365 Days- Social Media Posts Raise Hope For The Fourth Part

365 Days

Are you interested to know about the fourth part of 365 Days? Here let me tell you that, as per various posts on social media, 365 Days is set to return for its fourth installment. You might be stunned to know that the long wait for the official declaration, about the fourth instalment is still on.

If you are someone who keeps an eye on social media, you might know that recently many people posted about the series. In fact, here you must know that the uproar predicting the fourth part of the series has created a stir among the audience. If you are interested in knowing more in this regard, then you should definitely go through this article and find out about 365 Days Part 4 here.

What Is 365 Days?

360 Days, the series which took the internet by flames, has as its basis the 365 Days trilogy by Blanka Lipinska. Unlike many other series which aired in recent times, this series stormed into the scene. It also became the most-watched program on Netflix. In addition to all these, the series remained in the number one spot in the US for four days. You might be stunned to know that the same success story followed its other two parts. Therefore, we are naturally excited for its fourth part. 

The Hot News

The Hot News

May is the month of hope! Well, you don’t believe? Then what about the dozens of social media posts spreading hope about the fourth instalment of the series? Things started off in May 2023 and are still in vogue. Some of these posts even went on to garner likes and comments in tens of thousands. Seemingly, we all are excited for the fourth part of the series to come. However, what if I tell you that all those are nothing but hoaxes? Stunned? Then you must go through the remaining part of the article. 

Far From Truth

Yes! You have read the title right. The posts that have excited your grey cells are nothing but falsities. If you trust the makers of the series, then there is no plan for the fourth part as of now. This news is mostly spread through Facebook pages like “Netflix Daily Updates”, “The Netflix Memes” and “Netflix Addict”. 

You might be shocked to know that these pages spread true as well as false news about various popular Netflix series. In the recent past, many such claims have been debunked. So, now it’s time to debunk the hoax about 365 Days fourth part. Therefore, it’s time to calm your excitement down and wait for the official statement. 

Far From Truth

Yet There’s Hope

Are you a 365 Days fan, waiting eagerly for the fourth instalment of the series? Well, in that case, Michele Morrone is there to give you some hope. In one tweet, the person who plays Massimo in the series stated “The end of something is always a little bit sad.. but.. who knows….”. Though this gives us hope, it is not enough to confirm the arrival of the fourth part. Moreover, Netflix also did not tag the third part as the last instalment of the series. But again, it is not a promise for the fourth part. So, the only thing to do is to wait and hope. Let time answer your queries. 


1. Is the fourth part of 365 Days on its way?

No. There has been no official confirmation in this regard as yet. 

2. Can we expect a fourth part?

Hoping is free. Moreover, Netflix has not ruled out such a possibility as yet.

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