7 Best Streaming Apps of 2021

7 Best Streaming Apps of 2021 For Android

Are you looking for a suitable streaming app? If yes, then you’ve come to the right place.

It’s 2021, and there are a lot of streaming apps on the market. When there is competition in the market, it isn’t easy to find suitable stuff for yourself because every company is offering different services. When too many services are being offered, the user gets confused. He faces difficulty in finding.

When the streaming industry was not popular, there were only two apps, the first was Netflix, and the second was Amazon Prime.

But now, several apps have entered the market. Apple Plus, Disney Plus, and even HBO have also made their streaming app. When Disney Plus came into the market, it has withdrawn several shows from Netflix. So we will also mention the popular shows hosted by these streaming apps and websites. When we mention the shows, it will be easier for you to decide which app is best for you.

In this article, we will cover the 7 best streaming apps of 2021. This article will let you identify a suitable streaming app for yourself.

Every person has a different perspective. I’ve seen many people who like different viewing angles. For example, I’ll talk about myself. Whenever I watch any video on Netflix, I prefer to watch that particular video on my laptop screen. But my friend does not like this activity. He prefers to watch videos on his Smartphone. So every person has a different viewing angle.

This article will mention the 7 streaming apps, but we also mention that which app has mobile-friendly navigation and which one has not. So everything is going to be discussed, so be ready and thumbs up.

So here is the list of the 7 best streaming apps of 2021 that we’re going to review:


  1. Netflix
  2. Amazon Prime Video
  3. Disney Plus
  4. HBO Max
  5. Peacock
  6. Apple TV Plus
  7. ESPN Plus

These are the streaming apps that we’ll mention in Today’s article, but first, let me explain the features of using these apps.

Features of Using Streaming Apps

I’ll mention the features of using a streaming app one by one.

4K Quality Result

There are numerous features of using a streaming app, and the first one is the display quality. Whenever you open a video, if its result is terrible, you quickly close that video and search for its alternative. But this thing doesn’t happen while using a streaming app.

No matter how many videos you open, every video’s result is 4K. You don’t have to find alternatives to that particular video because of the bad picture quality.

No Buffering

After the quality result, the second thing that matters the most is the running speed. Whenever you are watching a video, if it stops and buffers at any scene, you get angry because it prevents your suspense, and when you get mad, you close that video.

For example, you are watching a video on YouTube, and after watching a little, its buffering starts. What will you do? You will get angry for sure. But this thing doesn’t happen while using a streaming app—no buffering and some other things that irritate a user. Your video is played smoothly, and you can comfortably watch the whole video.

24/7 Availability

I’ve seen many people watching videos when they are feeling uncomfortable. But this thing is only possible when you have access to that thing every time. These streaming apps and websites are available 24/7.

You can watch any videos in HD result whenever you want. There is no time limitation.

One Click Signup

While signing up for a streaming app, you don’t have to fill in the tax information or submit your identity card. With just one click, you can make an account. Whenever you create an account on these apps, you’ve to fill in your address, name, and country.

By just filling in this information, your account is created, and you can watch as many videos as you want.

Downloading The Videos and Watching Them OFFLINE

That’s another good feature, and I also like it. If I enjoy watching a video daily, I can easily download and watch it offline. You can easily download videos from these streaming apps and watch them offline.

After downloading the video, you don’t even need to connect to any network. Without internet access, you can watch those videos whenever you want.

Adding Your Favorite Videos To The List

This feature works best for those who don’t want to download videos because downloading a video acquires space. When you don’t want to download the video, add that video to your “List.” In every streaming app, this option is given.

When you add that video to your list, you can easily view it by opening your “Favorites” page. You don’t have to open several pages to view that video. In just one second, your favorite video appears when you click on the “Favorites” page.

User-Friendly Navigation

The apps I will mention have user-friendly navigation. You will see a beautiful interface, and you’ll be able to explore everything. You don’t have to dig deep to find your favorite videos. The navigation is perfect for every device.

If you are a smartphone user, the app is arranged accordingly. If you are a desktop user, you’ll view the menu differently. So every type of interface is managed by the developers of these apps.

Compatible With Variouos Consoles

These apps are compatible with several devices. If you don’t have a laptop or PC, don’t worry because they are compatible with Smartphones. Even if you don’t have a smartphone, you still don’t have to worry because these apps are also compatible with LEDs, Firesticks, PlayStations and XBOXES.

Enabling or Disabling The Subtitles

I’ve seen many users who want to view the subtitles, but some users get irritated by subtitles. But in these apps, you have full options. If you like subtitles, you can enable them, but you can disable them if they irritate you inside the video.

