Back Support For Bangalore Roads!

lumbar support pillow

Bangalore roads are notorious not only for traffic jams but also bad roads. These bumpy roads can be harmful to the travellers. It is not just the two-wheelers who suffer from spinal injuries due to the condition of the road even car drivers also have back issues. There are many precautionary measures that experts suggest which include muscle strengthening exercises, maintaining good posture, maintaining the shock absorbers of the vehicle, using a car instead of a bike, etc. Despite all these, if you are still suffering from back pain due to driving around on Bangalore roads one great solution is using a backrest pillow. Here is a handy guide to find the right lumbar support pillow for car.

Why do you need a backrest pillow?

The foremost thing to consider before making a purchase is to determine the need for a pillow. Knowing the purpose helps in narrowing the choices

  • Is it for pain management: Most of the time the seat in a car is flat which means that it cannot provide the necessary curvature for spinal support that can cause a lot of strain on the vertebrae and tissues resulting in back pain? A back support pillow provides the needed support by aligning the spine into a neutral position and thus there is less pressure on the back and tissues and no pain. 
  • Is it to correct the posture? : Many times people suffer from back pain due to the wrong posture due to which the head is forward all the time and results in pain. A potbelly or rounded shoulders can also result in bad posture which can be corrected using a lumbar support pillow which puts the spine in a natural position and reduces pain. 
  • Are you suffering from a disease: If you have a back issue like a herniated disc, sciatica, etc. and driving for long hours on Bangalore roads will only aggravate the situation. There are many products which are designed specifically for such issues and they are effective in providing back support.

Material: The backrest pillow is made of different materials and the most ideal is the memory foam as it contours to the shape of the back and gives great comfort and support. The body also gets even weight distribution thanks to the soft foam and helps in improving the posture. Look for a product that is breathable as a non-breathable material makes the skin sweaty and itchy and leads to discomfort especially on a hot day. The outer cover of the pillow should be removable so that it can be washed and kept clean. 

Adjustable and resistant: The pillow for your car should be such that it is adjustable so that it fits you perfectly. Shop for a pillow which has adjustable straps so that you get maximum support from it and also offers flexibility. It is also essential to find a product that offers the ideal firmness so that it can treat the back effectively. If the pillow is too soft then the back will sink and create pressure points and if it is too hard it increases pain. Thus a medium-firm pillow which offers the right amount of firmness will provide enough support to the back.

Price: It can affect the quality of the product, though the costliest one does not mean superior quality. Some manufacturers like Wakefit offer premium back support cushions which are affordable, durable and has all the necessary features that provide comfort and support to the back.

Making the Bangalore roads better is not in your hands but reducing the discomfort due to those bumpy roads is!. Use the right back support pillow and reduce back pain.