The Balloon Bonanza

Balloon Bonanza

Have you ever wondered how incredible is this piece of latex that we call balloon? Although it was not intended to use as party decor, Michael Faraday made them for his experiments with gases. Today, balloons are in unanimity with celebrations. Balloons are staples for decorations in any party — be it birthday, anniversary, wedding or a retirement party.

The balloon industry has evolved tremendously and has also taken quite a pain to develop them in various shapes, sizes, colours, and purpose.

Shape: Could be round or heart-shaped. Alphabetic or numeric.

Size: As small as much can fit your palm or as big as your height or a hot air balloon

Colour: We don’t need to enlist colours, do we? But you can pick beautiful ones as per your theme.

Purpose: Could be for valentine’s, water balloons for Holi party, or helium balloons just to float in the air.
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Balloons are one of the cheapest items available for party decorations and here are some tips on how you can use them when you plan your next party:

  • Creating a balloon wall: If it is your child’s or partners birthday, you can create a wall of balloons against the door of their room. When they wake up in the morning, they have to pop all of them to get out of their room and you can surprise them ahead. Their reactions will be priceless to capture.
  • Helium balloon gift box: Buy helium balloons and keep your gift in a huge box stacked up with Helium birthday balloons.  As the box is opened, the hot-air Helium balloon rises up and there is your gift in the box. Isn’t it aww-durable?
  • Helium balloons to rescue again: If you are lucky enough that you are just reminded of your spouse’s birthday and you are rushing to throw a surprise, what would you do? Here is a trick: Buy Helium balloons online at wholesale rates and inflate a lot of them. Attach a ribbon to each one and release the balloons. Let them suspend by the ceiling. It is a breathtaking view. Secret: It didn’t consume much of your time or energy yet you are a party planning ninja.
  • Balloons with return gifts: You can tie helium birthday balloons with return birthday gifts. It looks neat and beautiful at the corner. Besides, more than the gift, everyone would love to take home a balloon! Here is a demo picture:

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  • Helium birthday balloons look magical when tied around corners of the birthday-cake table. You can put nice quotes or write your inside jokes on the balloons. Rest assured, writing on the balloons with a marker won’t pop them.
  • Age balloons: You can arrange age-numbered balloons and create a perfect photo booth for your next birthday bash.  
  • A Valentine theme: For your themed parties, balloons can bring in a perfect aesthetic setting. As an example for Valentine’s party, put red and white heart-shaped balloons all across the floor and some of the Helium ones suspended from the ceiling. It will create a perfect romantic setting at a very affordable price.
  • Hidden presents: Another lovely idea is to hide your present in a large Helium balloon and fill it with sparkles and confetti and let it dangle in the air. In order to get the present, one has to pop the balloon and there you go! Showered with sparkles, confetti and yes, of course, the gift!

Balloons, as we see, are quite an essential part of parties and celebrations. Children and old like them alike. They are never too much of a decoration nor too less. The helium balloons alone add a soft look and feel to the ambience of the party. So, plan for your next party ahead. Buy helium balloons online and get them delivered at your place without any hassles.

You could use any of the ideas above and make your loved ones feel special and cared about. Don’t forget to take a picture of their priceless expressions and you could use those pictures while decorating for their next birthday or special events. Cheers!