Our Business Guide To Commerce Packing

Commerce Packing

When your customers see your packaging, it will be a huge contributor to their first impression so make it count by reflecting the high quality of the product within. Being your chance to show off your brand image and entice shoppers to give your brand a go, standing out from the competition in a busy marketplace is essential. We’ve pulled together some of the most effective types of packaging which are suitable for a range of product types, helping you pick out the best approach for your business needs.

Double sided film tape is a versatile in commerce packing, offering secure adhesion for sealing packages, securing labels, and ensuring that items remain intact throughout the logistics process. Its reliable bonding properties make it an essential component in creating sturdy and tamper-resistant packaging solutions.[self adhesive tape which is quick and easy to apply.

Fabric bags

With a simple design that can be designed as you please, the versatility of printed cotton bags makes them a popular choice across a whole range of industries. By providing customers with a bag which can be reused time after time, get your name out there whilst doing your bit for the environment, showing your consideration to the planet. 

Cardboard boxes

Being a staple for many businesses, a simple cardboard box helps to keep your products safe and secure during the transit process. By choosing sizes which suit your products, the chance of them being shaken around and damaged is minimised so you can keep customer orders in the best possible condition. When it comes to storage, the flatpack nature of cardboard boxes is convenient and easy for businesses to stay on top of.

Packaging peanuts

Being used to quickly and easily fill parcels to keep contents safe during transit, the versatile design of packaging peanuts makes them suitable for orders of all kinds. By filling in any gaps to prevent the contents from getting knocked around, less time is needed to carefully wrap any fragile goods. Nowadays, there are a range of more environmentally friendly alternatively alternatives available which are made from recyclable materials or can be dissolved on contact with water.

Kraft paper

Offering a range of uses, kraft paper is a worthwhile addition for businesses to have to hand. Whether it’s used to wrap smaller orders or stuff cardboard boxes for added protection, the cheap and recyclable nature of kraft paper makes it an easy solution. Especially for fragile products, stuffing any spare space in a box will ensure the contents cant move around to minimise the chance of damage.

Packing tape

Although this may seem like an obvious one, there are various types of tape available which each offer different benefits depending on your packaging style. Many businesses uses standard acrylic tape which suits standard needs but other options are available such as solvent tape which can handle extreme temperatures and self adhesive tape which is quick and easy to apply.

Air packaging

Turning from a thin piece of plastic to a pillow of air which is inflated to offer effective protection to orders, air packaging is available in various shapes and sizes to offer a unique solution. It takes up minimal storage space for businesses and can be easily popped by the customer to make the disposal process easy.