My Brick Is Fading–Is There Anything I Can Do?

Brick houses

Brick houses are one of the most common sights across Australia and for good reason. They are attractive, durable, and practical. However, while brick is durable, the constant attacks by weather, including the sun, means that the colour of the brick will fade over time. 

It’s not just the brick that will suffer. The mortar between the bricks will also start to crumble, as a result of the weather. This is important to the structural strength of the walls and you’ll need to repoint them. It’s worth getting the professionals in tuckpointing Sydney to redo your mortar. They’ll be faster than you and could even be cheaper, depending on how much your time is worth.

There are several approaches to dealing with faded brick:

Paint Them

This can be tedious as you’ll want to paint each individual brick and avoid getting the paint on the mortar between bricks. The best way to do this is to use masking tape on the mortar. 

It’s possible to purchase brick-coloured paint. However, before you can apply it to the brick you’ll need to rinse the bricks first. They should absorb the water.

After they have done this you can use a specialist cleaning product. It’s best to do this while the bricks are wet. This removes the debris that can cause any fresh paint to look unsightly. Once you’ve applied the cleaner let the bricks dry fully before brushing them all with a sealant. This ensures the moisture is retained inside the brick and it’s clean and ready to paint.

Now, apply your paint with a small brush or sponge. Remember, there are plenty of different brick paint colours to choose from. You’ll need to choose the one that suits your home and neighbourhood best.

Deep Cleaning

This may work if the fading is really a reaction, to the weather. You’ll actually want to start this process by vacuuming the wall! It effectively removes dirt and debris that has clung to the wall over the years.

Once that’s done wash the walls with water and use a soft brush to ensure all remaining debris and dirt are gone. 

There are likely to be stains on some of the bricks. You can tackle these with a mixture of salt and dish soap. Scrub the bricks and the stain should lift out. 

It is possible to use muriatic acid to lift heavy stains. But, they can damage the bricks further, proceed with caution,

It’s a good idea to add silicone sealant to the bricks after you have cleaned them. This will restore their natural lustre and may avoid the need to paint them. 


If you don’t fancy painting them but need to restore the colour you can use a stain. It’s best to use a stain designed for concrete. Follow the instructions on your product, they should be similar to preparing to paint the wall.

Staining makes it easier to go darker and choose the colour you like the most.

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