New Videos Are Updated

Whenever something new is released, it gets updated on these apps. You don’t have to wait for months. After a new movie or any other show is released, it gets updated on these apps less than no time.

So these were some cool features that these apps have. Now let’s start the review of these apps.


There was no one in the market when Netflix was founded. No one can deny that Netflix is the top-rated streaming website of all time. Netflix comes first on our list because it has numerous features.

It was founded in 1997 and for 24 years it is providing its services. It has numerous channels and worldwide services. Some apps are restricted in different countries, but Netflix delivers its services worldwide. When we count its features, it has unlimited.

In 2002, The New York Times reported that Netflix is the best streaming website ever. At that time, YouTube, Amazon Prime, and several other popular apps were not in the market.

In just 5 years, Netflix captured 670000 monthly subscribers, and its 2021, now Netflix owns 208 million users or monthly subscribers. Having 208 million monthly subscribers is an impossible task, but Netflix succeeds in achieving it. 

So that was some information about the early days of Netflix. Now we’ll talk about its content. The display quality of Netflix is 4K. Without buffering, you can watch every video at 4K quality. When Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph (Founder of Netflix) launched Netflix, they had no media partners. The content of this app was limited, but now they have several media partners. 

Some big names of its partners include Relatively Media, Rogue Pictures, Dream Works Animation, Open Road Films, and Universal Animations. These are some big names that work with Netflix. Several other titles are not that big, but they still work with Netflix and deliver their best content. These channels help in providing unlimited content to the users.

Netflix has also attracted some big investors, including Black Rock, Capital Research Global Investors, and The Vanguard Group. These big names are currently working with Netflix so that no one can doubt its quality.

When you have a lot of money to invest, you can purchase content from various TV channels. Netflix does this same thing. Its self revenue is good, plus the money it earns from investors is also good. So it deals with several TV channels and hosts their content.

Netflix supports 30 languages, so a person from China can easily explore its navigation. The developers of Netflix have made a country identification system. Whenever any user opens its app, the current region of that person is identified, so the language is shown accordingly.

Now several apps have arrived in the market, but none of them has competed with Netflix yet. Disney Plus is the best competitor of Netflix, and I’ll also review that app.

Amazon Prime Video

After Netflix, the 2nd app that attracted many visitors was Amazon Prime. Its full name is Amazon Prime Video. Everyone knows that Amazon is an eCommerce website, and all of its revenue is earned by selling products. But most people don’t know that Amazon also makes money from Prime Video subscriptions. 

Amazon Prime Video has 175 million monthly subscribers that watch videos on it. Its subscription charges are 7.99 POUNDS Per Month, and you can multiply this number by 175 million users. The total revenue will be countless, so that means that Amazon also earns a lot from Amazon Prime Video.

Amazon earns a lot from the eCommerce section, but its revenue from the streaming industry can never be underrated.

The question is, what feature of Amazon Prime Video has attracted 175 million users. The answer to that question is simple, quality content and user-friendly navigation.

Amazon Prime Video has quality content with a 4K display result and eye-catchy interface. There are countless videos available to watch on it. Its service is worldwide, so every type of content is available. You can watch popular Anime, Action Movies, Comedies, Documentaries, Horror Videos, and Thrillers. There are several other categories available, but I’ve mentioned the popular ones. The content available on Amazon Prime is countless. 

Amazon Prime Video is currently working with several TV channels and Studios. The content available on its website is outstanding.

You get unlimited videos to watch on your Smartphone or laptop. Amazon has listed several products on its website that are related to streaming. You can check those products. Those products enhance your streaming experience, but you must be willing to pay some money because every item has some price.

The mobile navigation of Amazon Prime is user-friendly. You can easily explore, watch and download the videos from its app without any problem. Amazon Prime Video delivers the best network coverage. So no video buffers while playing.

You get full downloading speed because of its good network coverage. I’ve seen several apps whose downloading speed is low because of weak network coverage, but this doesn’t happen with Amazon Prime. You will be able to download your video at a fast speed and in less than no time.

Disney Plus

Disney Plus is an American streaming service that Walt Disney Company launched on November 12, 2019. It was released 2 years ago, but in these 2 years, it has attracted 103.6 million users, and that’s why I mentioned this app on the 3rd spot. 

Netflix took 24 years to earn 208 million users, but Disney Plus has attracted half of the Netflix users in just 2 years. The reason behind that is the high-quality content and user-friendly navigation.

