The Walking Dead Deaths, In Complete Order And Harrowing Detail

The Walking Dead

Here is a list of The Walking Dead deaths that are extremely sad and pathetic when it comes to detail. Long before Game of Thrones made it cool, The Walking Dead was killing off major characters like they did not matter. Also, many fans were rooting for characters who lost their lives in grisly ways, so much so that people also petitioned against killing major characters after a point in time. In this article, we are going to discuss some of the major deaths in order. Better be prepared with a box of tissues in advance. 


The tight-knit gang experienced Amy’s sudden and unexpected death as one of the first tragic events. In season one, we were introduced to Andrea’s younger sister, who had a good relationship with everyone in the camp, particularly Dale, who acted as a father figure to both sisters.

Amy’s chilling demise took place during one of the initial zombie camp attacks when she was bitten on the neck and arm by a walker. She passed away in Andrea’s embrace, and shortly after reanimation, her own sibling shot her in the head. Also, it was rather sad to watch. 

Sophia Peletier

Sophia Peletier, the only daughter of Carol and Ed, was close friends with Carl and the other children in the camp. Tragically, she met her end when she ran away from an approaching walker.

In one of the most shocking and memorable moments on The Walking Dead, undead Sophia was eventually discovered to have been bitten and turned into a walker. She emerged limping from Hershel’s barn, resulting in one of the saddest deaths on the show. Rick, with the gang watching in horror and desperation, shot and put her down. Furthermore, this is when we knew the series meant serious business. 

Dale Horvath

Dale Horvath

Dale Horvath joined the gang in season one and served as their trusted voice of reason. Despite some conflicts with Shane, he was well-liked by both the group and viewers.

Tragically, Dale met his end when he was torn apart by a walker that Carl had inadvertently led onto Hershel’s farm. Daryl had to put him down with a shot to the head, and Dale muttered, “Sorry, brother” before his heartbreaking death. This devastating loss deeply affected everyone on the farm. Also, everyone hated this one death with all their lives. 

Shane Walsh

Shane Walsh was Rick’s best friend and, unbeknownst to Rick, also Lori’s boyfriend. He became a dangerous and overprotective character, eventually turning into the antagonist of season two. Shane cunningly attempted to murder Rick, but Rick managed to gain the upper hand and stabbed him instead.

Carl shot Shane in the head after he turned into a walker. This ended the arc of an emerging villain. Even though he was just a child then, Carl started growing up after this. 

Shane Walsh


T-Dog’s sacrifice to save a friend will always be remembered. Until his unfortunate exit in season three, T-Dog was a beloved character on The Walking Dead.

Despite his limited appearance, he was a sincere and dependable character who always had the group’s best interests at heart. In a selfless act, he gave his life to protect another. T-Dog died while assisting Carol in escaping a swarm of walkers in the prison, after being bitten by a zombie himself. Also, we can say he set the standard for relationships and friendships for the entire group from here on. 

Lori Grimes

Lori Grimes had one of the most tragic deaths on the show, especially for Carl. Her role as Rick’s wife came under suspicion after her affair with Shane. Eventually, Lori became pregnant with what was believed to be Shane’s child, who later became Judith Grimes.

During the walker attack at the prison, Lori, Carl, and Maggie become trapped in a basement room. Due to the intense situation, Lori goes into labor, leading to Maggie and Carl performing a C-section. Sadly, Lori dies from complications during childbirth. In a heartbreaking turn of events,Carl is the one to end his mother’s life, forever changing his character.

Lori Grimes

Merle Dixon

Merle Dixon, Daryl’s brother, had a troubled relationship due to their abusive father. Rick disliked him and left him chained on a roof. In a shocking moment, he cut off his own hand before joining forces with the Governor and becoming his henchman.

However, Merle eventually had a change of heart and betrayed the Governor to side with Daryl and the group. Unfortunately, the Governor brutally beat him to death. He delivered a fatal shot to his heart. We remember it as one of the saddest scenes on The Walking Dead. Daryl then repeatedly stabs his zombified brother in the face while crying uncontrollably.


While Andrea’s death was unfortunate, it wasn’t the saddest loss on the show. By the time she died, many viewers had grown tired of her actions.

After engaging in a relationship with The Governor, Andrea eventually discovered his true nature and attempted to escape. However, a zombified Milton trapped her in a room and bit her. To prevent herself from turning into a walker, she used Rick’s revolver to shoot herself, with Michonne by her side. With that, one more member of the original gang met her end. 

Merle Dixon

Herschel Greene

The Governor captured Hershel Greene, the father of Maggie and Beth, and ruthlessly killed him. Making the loss even more heartbreaking for fans, Michonne beheaded Hershel in front of the entire group, including his daughters.

Hershel’s death had a profound impact on the characters and was one of the most devastating losses they had experienced thus far. The Governor was one of the most sadistic people in the show. Also, if you have read the comics, you will know that he was even more horrible and even looked the part. 

The Governor

The Governor launched a retaliatory attack on the prison after destroying Woodbury. However, his plan went awry as Michonne exacted her revenge and killed him, fulfilling a promise she had made earlier.

In a satisfying turn of events, during a fight with Rick, Michonne unexpectedly stabbed the Governor in the chest with her katana, leaving him mortally wounded. Adding to the satisfaction, his girlfriend Lily finished him off by shooting him in the head.

The Governor

Tyreese Williams

Tyreese Williams, Sasha’s brother, was a strong and caring member of the group. Despite experiencing several losses, including the death of his girlfriend and the two children he and Carol cared for, Tyreese remained resilient.

Tragically, Tyreese met his end while assisting Noah in searching an abandoned house. One of Noah’s twin brothers bit him, who had turned into a walker. As his friends were taking him back, Tyreese died. His death deeply affected Sasha, causing immense sorrow.

Glenn Rhee

Here it comes. The saddest death in the entire series. Glenn needs no introduction. He made his appearance in the first season itself. Handy in a fight and cheerful, Glenn fell in love with Maggie early in the series. But Negan caught up to him in an ambush. Abraham died. So did Glenn, his head smashed to pieces by a spiked baseball bat. It is the most horrifying death so far in the entire series. Everyone lost a friend that day, and Maggie lost her lover. 

Carl Grimes

Carl, whom we thought would become a leader after Rick, shockingly died after a walker bit him while he was rescuing Siddiq. Despite his bravery, Carl was on the brink of death. His father and Michonne provided comfort, and Carl made the difficult decision to end his own life with a gunshot to the head before turning into a walker.

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