Bryce Laspisa – College Student Mysteriously Vanished

Bryce Laspisa

All evidence points to Bryce Laspisa being a typical college kid. He was charismatic, talented, and youthful. The family was relatively close-knit because Michael Laspisa was the only child. But the course of the red-headed Bryce’s life was about to take a terrible turn. Bryce’s parents no longer celebrate their son’s academic successes; instead, they ask the same question every day: What happened to our son?

Bryce Laspisa, who was he?

The only child of Michael and Karen Laspisa, Bryce Laspisa was born and raised in Illinois. The family relocated to California shortly after he graduated from high school in 2012, across the nation. Bryce didn’t seem to have any trouble adjusting to life in California. He majored in graphic and industrial design at Sierra College in Rocklin and excelled academically. He was a gifted artist. Despite his inexperience, he had already accumulated a substantial body of work. Bryce was incredibly endearing, and his upbeat and amiable demeanor made people feel at ease. During his first year at Sierra College, he acquired a lot of friends and began dating another student named Kim Sly.

Bryce Laspisa Signs Of A Changing Personality

Bryce was a regular college student; he had never been a cruel adolescent. Bryce’s background with alcohol and drugs was typical for any adolescent beginning to experience some adventure. His parents discovered that he had engaged in underage drinking at gatherings and that he most likely smoked marijuana. But there was no indication of any addictive behavior. The sudden escalation in Bryce’s drinking habits shocked those who knew him. At this point, Bryce regularly drank, and when questioned about it, he would only respond that nothing was wrong. Following resistance from his girlfriend, Bryce eventually acknowledged he used the “study drug” Vyvanse.

His Unpredictable Behaviour

He didn’t change his mind about ending their relationship and was still refusing to provide any answers. It is unclear why Bryce wants to see Kim. Kim took his car keys away and told him to take a nap before attempting to drive home because she was concerned about his unpredictable behavior. After telling her that he would prefer to leave, Bryce wanted his keys back. Kim declined, so he made a call to his mother. He demanded that his mother talk to Kim and order her to give him back his car keys after complaining that she wouldn’t let him leave. After speaking with Karen, Kim gave Bryce his car keys, and at about 11:30 pm, he departed her apartment.

Automobile Accident in the Midnight

Bryce gave himself more time to get to his parent’s house, and at 1:50 am, he ring them to let them know he had chosen a different route. He calculated his arrival time using GPS to be 3:25 am. He again ring them again at 2:09 in the morning to let them know he would rest since he was too tired to drive. The California Highway Patrol officer knocking on their door the following morning startled his parents. Bryce’s automobile had been discovered wrecked but empty. The vehicle crashed onto the road after careening off a 25-foot embankment, where it was later found.

Other Footage of Bryce Car

Camera footage showed that he drove up a hill towards the Castaic Lake Recreation Area within a short while after telling his parents he was taking a break. A little more than two hours later, while climbing the mountain, he drove by this camera again. After this second pass, less than an hour later, Bryce’s wrecked automobile was discovered. His phone and other important items were in the car. Bryce’s wallet and a duffel bag with clothes were found on the road next to the automobile. The bag had been opened and revealed evidence that someone had looked inside. There were just minor blood stains on the driver’s seat after the collision, and no tracks on the ground suggested Bryce had trouble getting out of the car.

In 2022, where will Bryce Laspisa be?

Since his disappearance years ago, no brand-new leads have come to light. His family continues to post missing person alerts in the hopes that they may one day learn the truth. On April 30, 2022, Bryce Laspisa would turn 28 if he were discovered. Nine years have passed, yet his missing tweets on Twitter and other social media platforms are still abundant, with numerous users asking the question: WHERE IS BRYCE LASPIA?

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