Things To Know About Chris Watts And How He Murdered His Wife And Daughters

Chris Watts
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A new Netflix documentary Chris Watts and the tale of how he murdered his pregnant, Shanann, and her two young daughters in Colorado. According to the sources, one day after killing his wife and two daughters, Chris gave an interview from his porch, begging them to come home. Needless to say, this haunting interview and the case of the 2018’s murder are the subjects of this new Netflix documentary. 

If you want to know about Chris Watts and the murder case of Shanann and her daughter, you are at the right place. So, in this article, we shall take a look at some of the exciting details about the man and the details of the murder. 

A Look Into The Past: What Happened To The Watts?

What Happened To The Watts?
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There are reports that somehow, on 13th August 2018, Mrs. Shanann Watts, the wife of Chris, and their daughters went missing. So, three days later, the authorities found their body on the property of the Anadarko Petroleum Corp., the Oil company where Mr. Watts worked in. 

It was the interview of Chris Watt that put an end to the three days of search across Frederick, a small town around 30 miles north of Denver. So, the sources tell us that the Frederick Police department worked and searched for the missing mother and her two daughters. 

The sources also tell us that Mr. Watts was having an affair with his co-worker.  The name of Chris Watts girlfriend is Nichol Kessinger. So, in the early hours of 13th August, apparently, he told his wife that he wanted to separate. 

In fact, Chris told the police that he had looked into the family’s monitor. He saw that for some reason, his wife was strangling their daughter Celeste. The older daughter, Bella, was lying on the bed looking blue. Thereafter, Chris told the police that he had strangled his wife. 

Even though he initially told the police that he hadn’t killed his children, later on, he did confirm that he did kill all three and disposed of their bodies. So, apparently, he dumped the bodies of his daughters in oil tanks and buried his wife Shanann nearby. 

A Brief Account Of How Chris Killed His Family

Chris Killed His Family
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What’s so horrifying is how Chris Watts killed his family. So, the sources tell us that he strangled his wife, Shanann. Moreover, Michael J Rourke, the district attorney said, “Mr Watts had smothered his daughters’. According to him, “Bella fought back for her life…she had bitten her tongue several times before her death’. 

Thereafter, he ‘squeezed his daughter’s bodies through an eight-inch opening to hide them in the oil tank.” He also mentioned a tuft of blonde hair that they found at the entrance of the tank. 

The Police Arrested Mr. Watts After The Interview

According to the sources, the police arrested Watts shortly after his interview on 14th August. In that interview, he pleaded for his family to return home. He said, “Shanann, Bella, Celeste, if you’re out there, just come back”. 

Moreover, in court, he pleaded guilty to nine criminal counts. So, that’s why the jury sentenced him to five life sentences without the possibility of parole. Chris Watts now is going through his life sentence at Wisconsin.

Chris Watts House
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Chris Watts House

The plot for the Chris watts Netflix documentary centers around the house where Chris murdered his wife before also killing his two daughters. It’s a brown 4200 Sqft Frederick Colorado house. However, it seems that now this house cannot find a buyer due to its macabre history. At present, the house is worth 644,500 USD, while Watts purchased it for 399k USD in 2013. 

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  • Why Did Chris Watts Kill his Family?

The evidence suggests that Mr. Watts was having an affair with his co-worker. Perhaps that’s why he murdered his wife and two daughters. 

  • Where Is Chris Watts Now?

According to the sources, the jury has sentenced him to five life sentences. So, at present, he is serving his life sentence in the max-security prison in Waupun, Wisconsin.

  • Who Is Chris Watts?

Chris is infamous for being the killer of his family- his wife Shanann, and two daughters, Celeste and Bella. In addition, we should also note that he worked as a US oil field operator. 

  • Where Is Chris Watts Now 2021?

He is serving his five life sentences at Dodge Correctional Inst. in Waupun, Wisconsin, USA. Moreover, he is also not eligible for parole.

  • How Did Chris Watts Kill His Family?

Chris strangled his wife, Shanann, in their house in Frederick. Thereafter, he also killed his daughters in the same fashion. After killing his daughters, he smothered them and put them in the oil tanks at the place where he worked. In addition, he buried his wife Shanann at a nearby ground.

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