A Glimpse Into The Delicious Menu Of Menya Ultra Restaurant In Japan

Menya Ultra

Menya Ultra is a restaurant in Japan that offers delicious noodles and soups every day for its customers. Menya is a Japanese word that means Noodle shop. Their most popular dish is the Tonkotsu ramen. The restaurant makes its noodles with wheat flower, lye water and salt. Impressively there are no artificial flavors in their noodles. That is the reason why many people love to eat at Menya Ultra. Plus, the taste of the noodles is also delicious. 

You can feel the sweet wheat scent from the noodles, which has a smooth and springy texture. So this flavor and texture are present on every bite. Along with the noodles, they also serve delicious soups. Know more about Menya Ultra below. 

The history of Menya Ultra 

Menya Ultra’s first store opened in Odate City, Japan, in 1994. The Ramen Master of the restaurant was Mr. Endo, who has been cooking Ramen for his loyal customers for over twenty-two years. In 2009 the restaurant became the number one ramen store in Japan’s Tohoku region. Some other famous items on their menu are Gyoza, Karaage, MisoRamen and more. 

Mr. Eldo wants his customers to eat healthy food. He experienced some food allergies in his younger days, so he knows the importance of eating safe food. So his restaurants use high-quality ingredients to prepare the food items. 

Delicious dishes at Menya Ultra 

  • The rich and creamy Tonkotsu ramen

The five major ingredients required to make Tonkotsu ramen are Broth, egg, pork, and noodles. The Tonkotsu broth is the main part of the dish. It takes about twelve to eighteen hours to prepare. You have to wait for it to get ready. But you can also make a lot of the Broth, keep it in the fridge, and use it whenever you want. 

The rich and creamy Tonkotsu ramen

In the Menya Ultra, the chefs prepare the Ramen noodles in-house with a specific method. So it is authentic and has a distinguished taste. 

They also use pork in the noodles, which is called chashu. It is marinated pork belly that takes up to eleven hours to prepare. Then the medium-boiled egg is added to the recipe for extra taste. You have to boil the eggs just for seven minutes. The whites are firm, but the yolks melt. Menya Ultra chefs blend all these items to offer you the perfect Tonkotsu soup. 

  • Thick and warm Miso Ramen 

Miso Ramen is a popular Japanese noodle. Menya Ultra also offers the delectable Miso Ramen. Its Broth contains miso with other main ingredients like chicken stock, vegetables, and ground pork. Because of this, the Broth is very thick. The Menya Ultra chooses only springy and chewy noodles made in-house for the Miso Ramen. 

Thick and warm Miso Ramen 

Further, the toppings in the dish are menma, corn, vegetables, butter, and chashu. Ramen noodles, meat, eggs, veggies, and toppings, are the heart and soul of Miso Ramen. It is a salty and rich dish that will make you want more. It is a classic dish for the cold weather and is comforting. Plus it is high in protein, good for an immune boost and has other benefits. 

  • Fried and crispy Karaage 

Karaage is a Japanese fried chicken. It is made of tasty soy sauce, garlic marinade, sake, ginger and more. Potato starch is also present to give extra crispiness to the chicken. Japanese have been eating this fried chicken for many years. 

Fried and crispy Karaage 

Mostly chicken thigh and chicken breast is used for the Karaage. To prepare it, you must cut the chicken thigh or breast into pieces. Then the chefs add soy sauce, cooking sake, ginger, and minced garlic and marinate it. After that, they fry it. 

The Karaage is extremely crispy to eat, and the chicken is incredibly soft to chew. 

End thoughts 

These are the amazing dishes you can find at Menya Ultra. You also can eat at the restaurants near you or order online. 

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