The Microwaveable Wrap to End Your Aches and Pains

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Everyone has aches and pains. From stiff shoulders to cramps to sinus headaches and migraines, there are hundreds of minor daily aches we have to face in our lives. Pain medications have side effects ranging from annoying to life-threatening and also tend to lose their efficacy the more they are taken. In addition, different types of pain require different kinds of medication. Eventually, you end up with a full cabinet of painkillers! That’s why lately more and more people are searching for alternative ways to treat their various pains.

One of the most effective yet simple solutions discovered so far has been heat wraps. By applying gentle heat to sore muscles, you can relieve the tension in them and soothe away the pain. The most convenient and effective way to use this treatment is the Huggaroo microwavable wrap because it can be heated up in minutes at home and positioned wherever the heat is most needed.

Huggaroo’s microwavable wrap soothes both the mind and the body thanks to its moist heat and incorporated aromatherapy. Each Huggaroo wrap is made with calming herbs built inside, which, when heated, release their soothing scents to promote relaxation. Included herbs like chamomile and lavender are used most often to promote calm sleep as the aromas relax the mind, while lemongrass releases aromas that are used to reduce anxiety, relax muscles, and relieve cramps and headaches. So, when you apply the Huggaroo wrap to a sore area, your body is soothed by the deep moist heat of the wrap while your mind is calmed by the therapeutic scents within.

The Huggaroo Microwavable Wrap with Herbal Aromatherapy is made to be laid flat across your lap or against your back or to be wrapped around your head or over your face as a face mask. It features Velcro to secure the wrap in place and a one-size-fits-all design that makes it easy to use. The wrap is made of ultra plush minky fabric that is gentle on the skin and feels wonderfully soft and soothing against migraines, puffy faces, tired eyes, or sinus pressure. Simply pop it in the microwave for about a minute and enjoy instant relief and relaxation.

These wraps can also be settled over shoulders to soothe stiff necks and upper backs as well. For the neck and shoulders, Huggaroo also makes a dedicated Huggaroo Microwavable Neck and Shoulder Wrap with Herbal Aromatherapy to specifically target these major problem areas. If you find that your pain is most often in your neck, shoulders, or upper back, this is the best wrap for you. Just like the Velcro wrap, this neck and shoulder wrap is made of super soft minky fabric and soothing herbs that release their aromas when heated. The neck and shoulder wrap is ergonomic and designed to settle across your shoulders and against the back of your neck. Its weight keeps it in place even as you move around while also applying relieving pressure to stiff muscles. It’s just like a message! But better than a real message, you can walk around and do simple tasks like housekeeping, cooking, and even driving while the wrap works its magic over your stiff shoulders and neck.

Huggaroo’s hot wraps can also be frozen for quick bursts of cooling relief, or you can purchase one of their cold wraps for long periods of cooling therapy to soothe inflammation and headaches. Browse their site to find more health and wellness products like weighted blankets and lap pads and return to living a comfortable, happy life.