11 Incredible tips For a incredible Instagram marketing campaign

Instagram marketing

Are you looking to integrate Instagram into your marketing campaign? Instagram has turned into a huge marketing platform for businesses, and you can create engagement with the right marketing strategies. This social media platform is becoming part and parcel of our daily life. Marketers use Instagram for marketing businesses effectively to build brand reputation. In case you have an online business, then it’s possible to use these awesome tips for your marketing campaign.

1. Build a marketing strategy

Developing a successful Instagram marketing campaign plan demands a streamlined thought process. Firstly you should do is make a definite purpose, clear understanding of your goal and objectives for the marketing plan.

Is this enough? Developing a marketing plan is not enough, you should have a great plan.

You need to have an idea of for how long you are going run an Instagram campaign. What might be the frequency of your posts? Do you require to post original content? What sort of images or pictures are you going to post? Who will be your target audience? Ideally, you should have answers to almost all these questions. Plan effectively and ensure that you truly have plenty of resources to launch the marketing plan.

2. Get ready with a measurable goal

Your main goal is to develop an interest in target users with a specific period. Create a predefined goal for your company and for the marketing team. Getting a predefined and computable goal assists the marketing team to discover target within the stipulated time. Once you have a predefined goal, it will be simple for you to prioritize the campaign activities and produce necessary improvements based on the engagements.

3. Recognize your audience

If your company is searching for involvement from the right audience, it is important to understand the pulse of your audience. Determining the target audience of your business is very important for a successful advertising campaign. Think carrying out market research to spot the audience for your business.

Why is it important?

Because if you have to develop a content strategy developed to get engagement, it’s important to know your audience. After which, it’s essential to build up content according to their interests to get maximum engagement and thereby business leads. When you know your audience internally, it’ll be easy for you to modify marketing campaigns according to their requirements.

4. Develop an impressive brand story

The marketing campaign you are going to start should contain a brand story that is extraordinary to the targeted customers. Make unique and engaging content for your business and audience in each posting. To create engaging posts, you have to be a refined storyteller. Generate emotions to your posts to attract the audience. For example, sharing good news with the audience carries a good chance to get you traffic to the website.

5. Sort out and schedule an Instagram marketing campaign

Similar to the traditional marketing campaigns, you can not run Instagram marketing campaigns forever. Therefore, it is necessary to arrange and schedule the marketing campaign having a definite beginning and finish date. By having a proper end date, your marketing team will get a clear idea on how to schedule each campaign immediately.

A well-organized and clear marketing campaign helps to measure performance and instills confidence among the members of the marketing team. Based on the performance, they can re-structure posting time, content types, pics, and videos that mention the overall efficiency of the campaign. The marketing team can monitor the traffic analytics to obtain measurable results. Comparing your competitors’ marketing direction with yours is a great idea to generate new methods that work for the campaign.

6. Use of right hashtags

A hashtag plays an important function in the success of Instagram marketing. Use right kind of hashtags for your post to enhance the engagement for your posts. Use customized brand hashtags for your exclusive promotion of your brand. The brand hashtags should be unique, attractive and easy. Brand hashtags enable the targeted customers to locate your brand on Instagram, which helps to get recognition among the customers.

7. Wait for the right time

Every business carries a particular type of set of audience depending on products/services offered. Hence, the audience reaching your posts varies and from different geographic locations. Plan the best time to post when the audience is active on Instagram. Posting at the proper time brings more traffic and higher engagement, which is beneficial for your company.

Not only the posts but also launching the marketing campaign at the right is critical for the success.

8. Call-to-action

Posts containing clear call-to-action help the followers to take action based on your requirement. Build a call-to-action that is clear, concise and doable. If you are looking for the traffic to your site, then you can attach it to your website. Whatever is your CTA, always try to keep it as authentic as possible.

9. Think influencer marketing

Influencer marketing has got more engagement to the business. For this to be successful, it’s important to team up with the right influencer. Before approaching an influencer, decide on how much exposure your brand requires to reach the customers. Select influencers who have similar views and value as your business.

The selected influencers should have a large amount followers ranging from 10,000 Followers  to more than a million. According to the reach you needed for your brand, you have to choose the sort of influencers.  Most celebrities own followers of more than a million and macro-influencers will have 50,000 to 300,000. Micro-influencer accounts have 5000-50,000 followers.

You can ask the influencers to try out the product for free, offer a fixed budget for each posting produced and published for the brand, a percentages of sales or giveaways, or  a commission based partnership . By selecting the right influencer, the value of your business will increase by gaining sufficient engagement to their paid post.

10. Run various events

An ideal marketing way to get high engagement numbers quickly is to run a contest on Instagram. Contests assist to bring excitement to your followers, which in turn help to promote your business.

Comments-to-enter belongs to the popular Instagram contests that motivate maximum participation. In this type of contest, the participants have to like photos, follow an account or tag friends, etc., in the comment section. Sweepstakes, giveaways, and photo contest are other methods to bring the attention of the targeted audience.

11. Share customer feedback

For every company owner, the customers are the backbone of the business. So, you should construct great relationships with both existing and new customers. If the followers are leaving comments on your post, invest some time to respond to their comments. Give a personal touch to your reply and ask how they think about your merchandise. Share the testimonials of your existing customers so that potential customers know the value and trustworthiness of your business.