There Are a Ton of Chris Brown Controversial Moments You Probably Missed

Chris Brown

Chris Brown controversial moments are quite popular but not everyone is aware of them. The singer loves being in the thick of controversy. Chris Brown, a name that generates conversation and controversy, has garnered attention as one of the world’s best-selling male artists of all time. Despite being recognized for his natural talent and being compared to Michael Jackson, his success has often been overshadowed by his involvement in various troubling incidents. Let’s explore a list of Chris Brown’s most controversial moments that have impacted his career negatively.

The Assault on Rihanna

Following this infamous incident, a series of controversies emerged surrounding Chris Brown. In 2009, Brown engaged in a fight with Rihanna inside a Lamborghini on the eve of the Grammys, capturing global attention. Now that makes for some very disturbing news. 

Online images displayed Rihanna’s split lip, black eye, and extensive facial bruising, exposing the severe impact of the assault inflicted by her boyfriend. As a consequence, Brown received a sentence of five years probation, mandatory domestic violence counselling for a year, and six months of community service.

UK and Canada Denied Entry

Just a little over a year, and several months after the physical violence incident with Rihanna, Breezy faced the denial of a visa to the U.K. The home office issued a statement asserting their right to refuse entry to individuals found guilty of serious criminal offences, citing public safety as a primary concern. Each application to enter the UK was evaluated based on its own merits.

But that’s not all. In 2015, when Brown arrived in Canada for a series of upcoming performances, he encountered denial of entry due to his criminal record resulting from the assault on his ex-girlfriend. Also, it was a fair judgment. 

The Assault on Rihanna

Breaking Down at BET

At the conclusion of Brown’s Michael Jackson tribute at the 2010 BET Awards, the star experienced an emotional breakdown on stage. He concluded the tribute with a heartfelt rendition of “Man in the Mirror,” dropping to his knees in a moment of deep self-reflection. 

Later, during his performance of the self-improvement anthem, he became choked up. While accepting the AOL Fandemonium award, he openly acknowledged that he had disappointed his fans and vowed to never repeat such actions again. Many celebrities are prone to such displays from time to time. It happens all too frequently. 

He Smashed a Window on Good Morning America

During an interview on Good Morning America, Robin Roberts questioned Chris Brown about his life progress following the incident with Rihanna, provoking a strong reaction from the singer and hitting a sensitive nerve. Also, it brought to the fore some clearly unresolved issues.

After performing a song, he abruptly stormed off the stage and retreated to his dressing room. In a fit of anger, he used a chair to smash a window, causing a disturbance that prompted the hair and makeup team to contact security. Such a violent reaction was quite surprising. 

The Terrorist Makeover

The Terrorist Makeover

In a highly unconventional manner, Chris Brown decided to attend his ex-girlfriend Rihanna’s Halloween party dressed in a complete terrorist costume, complete with fake bullet casings adorning his robe. Alongside his entourage, he made a grand entrance wearing the controversial ensemble. This would have been quite funny if it was any other costume. 

A photograph of his costume was shared on Instagram and Twitter, generating significant criticism and backlash. However, Brown found support from his mother, Joyce Hawkins, who defended him by tweeting, “HALLOWEEN IS FOR FUN, NOTHING MORE THAN JUST FUN. GET A LIFE PLEASE.”

Punching Frank Ocean

Chris Brown had a dispute with Frank Ocean over a parking spot. Brown approached Ocean for a handshake, but Ocean declined. This angered Brown, leading him to throw a punch and make threats involving a gun. Ocean suffered cuts on his finger and temple, while one of Brown’s friends used a homophobic slur.

Punching Frank Ocean

Hit and Run Case

We knew this was round the corner. Chris Brown has also done a hit and run. This comes after a long list of his scandals with other people. His Mercedes hit another car in 2013. The officer handling the case said Chris refused to provide correct information. He also did not hand over his license. This is a serious crime. Chris eventually came down to a civil compromise with the injured party. The state granted him 1000 hours of community service as punishment. Well, fat lot of good it did to him. 

Assault in Washington

After the hit-and-run incident, Chris Brown got arrested for assaulting two men outside a hotel. The victim went to the hospital. Brown faced charges, spent 36 hours in jail, and went to anger management rehab. Seems quite the damper, doesn’t it? This did not do anything to lessen his criminal tendencies and he continued on a downward spiral. 

From the Rehab to the Jail

While in rehab, Chris Brown became upset during a family session and threw a rock at his mom’s car. As a result, he was immediately expelled from the facility and sent to jail for 131 days due to his violent behavior and violation of probation. Can you imagine how disturbed he must have been to engage in such behavior? It appears there are many celebrities who share such tendencies and are prone to engaging in puerile behavior from time to time. 

The Rihanna Reunion

After speculation of dating Karrueche Tran, photos of Chris Brown and his ex-girlfriend Rihanna at a Lakers game raised eyebrows. Despite claiming to be “just friends,” more intimate pictures and collaborations emerged, fueling speculation about their relationship. Now we all know this is more than a friendship. But it is better to wait than to speculate and spoil the entire game. 

Assault in Washington

Relationship with Karrueche

Chris Brown’s relationships have been filled with difficulties, including break-ups, fights, and feuds. The love triangle between Chris, Karrueche, and Rihanna often made headlines. Chris allegedly cheated on Karrueche with Rihanna, leading to Twitter feuds between the two. This was an unexpected development. 

Rihanna started the verbal feud with a diss in her song “Birthday Cake” and posted a picture with a provocative caption. Karrueche responded with a tweet referencing Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston, and Rihanna countered with a quote from Lil Kim.

Basketball Game Fight

Chris Brown faced legal trouble when an unwanted person showed up at a basketball court where he was playing. The person accused Brown of punching him, but Brown and his publicist denied the allegation. The victim did not press charges. Also, this was not the first case of violence. The singer regularly takes part in such things. It is nothing new.

Basketball Game Fight

Stuck in Philippines

In 2015, Chris Brown was accused of fraud, which prevented him from leaving the Philippines for three days. Also, the accusations were later dropped, and it was confirmed that he had no other negative record. Furthermore, Brown expressed his frustration on social media, denying any wrongdoing. But given his record, we doubt otherwise. 

Punching a Woman

So Chris Brown punched a woman. There is nothing new in it. Brazilian model Liziane Gutierrez accused him of hitting her. Brown maintained his innocence, of course. Also, we heard rumors that they settled for $70k in compensation. A man who simply cannot stay out of trouble. Well, we did warn you before. 

Pointed a Gun at Baylee Curran 

Beauty queen Baylee Curran claimed that Chris Brown pointed a gun at her and told her to leave his house. She called the police, leading to a nine-hour standoff and Brown’s arrest. Hear anything more dramatic lately? This news might not come as a shock now. We know what he is capable of. A mentally disturbed man.

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