When Walt Disney launched this Disney Plus, it had some navigation issues. Many users complained about its sticky navigation, but then Disney realized that navigation is an important thing. 

The content of Disney Plus was good, but the navigation was bad. But then, Walt Disney fixed all the navigation issues, and now users can explore several things with ease.

The second important thing is its content. Disney Plus only covered the United States in its early days. But now, it has expanded its services in several other countries that made Disney Plus the top-rated streaming media service.

Two reasons helped Disney Plus succeed. The first reason is its contract with Hotstar. In India, people prefer to watch videos on Hotstar instead of Netflix and Amazon Prime. When Disney Plus collaborated with Hotstar, it attracted several users from India, and India is a very big country with a huge population. That made Disney Plus attract thousands of users from India.

But this doesn’t end here. Bollywood is a very big movie industry. When Hotstar and Disney Plus collaborated, all the Bollywood actors and actresses preferred to upload their upcoming seasons and movies on Disney Plus. 

When this thing happened, all the fans of those Bollywood actors had withdrawn from Netflix and Amazon Prime. So that was the first reason, now I’ll mention the 2nd one.

When Walt Disney had no streaming services, they used to show their content on Netflix. The content shown on Netflix was outstanding. Some famous series include Walt Disney Pictures, Marvel Studios, Star Wars, National Geographic, and Caravan Pictures. Marvel Studios has countless fans, but it had withdrawn all these shows from Netflix when this Disney Plus was released. That thing also attracted thousands of users to Disney Plus.

In my opinion, these are the 2 things that gave Disney Plus a huge success.

The 3rd thing is its low subscription cost. Disney Plus charges less from Amazon Prime Video and Netflix, plus the content on this app is outstanding.

Kids also watch Disney Plus because a separate section is made for kids. Some scenes in thrillers have age restrictions, but you’ll not see such content when you switch to Kids mode. That’s why several parents have purchased the subscription of Disney Plus because they don’t want their kids to watch bold scenes.

So these were some reasons that made Disney Plus the top-rated streaming app, and it is growing rapidly. Disney Plus is expanding its services everywhere, and a day will come that it will deliver its services worldwide.


HBO Max is another streaming media service that became famous in just a few months. Before HBO Max was announced, HBO Now and HBO GO were the 2 streaming apps users used. But when HBO Max came into the market, the users of HBO Go and HBO Now were redirected to the main page of HBO Max. 

It means HBO Max has harvested all the users of HBO Go and HBO Now. Now it is a dependent app with a suitable platform. HBO Max has 10000 hours of content available. The list of its content providers is extensive.

HBO Max works with famous content providers, and the content they deliver is outstanding. It has 63 content providers, but I’ll mention the big names.

20th Century Studios, BBC, Cartoon Network, CNN, Dream Works, HBO, Hollywood Pictures, ITV Studios, Lionsgate, Sony Pictures, Turner Classic Movies, Walt Disney Pictures, and Warner Bros are the famous content providers that work with HBO Max.

I’ve mentioned the 13 content providers, but there are 63 providers. The name of 20th Century Studios is 21st Century Fox. Its old name was 20th Century Studio that was founded in 1935. One hundred years are about to pass, but 20th Century Studio is available in the market. You can understand how much content this single studio has that is working with HBO Max.

Another big name is CNN, and that’s a famous news channel that covers worldwide news. You can listen to breaking news that happened anywhere in the world. HBO Max allows you to listen to everything. Warner Media News is a partner with CNN, and Warner Media News delivers sports news. For sports, this HBO Max is also good.

You can listen to the news any time, but doing this task on your laptop is recommended. If you are confused about the laptop, don’t worry because I have a solution.

Bigeno is the website that provides news related to laptops and other stuff. You can visit that website if you are confused about the laptop.

I’ve mentioned earlier that the content is awesome, so don’t worry about that because HBO Max is waiting for a warm welcome to its new user.


Peacock is another streaming media service that is famous because of uploading sports-related content. It prefers sports-related content, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t upload other content. All types of content are available on the Peacock app, but it is the best service for sports lovers.

It has 3 types of services, free, premium, and premium plus. Peacock allows its users to watch free content first. After watching the free content on Peacock, several users get attracted, and they purchase its premium services. This service is available on several consoles. You can use Peacock on Android phones, Apple TV, iOS devices, PlayStation 4, and Roku.

As I mentioned, Peacock prefers sports-related content, so several sports media are working with Peacock. You can watch WWE, Soccer Matches, Olympics, Skating, Rugby Pass, and Indy Car Pass (Racing).

