out of the touristy area and try something more authentic. 

  1. Nature 

Brussels is quite a green city, with numerous parks and gardens – Bois de la Cambre, Parc de Bruxelles, Leopold Park, Jardin du Mont des Arts – the list can go on and on. Right after a bustling city center with tourists and locals, you can head towards the green zones to enjoy the peaceful atmosphere and just feel the presence in a moment. Besides, a train ride from Brussels to Antwerp or Brugge will get you closer to the waters of the North Sea. 

The Final Throughs

Brussels is one of the European gems. It is the place of political debates and European legislation, iconic architecture, mouth-watering delicacies, and breathtaking greenery of the park. While we are all used to GPS navigation and maps on smartphones, play it by ear this time. All the sights are within walking distance from each other; thus, trust your inner feeling and let the city guide you. 

If you have a few days off shortly, board the plane and go towards your next adventure in Brussels.