Common Teenage Girl Issues And How To Handle Them

Teenage Girl Issues

The time of teenage is a tricky one. After all, it is when a child becomes more mature but not enough to be called an adult. Yes, you can say that it’s a mix of everything. Of course, both boys and girls have to face them. But, what teenage girls face is a little bit more. So, as a parent, understanding them leaves you in a better position to help your child. In fact, the help you give is more trustworthy than what your kid’s friends tell about it. Without further ado, let’s jump right into it.

Overly concerned about the appearance

Well, it’s one thing to stand before to see if the appearance is neat and good. But, it’s entirely a different thing when a teenager wants to look like a celebrity that she sees on TV. Sadly, that’s what many teenage girls go through. Yes, they start to compare the people’s appearance they see on the internet and TV with them. And, this leads to many problems like eating disorders. Still, you can tackle these teenage girl issues.

For starters, explain to your daughter that her physique will see some changes during her teenage life. Yes, mention that this is all part of her development process and hormones. Then, assure her that appearance is something that doesn’t stay long in a person’s life.

Finally, make sure that you tell her that you love her regardless of her looks. Surely, this will be a huge boost to her confidence.


Obviously, this is another thing that all teenage daughters will face. The truth is, many teenage girl issues have their roots in this one. After all, hormones play a huge role in thinking and emotional stability. So, when they start to go up and down during this new phase of life, it can be hard for your daughter. Of course, she may struggle at the start because this is completely new to her. Well, the key in handling this issue lies with you again.


That’s right, you can explain to her what in the world this is all about. Yes, explain that this is all due to her hormones and body development. And, if she observes changes in her appearance like hair growth or weight gain, say that this is due to this one.

In short, your explanation will assure that this is nothing to be ashamed about. Yes, this is something that happens to all women – all over the world.

Getting bullied

Another hurtful teenage girl issue is getting bullied. It can range from cruel jokes to unkind remarks about almost anything. In turn, this can affect your daughter’s self-esteem and can even lead to depressed behaviour. Of course, this is not a problem that cannot be solved. First, advise her on how to handle such issues. Then, tell her how she can avoid it. Finally, remind her that if things start to get out of hand, she needs to tell the superiors. On the other hand, assure her that she can say about this to you. After all, many teenagers hesitate to say to their parents about the problems they face.

The above 3 are the most common teenage girl issues that many young girls face. So, use the above tips to help your teenager to pass this phase of life without much hassle.

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