A List of Batman Easter Eggs That Fans Will Love

Jack Napier and Joker

Every fan of the superhero wants a list of Batman easter eggs. It is right up there with being Batman himself. And we have curated a list of such facts just for you. The Batman leaves hints in his movies and the broader DC universe, hiding cool Easter Eggs. We discovered them through detective work in the Batman timeline and other DC films. Now this is something incredible. So take a backseat, order some coffee and start reading them one by one. And, of course, do not forget to have fun. 

Jack Napier and Joker

In Tim Burton’s Batman movie, The Joker’s name ‘Jack Napier’ was created just for the film. This was because in the Adam West Batman series, Alfred was portrayed by an actor named Alan Napier. Also, this is a rather good tribute for the veteran of the series. 

Shop of Horrors

Even though it’s not a DC movie, there’s a cool hidden reference in it. Hollywood often reuses props, and you may not have noticed that the tools used to fix the Joker’s face in Tim Burton’s Batman were the same ones used by Steve Martin on a dental patient in Little Shop of Horrors.

Catwoman Foreshadow

In Batman Returns, there was a clever hint about Selina Kyle becoming Catwoman. While she was working at her desk, the shadows on her eyes resembled the mask she wears as Catwoman later in the movie. Also, the movie may have tanked horribly but we got to see some really cool scenes. 

Shop of Horrors


In Batman Forever, Dick Grayson suggests the name “Nightwing” as his sidekick identity to the Crusader. Grayson later becomes Nightwing, the masked protector of Bludhaven. Also, we all know Nightwing was the first Robin. It is a kind of metamorphosis, with sidekicks progressing along a route. A really unique way to create new story arcs. 

Riddle me This

In Batman Forever, a sign for the Crisscross Puzzle Company is seen, which the Riddler used to share his riddles in the 1940s before changing his method. Every villain in the Batman franchise has a tragic backstory. Most of them had perfectly normal lives before something or the other wrecked their lives. 

Arkham’s Residency

In Batman & Robin, while Bane infiltrates Arkham Asylum, he encounters familiar items like Riddler’s question-mark outfit and Two-Face’s suit. There is also a brief glimpse of a clock, but it’s unclear if it belongs to the Clock King or the Toyman. Also, this is merely a glimpse of the things to come. 

Riddle me This

Card of the Joker

At the end of Batman Begins, Jim Gordon gives Batman an evidence bag containing a Joker playing card labeled “J. Kerr”. This teases the Joker’s arrival in The Dark Knight and references the alias “Joe/Joseph Kerr” used by the Joker in the comics. Now we all know how incredible that arrival and performance was. The Dark Knight turned out to be one of the biggest movies in history. 


In Batman Begins, Victor Zsasz, a sociopathic serial killer, appears as one of the Falcone thugs who is sent to Arkham and later freed by Ra’s al Ghul. Despite his bald head being easy to conceal, his neck bears three 5 tally scars, his signature feature representing his kills. But then, he is no match for Batman, is he?

The Origins of Two-Face

In The Dark Knight, Harvey Dent’s transformation into Two-Face differs from the comics, where he is scarred by acid. However, director Nolan cleverly teases this origin. During a questioning scene, a thug nearly shoots Harvey, reminiscent of Sal Maroni’s act of throwing acid in his face during the trial. Now that is a really gruesome transformation. Also, Harvey becoming the villain is actually very heartbreaking. 

Card of the Joker

Dancing with the Devil

In The Dark Knight, the Joker crashes a Gotham gala, possibly referencing a line from the 1989 Batman movie. He asks Batman, “Have you ever danced with the devil in the pale moonlight?” and at the gala, he dances with a partygoer, embodying chaos. This is a really cool little trivia to toss in the movie. Now, Nolan does this little things from time to time. 

Homage to Cesare Romer

In The Dark Knight, the Joker wears a clown mask at the beginning of the movie. If you look closely, you’ll see that it’s the same one Cesar Romero’s Joker wore in 1966! Also, the Joker seems to be far more popular than his nemesis in the subsequent Batman movies. 

Catwoman’s Appearance

In The Dark Knight, Bruce asks Lucius Fox to enhance his Batsuit against dog attacks. Lucius suggests it may not work against dogs but “should do fine against cats.” This teases Catwoman’s appearance in The Dark Knight Rises. Also, Anne Hathaway did a really bombshell job of portraying the seductive, athletic thief. We simply can’t get enough of her. 

Homage to Cesare Romer

The Clayface Reference

In The Dark Knight Rises, Roland Daggett, a chief rival of Bruce Wayne, is introduced. This could hint at the possibility of Clayface, a master of disguise, appearing in the future. Also, let us not forget Bruce already has a host of enemies who want to do him in. He needs to be careful in the future. 

Shakespeare Bust Tribute

In The Dark Knight Rises, when John Blake meets Bruce at Wayne Manor, he overlooks a bright red telephone and a bronze bust of William Shakespeare. These items were iconic props from the Adam West TV show, symbolizing Commissioner Gordon’s hotline and the Batcave’s secret entrance. Also, this is a nice bit of tribute for the good cop. 

The Killer Croc Hint

In The Dark Knight Rises, John Blake dismisses Commissioner Gordon’s story about something happening in Gotham City’s sewers. However, long-time residents of Gotham know that the sewers are inhabited by a specific mutant cannibal called Killer Croc. Was John taking a risk by underestimating the danger? Or is there something more sinister lying in wait for future installments? Only time will tell. 

Shakespeare Bust Tribute

Robins and Rogues

During the Gotham Rogues match in The Dark Knight Rises, Bane’s arrival caused chaos. Interestingly, the “R” logo used by the team resembled the same “R” symbol worn by Tim Drake, the third Robin. Also, this is a nice and quirky tribute to the Batman franchise. 

If you were observant, you might have noticed a cool detail in The Dark Knight Rises. The radios used by Gotham Police featured the original DC Comics logo. Also, this harks back to the old time when DC had the upper hand in the comics game. 

Joker Cameo

In The Dark Knight Rises, a magazine cover showed Heath Ledger’s face as The Joker, alongside Bruce Wayne. This tribute acknowledged Ledger’s iconic portrayal and implied The Joker’s lasting impact. Heath Ledger was a legend and we think nobody can match his caliber. His portrayal simply was a masterpiece in acting. 

That Old Logo

Keep Calm and Call Batman

While fighting General Zod in Man of Steel, Superman passes a poster that says “Keep Calm and Call Batman.” This hints that Batman has been active for a while and suggests future encounters. Let us see what happens in the future installments. 


In Batman v Superman, during the “Knightmare” dream sequence, Batman’s gun has a playing card taped to it. This hints at a connection to the Joker and potential future stories in the DCEU. Knightmare is one of the most horrifying segments in the Batman franchise. Go back and watch it. 

A Nod to Detective Comics

Batman’s iconic pose on top of the Grim Reaper gargoyle is a hidden Easter egg, referencing Detective Comics #682. Batman confronts the KGBeast in that issue, who appeared as a mercenary in Dawn of Justice under Luthor. Also, this is a great action scene. 

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