A List Of Some Amazing DCEU Easter Eggs

DCEU Easter Eggs

Are you looking for the best DCEU easter eggs in the last few decades? Well, then you are in luck. So, according to the reports, the last few decades have been simply outstanding for the DCEU movies. For a long time, these movies were standalone ones. However, as fate would have it, these films are now strung together to make what we know as a Megafranchise or Universe. Examples are, of course, Marvel and DC Comics. So, with such a plethora of films and the connected universe, we are bound to have some easter eggs every now and then, right? 

If you want to know about those easter eggs, then you are at the right place. So, in this article, we shall take a look at some of the most surprising and pleasant easter eggs found in the DCEU films. While you can easily notice some of these easter eggs, others might require detective lenses. From 2013’s Man of Steel to Shazam! Fury of the Gods of 2023, we have some of the best Easter Eggs. So, without further ado, it’s time to take a look at this article. 

Here Are Some Of The DCEU Easter Eggs

Every DC movies have easter eggs for the audience. If you are looking for them, then you are in luck. So, without further ado, go through this article and find out the easter eggs of the DCEU. 

Man Of Steel (2013) Easter Eggs

Man Of Steel (2013) Easter Eggs

  • Sullivan’s Trkc & Tractor Repair Shop

If you have seen the Smallville series, then it’s worth noting that Sullivan’s Truck and Tractor Repair Shop is a pretty good addition to this 2013 film. Zack Snyder brought the repair shop back as a homage in the Man of Steel film.

  • LexCorp Tower

So, LexCorp tower is another wonderful easter egg that you might have missed out on while watching the Man of Steel. The sight of the LexCorp Tower might have brought a smile or two from the audience for sure. 

Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice

Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice

The Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice was one of the great films of the DC. So, it’s interesting that we have a few cool DCEU easter eggs here as well. 

  • KGBeast

If you have read the DC comics, then you’d know about KGBeast. So, KGBeast aka Anatoli Knyazev first appeared in 1988’s Batman #447 or Ten Nights of The Beast. It’s interesting that we saw him in this film. 

  • Riddler’s Grafitti

Graffiti-based easter eggs are all over the place in the film, Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. According to the sources, in the film, we have graffiti that introduces us to the Riddler. In other words, we do have Riddler in the DCEU. 

  • Darkseid’s Symbol

There are many small details in the DC films that are quite easy to miss. Such would be the Darkseid’s symbol in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016). So, in the film, during the Knightmare sequence, we could see the Omega symbol of the Darkseid on the ground. 

  • TK-421

So, a lot of people know that Zack Snyder is a huge fan of the Star Wars series. That’s why, he’s not shy of using references from the Star Wars trilogy. For example, Lex Luthor was booked in prison under the identity of TK-421. So, for those of you who aren’t aware of it, or couldn’t catch the drift yet, this happens to be the ID of a Stormtrooper from whom Skywalker once stole a uniform. Yes, we are talking about the original Star Wars trilogy. 

Suicide Squad

Suicide Squad

According to the sources, Suicide Squad has a lot of fun details all over the place. Let us drive our attention to all the surprising easter eggs found in this film now. 

  • Carmine Falcone

The name Carmine Falcone may have been on the lips of every DC Comics fan. He is a formidable gangster in Gotham City. Even though he may not have anything with the Suicide Squad, we have seen his presence in this film for sure. For example, fans located a lit-up sign reading Falcone at one point. In other words, we can say that it’s a subtle easter egg for the Dark Knight fans. 

  • Gymnastics Of Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn’s athleticism was in full flow in the film. Especially, if you have seen the Animated series, then you’d know that she’s an Olympic-caliber gymnast. Moreover, in the comics too she earned a scholarship for Gymnastics at Gotham College. Having seen the quirky Harley Quinn hanging upside down in the prison is a huge tick on this theory. 

  • Baby Clothes Of Joker

If you had looked closely when Joker lay in a circle of knives, you could spot a few baby clothes around him. So, fan theories suggest that those baby clothes were a clear reference to planned children with Harley. In addition, some fan theorists also suggest that it was a reference to the Joker’s unborn children. As we know, in The Killing Joke, Joker’s wife Jeannie dies pregnant. 

  • Reference Of Watchmen

So, there was a moment in the Suicide Squad film when Deadshot looked into a retail window. There was a smiley face painted on the wall and it’s a subtle nod to Watchmen. 

  • The Cover Image Of 1999s: Batman: Harley Quinn

With the detective lenses, we could once again spot another easter egg, and this time, it’s a cover art. Alex Ross’s famous cover art for the 1999s Batman: Harley Quinn comics is one of the most popular and legendary images in the DC lore. While there are apparent dissimilarities between the two covers, one can’t help but see the visual reference. So, in this cover Margot Robbie aka Harley Quinn wears a jester-esque outfit, dancing with the Joker. 

Justice League (2017)

Justice League (2017)

  • Green Lantern Corps

The DC universe with all its dark and macabre needed someone like Green Lantern. So, did you know? In Justice League 2017 film, we do have a reference to Green Lantern in the form of the Green Lantern Corps. So, Justice League 2017 films actually confirmed the existence of the Green Lantern Corps in the DCEU. You may have missed it, but surely, Green Lantern appeared in the battle during Steppenwolf’s ancient attack. 

  • Gorilla Grodd

So, in the Justice League film, Flash once mentioned that he understands Gorilla Sign language. One can’t help noticing a subtle reference to one of the most dangerous DC villains, Gorilla Grodd. So, in the Comics, he is primarily an antagonist to Flash. 

Shazam! (2019)

Shazam! (2019)

  • Fawcett Central School

If you are looking for some direct DCEU easter eggs, then Fawcett Central School is surely one of them. So, as we know, in Shazam!, Freddy, Billy, and the rest went to Fawcett Central School. Many people would know that this name is a direct homage to Fawcett Comics, the company that initially ran Shazam before it became a part of the DC Universe. 

  • Gee Whiz Catchphrase

The Catchphrase Gee Whiz was a thing that many people perhaps noticed in the film. So, this catchphrase actually refers to Whiz Comics. 

Wonder Woman 1984 (2020)

Wonder Woman 1984 (2020)

Wonder Woman 1984 has a few easter eggs, but let’s talk about the one that’s quite apparent in the film. 

  • The Amazon Games: Olympics

The Amazon Olympics is one of the many easter eggs in the Wonder Woman 1984 film. So, at the beginning of the film, we looked back at the Olympic Games of the Amazon. While it was a fun way to start this film, it’s a shoutout to the comic origins as well. 

Shazam! Fury Of The Gods

Shazam! Fury Of The Gods

Last but not least, we shall take a look at the easter eggs from this film. 

  • The reference to Lord Of The Rings

In the DC film, Shazam! Fury of the Gods, there was a funny scene when Billy struggles to remember the name of Soloman. Accidentally, Billy calls him Saruman, which is a direct reference to the famous Lord of the Rings character. 

  • Tawny

So, in the movie Shazam! Fury of the Gods, Darla rescues a cat and mentioned that its name is Tawny. For those of you who didn’t get it, it was a reference to a talking tiger that somehow helps Shazam in the comics.

Final Thoughts

Overall, there are a bunch of easter eggs all over the DC films that we may have missed during our first watch. However, it’s never late to rewatch a film to find those hidden DCEU easter eggs. 

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