The Future of Scooters

electric scooters

For frequent users of public transportation to and from the suburbs, shared bicycles and scooters will be alternatives to urban transit, and short-distance travel tools used with long-distance buses, the ideal radius of activity is still about 10 minutes.

Shared bicycles, as a short-distance transportation tool, have limitations whether they are piled or not. First of all, cycling requires many movements, and the range is extensive, which does not save effort, resulting in greater physical energy consumption. In addition, the versatility of bicycles is also problematic, and it is very unfriendly to office workers wearing commuter clothing, especially ladies wearing skirts. In contrast, allowing users to stand while riding and replacing the workforce with electricity will undoubtedly make electric scooters a tool more suitable for short-distance travel than bicycles.

electric scooters

The structure of electric scooters includes children’s scooters, adult scooters, two-wheel scooters, three-wheel scooters, and four-wheel scooters. Regardless of the type of scooter, it is based on traditional human skateboarding, plus electric vehicles. In recent years, roads have become more and more congested because of the increasing number of small cars, and the traffic jam rate has gradually increased. At this time, a new type of transportation-electric scooters entered people’s lives. Its convenience, green and other characteristics have attracted more and more young people, leading to its broad market space.

Leisure and entertainment products such as electric scooters and electric balance bikes, as smart short-distance transportation, conform to the concepts of energy saving, emission reduction, and technological innovation and are fashionable tools for green travel, energy-saving and environmental protection. In modern society, traffic is becoming increasingly congested. As short-distance transportation, electric scooters and electric balance vehicles can perfectly solve the “last mile” problem, with small space occupation and low energy consumption, saving travel time and cost to a certain extent, and effectively alleviating traffic pressure. The concept of energy-saving, environmental protection, green and convenient travel is deeply rooted in people’s hearts.

It will also help drive the market demand for electric scooters and electric balance vehicles. In the era of intellectual development, the emergence of foldable electric scooters for adults has brought people a new experience. The emergence of electric scooters has dramatically helped the travel of people in and out of short-distance commuting. At the same time, it has also added much fun to everyone in life and entertainment. In this way, the electric scooter is not only a convenient and best travel tool for short distances but also a gospel for scooter lovers! Electric scooters are the general trend of the primary transportation tool in the future and can be used as off-road electric scooters for people’s entertainment.

Many investors in electric scooters believe that data shows that many people now use electric scooters to commute to and from get off work every day to avoid traffic jams or public transportation. In many cases, electric scooters may also be cheap and faster alternatives to ride-hailing services such as Uber and Lyft.

At present, the accuracy of motor control of electric scooters has been increased by 30%, the start will be more stable, and users will be more comfortable and safer to ride. Not only that, but it can also increase the cruising range and make travel more convenient.

travel more convenient

Advantages of electric scooters:

  1. The folding electric scooters currently on the market are all intelligent, similar to a computer processor-only system, which can improve the control performance of the entire electric scooter and communicate with external smart devices. The internalization of electric vehicles can improve the control accuracy of the motor, which can increase by 30%, making the electric scooter start and slide more smoothly and allowing users to be more comfortable and safe during riding. At the same time, it can also increase the mileage, making travel more convenient.
  1. The vehicle can be locked/unlocked through the mobile phone APP, which replaces the function of the traditional key and no longer has to carry a large number of keys. Locking/unlocking the car can be easily done with just one key. Integrate the electrical components of the vehicle with the chip. The chip is not opened, and the car cannot run. Even if the motor and other accessories are replaced, the vehicle cannot be started.
  1. It can be folded in seconds with one hand, and the body, seat and pedals can be retracted and unfolded synchronously. The volume after folding is less than one meter.

So if you want to develop the market for electric scooters, what improvements should be made?

  1. Technical aspects

In the future, electric scooters may incorporate more technologies, such as GPS, Bluetooth, WiFi, voice recognition, and so on. Electric scooters are a product of the technological era, and some of the era’s characteristics are indispensable.

  1. Function

In addition to having some essential control functions, some new development models will continue to promote the development of electric scooters. For example, in the era of shared electric vehicles, the emergence of shared electric scooters and shared electric vehicles will encourage the development of electric scooters.

  1. Electric scooter information: vehicle speed, power, location, etc., can be viewed through the mobile phone APP, and the scooter can be controlled through the mobile phone APP. It is also possible to diagnose the fault through the mobile phone. If you encounter a breakdown or failure, you can use the Internet to query maintenance information or after-sales service outlets.
  1. Human-computer interaction: adding voice recognition technology can enhance the interaction and control with electric scooters.
  1. Automatic tracking: GPS technology and some measurement technologies are added to realize automatic following or navigation functions. Some functions of the robot can also be developed for electric scooters.
  1. Performance: Electric scooter can become a product with almost all-terrain adaptability. It can meet the needs of outdoor sports enthusiasts. Therefore, it not only needs speed but also needs diversified functions to adapt to different terrains. For example, you can drive on streets, sand, snow and mud without stress.

If it is you, what do you hope the electric car of the future will be like?