Tony Drewitt-Barlow : Find Out All About Anthony

Tony Drewitt-Barlow

At least once you would have heard the name Tony Drewitt-Barlow somewhere. After all, he is a multi-millionaire who appeared in the Below deck: Sailing yacht in march 2021. But, he is popular for being the UK’s first gay couple to have children through surrogacy. Now, Tony came into the spotlight for being in a “modern and blended family” arrangement. So, keep scrolling to know more about him.

Who is Tony Drewitt-Barlow?

Tony Drewitt-Barlow is popular because he was the first one to break his silence about being gay in his time. Yes, he and Barrie are the first couple in the UK. They met in 1987 when Tony was asking for directions at a petrol station. At that time, he was a runner-up for the New scientist of the year award. However, their long-time love came to an end when they ended things in 2019. Still, both Tony and Barrie live together with their children in Florida.

Is Tony Drewitt-Barlow a millionaire?

Of course, it’s no surprise if you know how they get money. In fact, when you combine both Tony’s and Barrie’s wealth, you get about 40 million euros. Yes, all of this is from different business ventures they have. For example, they get money from their real estate investments. Also, they have a huge medical research company. In short, due to their various businesses, they have been able to become millionaires within a small period.

Tony Drewitt Barlow

Kids of Tony and Barrie

Well, kids came into the picture after a decade of being together. That’s right, the couple welcomed children into their life after 11 years of their relationship. In fact, they wanted to do it, but never took the first step in that direction. At first, they went through adoption centers with the Essex County council. But, things changed in 1999 when they chose the path of surrogacy. Yes, they had their children Saffron and Aspen using a surrogate mother in California. Now, the kids are adults at the age of 22.

The woman who donated her eggs for this is Tracie McCune and the surrogate mother is Rosalind Bellany. On the other hand, the duo never told anyone who was the sperm donor. Well, they told me that by keeping the biological dad a secret, they can be equal parents to their kids.

Kids of Tony and Barrie

Furthermore, they have a son named Orlando who of 17 years of age. Finally, they have twin boys of age 11, Dallas and Jasper. Overall, they have 5 kids in their life to look after.

Tony’s newfound money with Bitcoin

Due to his Bitcoin investment, Tony got around 90 million dollars making him richer than ever before. Surely, anyone would be thinking of how they will spend their new wealth. However, for Tony, his family came as his priority. So, he gave it all to them. For starters, he gave 5 million dollars to Saffron and Aspen. Then, he gave Orlando his son 15 million dollars as well. Next, for his last pair of twins Dallas and Jasper, he gave 10 million dollars to each one. Finally, he gave his goddaughter, Valentina, who is the 4-month-old daughter of Barrie and Scott, one million dollars.


That’s all there is about Tony Drewitt-Barlow. There’s no doubt that he loves his family more than anything else. Make sure to stay tuned for more future updates!