I’ve seen many people who love WWE content. Even when I was a child, I used to watch WWE regularly. I missed not even a single fight, but I watched WWE on the television screen. There is a mega difference between watching a WWE fight on Peacock as compared to Television.

You can watch every sport-related video in 4K quality and without any buffering on the Peacock app. I think I’ve talked a lot about sports content, but now let’s come to its other content.

Lionsgate is an old company that was founded in 1997. It has collaborated with Peacock, and Lionsgate has thousands of users who now watch videos on Peacock. Lionsgate also hosts house-related content that is best for kids. Kids can use Peacock without any problem. The navigation of Peacock is kid-friendly.

NBC Universal launched Peacock on April 15, 2020, and at that time, it had no users. But in just 13 months, it has attracted 42 million users, so that says a lot. When Peacock was launched, it delivered its services only in the USA. But the owner of this service was a clever person. He collaborated with several streaming industries, and after just 3 months, this app was available worldwide. It contracted with several media distributors.  

The reason behind its huge success is the good collaboration with media industry giants. But several people love sports, so they stick with this app instead of using others.

Apple TV Plus

I’ve mentioned several apps, but this app is only for iPhone and iPad users. Apple has made its streaming app because it wants to attract all Apple users to its media. Tim Cook is the CEO of Apple, and no doubt Apple has achieved a lot since Tim Cook is its CEO.

Apple is famous for its laptops, iPods, iPhones, and Watches, but now it has its streaming media service. Several users who were using other streaming apps on their Apple phones have withdrawn from those apps.

Now every Apple user is using this Apple TV Plus, and I can give the proof. Apple TV Plus was released on November 1, 2019. Eighteen months have passed, and in these 18 months, Apple TV Plus has attracted 33.6 million users.

Gaining 33.6 million users is not an easy task, but Apple has achieved it. Now comes the turn of content. What content does this Apple deliver?

Before talking about content, I’ll talk about its quality. Every Apple user knows that the video quality of Macbooks is 100x better than laptops because the Apple media players show the best possible result ever. It’s default quality is 1080p; now, what do you expect from its app?

Surely Apple has added some extra features to its app. You almost get an Ultra-HD display resolution while watching any video on your Apple TV Plus app.

This Apple TV Plus is easy to explore, and the content uploaded on it is unlimited. You can watch videos on this app for thousands of hours.

No ads will irritate you because this is an ad-free app. That’s the only app on your list whose subscription charges are less than others, plus you don’t have to pay some extra amount to remove commercials from the videos.

For just $4.99 per month, you get an ad-free video with Ultra-HD quality. Apple TV Plus is still improving because it is adding more content for its users. After some time, Apple will also compete with several other streaming apps and websites because it has competed with Microsoft.


If you are a fighting sports lover, and you’re trying to find a suitable app, then this ESPN Plus is the best app. That’s the last app on our list whose parent is The Walt Disney Company and Hearst Communications.

The Walt Disney Company owns 80% of its shares, whereas Hearst Communications owns 20% of its shares. The Walt Disney Company is the best streaming media provider, and it is currently working with several other streaming apps and websites.

I have seen many users who only listen to The Walt Disney Company’s name and become willing to purchase their services because Walt Disney has built a lot of trust in the market. So they are also working with ESPN Plus, and everyone knows that ESPN is a famous sports channel.

But now they have made their app. ESPN Plus was released on April 12, 2018, and it’s a famous streaming app that uploads fighting-related videos. Several other videos are also uploaded on it, but they prefer to upload fighting and sports videos.

Popular combat sports include Ultimate Fighting Championship, Top Rank Boxing, Rugby Union, Soccer, Golf, Basketball, and several other famous sports. You can watch all these shows on an Ultra-HD screen and without any buffering issue.

Whenever you want to watch any video, ESPN Plus is accessible every time. The only issue that I’ve found in this app is the distribution. This app is only available in the United States region. 

Combat sports lovers from other regions have to use a VPN to explore content on ESPN Plus. But the USA people can enjoy this app without any problem. 

The good thing is that this service has 13.8 million users, and all these users are from the USA. It simply means that USA people love this app because having 13.8 million users from a single country is very difficult. You’ve to deliver outstanding content for gaining a user’s attention.


So, friends, these were the 7 best streaming apps of 2021, and I’ve mentioned every single feature of them. I hope you would like my article. 

If you have liked my article, don’t forget to share it on Facebook, Twitter, and Medium. Any questions related to these streaming services, you can comment in our website’s comments section.

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