The Famous ‘Call Killer Girl’ Alix Tichelman: Learn All About Alix

Alix Tichelman

Alix Tichelman was one of the most fearsome prostitutes who killed a millionaire Google boss client with a lethal dose of heroin. Naturally, this incident sparked a lot of chaos on social media and people began talking about it. In fact, she is notorious for involuntary manslaughter as well. This is the reason why the police arrested her and the court judged sentenced her to six years imprisonment. 

So, if you want to learn more about Alix Tichelman and the whole story of her crime, then go through this article. We will explore the details of the murder of the Google client boss. In addition, we will also talk about how she is doing right now. 

A General Perspective On Alix 

So, Alix Tichelman or whom we also know as Call killer girl is indeed fearsome. After she committed the act of murder, the judge sentenced her to six years in jail.  She killed one of the top Google clients, Forrest Haynes back in 2015. 

As per the reports, Alix said confessed her crimes. In other words, she has admitted that she administered the drugs on the 50ft luxury yacht in California in the year 2013. Apart from that, there are other terrible allegations against her as well. For example, two months before 2013, there was an allegation that she killed her ex-boyfriend, Dean Riopelle. 

Thereafter Tichelman only completed half of her sentence before the officials deported her to Canada. Alix, who is currently 33 years old had a privileged upbringing in Georgia, Atlanta, and then California. In fact, her parents were present during the Santa Cruz County Superior court hearings. They offered support to their daughter on the sentence day. 

How Alix Killed F. Timothy Haynes?

So as we discussed already, Alix Tichelman killed the father of five, F. Timothy Haynes on a bad day. She injected him with the lethal dose of heroin in 2013, Nov. The police got to know the whole thing from a surveillance camera. 

After committing the deed she left without seeking any sort of help. Soon after she injected him with heroin the man had passed out on his 50ft luxury yacht. 

It’s worth noting that Alix met his sugar daddy Haynes through the website ‘Seeking Arrangement’. Here she met a lot of rich men or sugar daddies. Moreover, Haynes paid Alix around 2500 dollars to have dinner with him. Later on, he requested her to meet him on his luxury boat and bring a lot of drugs with her.

Thereafter Tichelman injected Forrest with Class A heroin. The autopsy report confirmed that the man died almost instantly after she injected him. In fact, the CCTV footage also showed that Alix was stepping over Hayne’s body as she was gathering her things. 

Allegations Against Alix For Killing His Ex

Well, there was another allegation against her that she killed her boyfriend Dean Riopelle, 53 years old. She had given him a deadly cocktail of painkillers, heroin, and alcohol. Even though the death was ‘accidental’ it was indeed a crime.

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