The Last of Us Facts To Browse Through While You Watch The Latest Offering

The Last of Us Facts

Here is a list of The Last of Us facts to browse through while you gobble up the new series. It was a wonderful game when it first came out in 2013. The subsequent media franchise is also a joy to behold. It is of particular interest to see what the HBO show has to offer. Furthermore, it also stars everyone’s favorite Pedro Pascal as Joel and Bella Ramsay as Ellie. Now that is saying something about the powerful casting of the series. Let us discuss the facts. 

The Show is Very Faithful To The Game

Unlike most video game adaptations, The Last Of Us stands out. It faithfully captures the essence of the game, which is driven by its narrative and character development. Unlike situations where actors imitate video game actions, this adaptation brings the drama to life naturally. It’s a compelling and immersive experience. Also, it is one of the only video game adaptations in the world that actually work. 

The Fungus is Real

In The Last Of Us, the zombie outbreak is caused by a fungus that infects humans after evolving from infecting insects. Although the concept is mostly unrealistic, the real fungus called cordyceps can indeed take control of ants’ minds. It’s a fascinating but eerie phenomenon. Also, we are quite lucky that it does not take control of humans as of now. Otherwise there would have been incredible mayhem and disaster. 

Planet Earth Served as The Inspiration

The Planet Earth documentary series introduced cordyceps, showcasing its effects on ants and inspiring Neil Druckmann to create the original video game. However, cordyceps don’t pose a threat to humans. In fact, it is used in medicines and some coffee alternatives people consume for morning energy. Now let us see if the fungus does turn malevolent in the coming years. Nature has never ceased to astonish mankind before. 

The Last of Us Facts

The Game Soundtrack was Reused

Fans of the video game have long admired Gustavo Santaolalla’s original music. They are now pleased to hear his compositions in the show, as the talented composer has reused his game music and added new material to score HBO’s drama. Also, the original score was an awe-inspiring tune that went on throughout the game and made for some incredible moments. Make sure you play the game sometime to get a full value for your money. 

Further Seasons Will Tie to the Games

There are two main The Last Of Us video games, along with a notable DLC pack. The show will follow this structure: Season one covers the first game and DLC. The second season focuses on the events of the second game. Neil Druckman revealed that the third season will also include elements from the second game. Also, if you follow pop culture closely, you will know that the second game has more blood and intense relationships than the first. In more ways than one it is a wonderful sequel. 

The Game Soundtrack was Reused

Both Actors Wanted Their GoT Outfits

During a joint interview about The Last Of Us, Pascal and Ramsey expressed their desire to have their Game of Thrones wardrobes with them. Pascal mentioned wanting his gold-hued robe, while Ramsey expressed longing for their old armor. They shared a laugh about how these items would fit in The Last of Us world. Sure, we would love to see a knight and a princess traipse through the violent world of zombies. Maybe they could even take a few swings with their swords at the bandits. Honestly, I would have paid good money to see this crossover. 

Pascal Tried to Play The Game

Pascal admitted that he disregarded directions to avoid playing the game. He believed it was crucial to “play notes that were in the game,” so he played it himself. However, he realized he was not good at it and worried about imitating the game too much. Therefore, he gave the game to his nephew, who was apparently better at it. Also, at least he tried his best. It is the effort that counts, won’t you agree. 

Not The First Adaptation

At one point, they planned to make The Last Of Us into a feature film with director Sam Raimi (known for the Tobey Maguire Spider-Man movies). Sony was working on it, but it didn’t work out due to creative disagreements between Neil Druckmann and the studio. It’s intriguing to think about what Raimi could have brought to the film, but it’s probably better that The Last Of Us ended up as a series.

Not The First Adaptation

A Very Expensive Series

The Last Of Us is one of the expensive TV shows. HBO gave it a budget higher than each of the first five seasons of Game of Thrones. Considering that GoT had a budget of about $6 million per episode (seasons 1-5), it’s estimated that The Last Of Us costs around $10 million per episode. Some sources even suggest that the entire season cost around $100 million. Also, this is one of the most expensive science fiction series to date. But it is money well-spent, we would say.

The Makers of Chernobyl Created This

While Druckmann, the original video-game creator, remains involved in the adaptation, Craig Maizin is also a co-creator of the show. Maizin is a successful Hollywood writer who has worked on various projects, including the Scary Movie series, The Hangover sequels, and an upcoming Pirates Of The Caribbean project. However, he is best known for his mini-series Chernobyl.

If you watched the chilling series about the tragic nuclear disaster at Chernobyl, you will recognize similar elements of tension and existential anxiety in The Last Of Us.

The Tendrils Were Not in The Game

Early episodes of The Last Of Us feature unsettling moments where fungal tendrils emerge from infected humans in search of more victims. However, those unfamiliar with the video games might be interested to know that this depiction differs from the source material.

In the games and in real-life fungus, the infection spreads through spores, and characters protect themselves with gas masks. Maizin has explained that the change was made to avoid having actors wear masks constantly and to prevent the infection from spreading too easily. Also, just a little bit of break from the source is acceptable and totally fine. 

The Makers of Chernobyl Created This

Also, The Connected Zombies

The show has introduced a significant change from the game by explicitly demonstrating the connection between the ‘infected’ through extensive fungal networks. While the games do not explicitly state this, the show has portrayed situations where coming into contact with the fungus triggers the summoning of zombies from a distance. This had a substantial effect on their actions. 

Did Sarah Look Familiar

The first episode of The Last Of Us features a remarkable performance by Nico Parker, who portrays Sarah, Joel’s daughter. Nico Parker may look familiar because she is the real-life daughter of renowned actress Thandie Newton, and they share a striking resemblance. You may have also seen Nico Parker in movies like Dumbo and Reminiscence. It’s hard not to notice that she is a spitting image of her mother!

The Infected Actors Put Forward A Lot of Effort

Playing the infected in The Last of Us requires real skill and bootcamp training. A fascinating fact about the show is that real actors portray the infected. They underwent intense training to achieve a demented and creepy appearance. In a behind-the-scenes featurette from HBO, it was revealed that the actors participated in a movement bootcamp led by Terry Notary. Terry emphasized the advantage of having human actors, as they bring subtle nuances that are challenging for animators to recreate quickly. Also, we call this commitment to role and willingness to learn more. 

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