Choosing Mastectomy Bras

Choosing Mastectomy Bras

It may appear to be an overwhelming task to select the mastectomy bra that is most suitable for you, but if you keep a few things in mind, the process may be just as simple and pleasurable as it was before your surgery. Because nobody else has the exact requirements as you do, there is no “one size fits all” guide that can help. Because of this, many women visit a clinic where they may get their bras fitted by a professional in breast care. If this is not an option for you, the following advice will assist you in determining the next best step.


Your body will be recuperating from the breast surgery during the first several months after the procedure. For the sake of your body’s recovery, it is essential to go for an accommodating and gentle cut on the skin. During this time, many ladies choose a bra with a high percentage of cotton in it. As soon as you feel ready, you can start looking at the full selection of post-surgery bras that are accessible to you. Even if you have had reconstruction, you may still find that a mastectomy bra is the best option. This is because even if you do not wear a prosthesis, you may benefit from the additional support. If you have had a removal surgery you may not actually need a bra, you should ask your aesthetic flat closure surgeon for advice on what is needed and how to care for the area. 


A t-shirt bra could be the solution you’ve been looking for if you enjoy wearing skirts and tops that are more casual. If you would rather have something a bit more feminine, you can choose from a wide variety of colorful, lacey, and patterned bras designed to complement every style. You may also think about purchasing a matching lingerie set for an alternative that is a little fancier. You do have a considerable number of options.

Mastectomy Bras and Their Designs

Your ease, confidence, and sense of femininity should be prioritized in the design of a quality mastectomy bra. Post-operative bras incorporate several innovative design features to help women recover from breast surgery with confidence and comfort.

  • Straps – Typically, the straps of a mastectomy bra are broader than those of a regular bra, making them more accommodating for most women. Padded straps are a common addition to ensure maximum comfort.
  • Underband – The underband of a mastectomy bra is an essential component of the garment. They allow the bra to remain in place and are often broader than the straps on a conventional bra; this makes them better able to cover any scars you may have. Because wiring can occasionally irritate scar tissue, mastectomy bras typically do not have wires.
  • Seams – Mastectomy bras are intended to provide the most support possible, and supporting side seams contribute to this goal. A higher cut helps disguise any scar tissue, while soft seams offer a comfortable fit and ensure the garment fits well.
  • Camisole – Some mastectomy bras come with an inbuilt camisole, which can assist in covering any scar tissue and is available on select models. This feature is not present in every bra, so your decision to purchase one that does or does not come down to a matter of personal preference.

Designs of Mastectomy Bras

Because the needs of each individual are unique, mastectomy bras are available in a wide variety of styles and patterns. Below, we outline the primary distinctions between these two styles; however, if you want a more in-depth reference, you may visit the page on our website specifically devoted to our style guide.

T-shirt bras 

T-shirt bras 

T-shirt bras are made to be worn all day long beneath shirts and other tops without causing discomfort. They can be cushioned or unpadded, and wide varieties are seamless so they do not show through clothing, even if worn without padding. A mastectomy t-shirt bra is frequently the essential piece of undergarment attire for postoperative women.

Front fastening bras

Front fastening bras

After breast surgery, some women have difficulty wearing a regular back-fastening bra, especially in the first few months after the procedure. This is especially true in the early stages of recovery. For this reason, there is a selection of front-fastening mastectomy bras that may be purchased. These bras provide the same level of comfort and safety as standard models.

Camisole bras

Camisole bras

Camisole bras are created to provide a modest amount of additional coverage in a chic and understated manner. They have the potential to increase your self-assurance and make it possible for you to don tops with lower or higher necklines.

Sports bras

Sports bras
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Keeping up with your typical activities is an essential component of returning your life back to normal after breast cancer. It is possible for women to participate in physical activity with self-assurance and support, thanks to the availability of a variety of mastectomy sports bras. These types of shoes typically have underbands and straps that are broader than average for added support and comfort.

Mastectomy Bras and Sizes

Six to eight weeks after the initial mastectomy surgery, the majority of the time, patients will receive the “okay” from their treating physicians to book a fitting with a mastectomy bra store of their choosing. Before having a breast prosthesis and a mastectomy bra fitted for you, it is of the utmost importance that your incision site is fully recovered from its post-operative wounds.

When you start looking for a mastectomy bra, you will find that you have a wide variety of options available to you. Your mastectomy fitter will be able to assist you regardless of whether you are searching for something feminine or are more concerned with comfort and functionality. There is a choice between a seamless back, a racer back, and an underwire option. If you want to ensure that the post-mastectomy prosthesis you are using will fit appropriately in the mastectomy bra you are using, it is a good idea to try on many different designs of mastectomy bras.

A fitter who specializes in mastectomy reconstruction will assist you through each stage of the fitting process, from taking your measurements to helping you in trying on different bras. It is important to be forthright and honest about what you enjoy and do not like in order to have the right fit and experience the highest level of comfort.

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