7 Ways to Generate Traffic for Your Affiliate Offers

7 Ways to Generate Traffic for Your Affiliate Offers

First off, welcome into the affiliate marketing world. If you’re reading this article, it means you’ve started off on a journey that you apparently need help on starting well. Hopefully, the read that lies ahead gives you what you’re looking for. 

Generating that initial flood of traffic and building up a crowd of followers is a phase that most people give up on. Having an initial viewership from a wide range helps multiply your following up better later on. 

Here are seven ways in which you could drive traffic to your site:

1. Honesty and policies: you know what they say

The #1 way of better results is, simply, putting up better content. Being honest about the product you’re advertising establishes you as being a trustworthy, credible source: which in turn leads to them being loyal to your website. 

Using simple language, providing relatable examples and avoiding false hyping of the product are two ways in which you can ensure your content isn’t too ‘clickbaity’. High-quality reviews also result in word-of-mouth spread about your highly reliable website, which is what you want, right?

2. An SEO Optimized website: perfection

Okay, so you now have a good website. Next is making sure people see it: what use is a great book that only the author knows about? Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the primary way of increasing the number of people who visit your website.

How many times have you gone past the second page when you Google a question? Unless you’re a research student looking for a particular study, or just too bored in general, you would never go past the first five-six links even.

Search Engine Optimization includes using keywords and other techniques in order to increase the visibility of your website to the maximum.

3. Start Blogging

Creating your blog posts on topics that are similar to your affiliate websites and using them as a medium to share those links provides for good publicity. Being interactive in comment sections serves as a good opportunity to possibly help people with your link.

Be careful to not come across as being too pushy, however, only use your links when you genuinely feel they would be helpful. People prefer reading blogs to just text documents, so try making it as attractive as possible. Talk to experts on the subject and post their views too: chances are that they use your link in their posts too.

4. Blogging v.02: Guest blogging

There are two ways to go about guest blogging: invite writers whose content you find to be to your liking and guest blogging on someone else’s blog. This results in a wider audience for your content, especially if you write for someone from your niche.

If people happen to like your content, they would check out your blog too. Look for blogs that experience good traffic and post content that you feel your followers would like too. Guest-posting is a win-win for both parties, and having a friend in your industry always helps.  

5. YouTube

If you think of video, you think YouTube. Boasting a whopping three billion clicks a day, going viral on YouTube is one of the best things that a marketer could ask for. Creating a channel and posting videos is totally free of cost, and if you’re new to it, there are multiple sites that could help you set it up.

Similar to making a blog, this combines entertainment and information in equal measure. Including discount codes and website links in the description works wonders and with the highly responsive comment sections, the sky’s the limit.

6. Social Media

Ah, the twentieth-century marvel. Social media has taken the speed of communication to unprecedented heights that ‘spreading like wildfire’ has taken a quite literal meaning. A video going viral might be good, but a video going viral across platforms is amazing.

Posting interesting, and occasionally witty, opinions and ideas on your social media handles attract attention. And oh, don’t forget to drop a liberal sprinkle of your affiliate links across platforms. The reach that a single tweet could generate would surprise you.

7. Join niche forums/groups

An extension on my previous point of social media, Facebook, Reddit, Quora and such interactive platforms contain niche groups and like-minded people with whom you can both learn from and collaborate. You might also get to grips with how affiliate marketing works by reading other people’s opinion of it.

This helps you grow, serves as a discussion forum, and gets you guest blogging opportunities (remember?). There’s scope for developing relationships with like-minded people, united we stand, yadda yadda yadda.