Some Of The Most Interesting Ideas For Medium Box Braids

Medium Box Braids
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There are many protective hairstyles at large but medium box braids are one of the best. Many people around the world aspire to this. They are immensely stylish. Hence these will go on to complement your looks greatly. It is also a chance to give your hair a break in the long run. 

After all, they deserve so.

So are you wondering about medium size box braids? Well, we have got you covered in this article. So let us go on to discuss these.

Why are such braids preferred?

People never do anything if there isn’t some use to it. Thus using medium knotless box braids must have reasons as well.

According to Ursula Stephen who is a celebrity hair designer:

“When natural hair is overmanipulated, it tends to cause breakage, so a protective style like box braids protects it from being harmed.. Products that have penetrating ingredients like coconut oil, jojoba oil, and olive oil are great to use while wearing these styles,… If you have a thin or weak hairline, then you shouldn’t put excess tension on those areas,” 

Why are such braids preferred?
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The best medium-sized box braids shall now be discussed:

Short medium box braid

As box braids medium, this has one of the unique appeals to reckon with. It can match different facial styles. Thus many people can go on to use this without any hassles for them in the long run.

Brown medium box braid

Some people love the color brown. There is something inherently appealing about it. Hence if you have a fascination for that color, you should opt for this option.

Colorful box braid

Some people are not satisfied with one single color. That is natural at large. Diversity is something that most of us crave. Hence if you are one of them, then you should try this option. It can add up to your collective appeal a lot.

Short medium box braid
Credit: teen vogue

Red medium braid

Well, there are few colors as appealing as red. There is an inherent mystery to it. We can also label it to be enigmatic. You will find that here. Thus if red appeals to you, do not hesitate to get this braid done. We assure you will not be disappointed.

Side box braid

What sets this apart is the sheer convenience of generating it. So if you have less time and yet want something unique as braids, then this is the right choice for you.

Tiny gold braid

You can exhibit your passion for the gold color if you use this option. Many people are fascinated with gold. Hence this is the best option for such people.

Medium box braids

In the world of hair styling, this is by far the one having the latest appearance. It has sheer popularity now to reckon with. Naturally, we find many people prefer it. However, there is a tendency of youth members to rely on it mainly. Having said that, this one is suitable for all age groups to reckon with.

Tiny gold braid
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1. How to style medium box braids?

You need to check out some of the best designs first. Then decide which you tend to prefer. You might ask your partner about their preference. Or you might go on to decide which suits you the best. Then follow the instructions for designing that braid, and you will have yourself medium box braids.

2. How many braids are in medium box braids?

There are 2-3 rows at the nape and 5 rows at the top. 

3. How many packs of hair for medium box braids?

For medium box braids, approximately 5-6 pairs of braiding hair can be considered appropriate.

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