Tips on How to Take Proper Care of Hair Extensions

Hair Extensions

Natural hair can be used to make extensions or hair-like synthetic fibers. Natural hair is the form of hair extension that will appear the most ideal and “real,” but it also has the same issues as all-natural hair, such as frizz. Synthetic fiber hair extensions are more resilient but have a plastic-like appearance. 

The primary purpose of hair extensions is to lengthen hair. Additionally, it can hide a terrible haircut. One can use a different hair color shade for the hair extensions instead of dying the natural hair if one wants to add some color and dimension to the hair. Hair extensions also give the hair more volume. It is not all about owning a tape in extension but knowing how to care for it. Read on more to discover more helpful tips.

Avoid using oil-based products close to hair roots.

Leave-in conditioners and hair oils will start to dissolve the adhesive holding the extensions in place. Therefore, keeping oily goods at or below ear level is crucial. If they follow this, one can go a little longer before starting the washing routine. Utilizing an oil-based solution during installation is acceptable because it works well to dissolve the tape.

Wait 48 hours before washing the hair following an installation session. If well laid, the tape holding the extensions in its place needs time to properly secure.

Avoid overbrushing the hair

This could make the tape less secure in the hair and cause extensions to fall earlier.

Braid or do a ponytail before bed

As a protective style, this works. One can avoid split ends and frizz by keeping the hair up while they sleep. This is because friction from the movement of the head against the pillowcase prevents the hair and hair extensions from becoming tangled and breaking.

Avoid overwashing your hair

The hair’s new companion is dry shampoo. The natural oil the scalp produces are removed from the hair when one washes it. Because they are rubbing and washing closely to the adhesive bonds, it might also weaken the tape.

Avoid using silicone-containing hair products

This is crucial for shampoo and conditioner. A concise summary of why silicon harms the hair is as follows: The thin impermeable layer makes the hair appear slippery and aids in detangling. Furthermore, silicone creams can be hard to entirely wash out thoroughly, making it harder for the hair to adhere to extensions and making the hair feel oily and thick.

Staying with leave-in conditioners and hair oils near the roots of the hair will start to dissolve the tape in used in holding down the hair extensions.  

Never go to bed wearing wet extensions

They risk damaging the hair and the extension bond if one sleeps with wet hair. Ensure you properly dry the hair before going to bed, because damp hair and the tape adhesive are more brittle.

A flat iron should not be used directly on the tape tabs.

This will harm the hair, weaken connections in the tape, melt, and reduce the number of times extensions may be worn. 

Before applying any heat to the hair, let it dry for 80% to 90%.

After letting the hair air dry naturally, use a blow dryer to complete the drying process. In addition to avoiding heat damage, this gives the extension tape enough time to “rebond” with the hair before styling it.

After shampooing the hair, condition it from the mid-lengths to the ends.

Making this minor adjustment to the hair-washing routine will drastically improve results. The hair will be less weighted down and will not get greasy as quickly if one shampoo solely at the roots. The hair still needs hydration, though. From the ears/jawline to the hair ends, condition the hair to get rid of static and maintain suppleness.

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