Heidi Lavon: All You Need To Know About Her Life

Heidi Lavon
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In the model industry, Heidi Lavon is a very well-known name. However, for those who do not know, let me inform you that Heidi is a famous model, writer and photographer. In fact, within the tattoo industry in the US, she is a famous personality. She hails from Casa Grande, Arizona, USA. She works widely in tattoo shoots and also writes editorial pages on tattoos. Therefore, we can well understand that she has garnered much fame for whatever she does as part of her profession. Apart from that, she is also an OnlyFans model and on that platform too, she has garnered a large fan following.

We already know that there is a tendency among the fans of various celebrities. They are highly curious about the personal and professional lives of their favourite celebrities. Since Heidi is also a famous personality with a large fan base, her fans are also curious to know more about her personal and professional lives. As a result, they are searching the internet for various details about her. Therefore, if you wish to know more about this celebrity model and tattoo expert, this article is the perfect stop for you. Keep reading this article to know various interesting facts about her.

Brief Biography

Brief Biography
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Heidi breathed her first on the 22nd of May 1987. She was born to her parents in Casa Granada, Arizona, USA. Therefore, her date of birth suggests that she is 35 years old as of 2022. In addition, Gemini is her zodiac sign. As far as the identity of her parents is concerned, let me inform you that the name of her father is Robert and her mother’s name is Caprice Lavon. Apart from her parents, she also has three siblings in the family. By birth, she is an American citizen.

As far as her educational details are concerned, let me inform you that she attended a high school in Alaska, but the name of the school remains unknown. Apart from these pieces of information, we know nothing more about educational background of Heidi. 


We already know that at present, Heidi is a professional model and photographer in the tattoo industry. In addition, she is also working as a writer for Skin Art Magazine. As a model, she has also made it to the cover pages of various tattoo publications. Moreover, she has also tried her hands in the sphere of TV shows. She worked in IFC Portlandia, which is a famous television show. 

In addition, she is also a licensed Hair Stylist. In fact, she has been working in this capacity for the last 13 years. Along with all these, she is also an Onlyfans model. On that platform, she has gathered a good fan following.

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Heidi Lavon OnlyFans

Since she is an OnlyFans model, there might be some adult content available on her profile. However, we have no information about Heidi Lavon nudes, as of yet.

We also do not know about Heidi Lavon porn.


1. How old is Heidi Lavon?

As of 2022, Heidi is 35 years old. This is suggested by the fact that she was born on the 22nd of May 1987.

2. How tall is Heidi Lavon?

Heidi stands at a height of 5’7”. At the same time, she weighs around 68 kg.

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