Olivia Pope: Here’s The Influential Onscreen Character From Scandal

Olivia Pope
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In the world of entertainment, Olivia Pope has become a well-known name. Well, for those who do not know, let me inform you that this is not a real person. Rather it is a fictional character created by Shonda Rhimes. We can see her in Scandal, a tv series. In addition, she also made a small appearance in the fourth season of How to Get Away With Murder. In that series, she becomes a crisis manager. Therefore, this cross-platform presence of the character shows that she is a fictional character of much importance.

Kerry Washington portrays this famous fictional character in the series and it has received great acceptance from audiences around the globe. The very fact that internet searches about this fictional character have gone up suggests that people have become more interested to know about her. Therefore, I have taken up the task of informing you everything about the character. Thus, read this article to know all about Olivia.

About Olivia Pope Scandal 

In the very beginning, let me inform you that the fictional character of Olivia has a real-life basis. Though not an exact representation, this fictional character is based loosely on Judy Smith. Judy worked as the Deputy Press Secretary of George H.W. Bush. In addition, during the  Clinton-Lewinsky scandal, she represented Monica Lewinsky. 

However, in Scandal Pope is presented as former White House aid and a lawyer, who helps Fitzgerald Grant win the office of the American President. However, she harbours a lot of secrets and one such is her secret affair with Grant. The character is considered very significant. In fact, Felicia Lee from The New York Times stated that this character is the only black woman to feature in the role of a protagonist since 1974, on American television. 

About Olivia Pope Scandal 
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Olivia Pope Outfits

Apart from the characterisation of Olivia, her outfits have also influenced the fashion trend of the present times, to some significant extent. However, for this, the credit should go to Lyn Paolo, who designed Olivia’s wardrobe. In fact, Paolo is also famed as the costume designer of Shameless, The West Wing and ER. 

In fact, the fashion of the Pope also grabbed the attention of Vogue. However, back in 2014, the Accessories Council vested the honour of a style influencer on Kerry Washington for her promotion of Olivia’s fashion and for her overall portrayal of the fictional character. Paolo, the costume designer made Olivia wear chic pastels including pink shoes and even Louboutin shoes. Olivia’s wardrobe also consisted of accessories and outfits from many reputed brands like Gucci, Ferragamo, Michael Kors, Armani, and Burberry, among others. 

In this way, she emerged as a style icon of recent times. Paolo also made her wear selections from various designers like Loehmann, Nordstrom Rack and others. In addition to these, she also uses Prada purses and Movado watches. Therefore, this fictional character is really a style icon and many online fashion magazines have created lengthy analyses of Olivia’s fashion wardrobe. So, we are dealing with an influential fictional character. 

Olivia Pope Catchphrase 
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Olivia Pope Catchphrase 

Pope has been a style icon and that is beyond any shred of doubt. In addition, some of her speeches and dialogues in Scandal have also become famous. Therefore, internet searches about the catchphrase for Olivia Pope on Scandal have also risen significantly. In fact, there are many crossword puzzles available on the internet which give us the chance of guessing her catchphrases. You can easily look up the internet for these phrases and puzzles. 

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