Olivia Dunne Height, Family, Bio, & Bra Size: All You Need To Know

Olivia Dunne Height

Olivia Dunne is one of the most popular celebrities from the USA. She is a skilled gymnast, a social media star, and an athlete. Since she’s so popular, people want to know Olivia Dunne Height in inches: 5’6’’. There’s no doubt about the fact that she has become a bright star. Her impressive gymnastics career has influenced a lot of people.

She has also done collaborations with many high-rated businesses. So, there’s no wonder that he has millions of fans. As an American gymnast and social media star, she has become popular. She’s only 21 years old as of 2023. According to the reports, everyone knows her as Livvt Dunne online. 

If you want to know about Olivia, then you are at the right place. Here we will share some awesome facts, such as her net worth, career details, personal life, and more. So, now’s the time to dig into this article and find out all you need to know about her life. 

A Short Bio On Olivia Dunne: Early Life

Real Name ✔ Livvy Dunne
Birthday ✔ October 1, 2002 (age 21 years),
Birthplace ✔ Westwood, NJ
Zodiac Sign ✔ Libra
Nationality ✔ American
Age ✔ 21 Year Old as of 2023
Profession ✔ American gymnast
College team ✔ LSU Tigers (2021–present)
Net Worth $1 million annually
Parents Katherine Dunne, David Dunne
Grandparents ✔ Unknow


According to the reports, Olivia Dunne was born in the year 2002, on October 1, in Hillsdale, New Jersey, United States. She has earned a fascinating recognition as an athlete. As we already mentioned, Olivia pursued a career as a gymnast. 

She represented her nation in the Olympics. The girl from Westwood, New Jersey, grew up in a wealthy family. So, from her date of birth, we can tell you that her zodiac sign is Libra. Moreover, she is a citizen of the USA. 

Family Details

Fans may like to know that Olivia grew up in her hometown, Hillsdale, New Jersey. She belongs to a Christian family. According to the reports, her father’s name is David Dunne, while her mother is Katherine Dunne

Moreover, it’s also worth noting that she is not the only child in her family. She has a sister, whose name is Julianna Dunne. Interestingly, there are no reports of her having a brother. Moreover, she hasn’t mentioned what her parents do for a living.

Olivia Dunne Height

So, there’s no denying the fact that Olivia Dunne is a fabulous athlete from America. According to the reports, she’s extremely talented. We have to mention that she is a hard-working woman, who strives to overcome all the barriers and reach excellence. She soared the skies to reach the pinnacle when she featured in the Olympics at the age of just 20. Currently 21, Olivia boasts of considerable fame. 

As a result, many fans want to know about Olivia Dunne height. So, if you are one of them, you are at the right place. According to the reports, the young athlete from the USA is around (5′ 6″) 5 ft 6 inches tall, or 168 cm tall. Moreover, we should also note that she weighs around 54 kilograms or 119 lbs. She looks fabulous in her blonde hair and toned body. 

Personal Life

Olivia has a lot of fans who want to know about her personal life. If you are someone who wants to know the same, you are at the right place. According to the reports, Olivia is not dating anyone right now. In fact, even if she is, she has maintained quiet about her personal life. 

She doens’t shares anything related to her boyfriend or personal life on her social media handle. Additionally, we haven’t heard anything regarding her boyfriend in her interviews. As such, it’s safe to say that she isn’t dating anyone right now. However, if we get an update regarding her love life, we will share the details here. 

Career Details

So, as we all know, Olivia Dunne has become a renowned gymnast. She loves gymnastics and she has even won a medal for her nation. Fans may like to know that she has had a fascination for this game from a very tender age. When she was only three years old, she began her journey in gymnastics. 

Moreover, Livvy mentioned once that her desire for a pink leotard inspired her to take gymnastics as a sport. She was also approached for a pre-team at her gym when she was only five years old. It’s worth noting that she shattered the level four state record and won a lot of state titles. Additionally, she also jumped seven places in just a single year. 

When she was only nine years old, she also qualified for all regional levels. So, her childhood coach told her to compete in the US challenge. The talented girl achieved her aim and received the prestigious medal. In fact, the official records tell us that she was the youngest athlete to become a Jr. International Elite in the 2012-2014 season. 

A year later, she also competed in the American classic and reached eighth place. The following year, she clinched the Floor Competition at Bresteyn’s Elite Qualifier in LA. Besides that, she won many other major competitions and brought glory to her name and her nation. 

Livvy Dunne Net Worth

There’s no doubt that a celebrity like Olivia Dunne would have a huge net worth. According to the reports, Olivia Dunne earns money not only just as a gymnast. She also has her own business, and she loves to collaborate with other ventures as well. The world’s sexiest gymnast, Livvy Dunne, has a whopping net worth of around 3.4 million USD as of 2023. 

She has 1.4 million more than her closest competitor, Angel Reese. So, this only goes to show how much money she makes, and how big of a brand value she has. She earns a lot of money from her social media handles.