The Best Range Of Creative Shades In The Country

Car Parking Shades

Creative shades are the new favourites here in India. You can see the creative shades made with tensile structures all over the places. Car parking shades, shades at bus stands, and shades at swimming pools, restaurants and stadiums are using the tensile membrane structure as it is strong, durable and affordable. There are various other reasons why these creative shades are in high demand.

These car parking creative shades are made of steel rods as support and PVC coated polyester and fibreglass as the cover. The ease of construction and installation process makes it the most preferred shading structure. It can apparently be used anywhere shade is required. Some common places where it can be used as shade are:

  • Car parking

  • Tents

  • Swimming pools

  • Stadiums

  • Bus stands, etc.

Use of Creative shades

Shades hold much importance as it acts as protects from harmful effects of sun, rain and other natural occurrences. A car parking shade saves your car from the sun rays, rain and snow in the case of cold areas. The strong rays of the sun cause the colour of the car to fade and lose its shine and glaze. It also affects the delicate parts of a car made of plastic to bend and melt. The rain and snow also cause similar damages to the car. Thus the cars need to be protected with shades. Shades are also required in the case of swimming pools, outdoor restaurants, beaches, the entrance of malls and offices. In fact, shades are required almost at every place that needs to be protected from the sun.

Uses of shades:

  • As car parking shades protect the cars by burning sun rays and absorbing heat from the sun.

  • Like swimming pools and beach shades, saves you from sunburns and heat strokes on the beaches and swimming pools.

  • Helps you enjoy an outdoor dinner at restaurants.

  • Lets you enjoy the picnic and outdoor parties as garden gazebo tents.

  • The vibrant colours and aesthetic beauty of the tent freshens you up.


Creative shades by Etacon Creative shades

Etacon Creative shades produce such creative shades for nearly every shading need on this planet. Our experienced team of engineers, architects and installation experts provide you with a complete package. We have some very beautiful designs of creative shades designed by our architects using the most modern designing tools. These designs are turned into reality by the team of skilled engineers with the help of latest technologies and unmatched craftsmanship. These structures are then installed by our experienced staff causing minimal site intrusion. The USP of our creative shades is its sturdy build and vibrant colours. The raw materials, i.e. steel and tensile fabrics are also procured from the trusted sources and are of supreme quality.

Products offered by Etacon Creative Shades

We offer a host of shading solution to our customers. They can be used as car parking shades or garden shades, etc.

  • Car parking shades

  • Outdoor awnings

  • Canopies shades

  • Entrance shades

  • Shade Sails

  • Swimming pool cover

  • Garden gazebo tents

  • Garden Umbrellas

  • Walk-ways umbrellas

  • Polycarbonate shades

Features and advantages of our shades:

  • Durable and aesthetically beautiful

  • Flame retardant, heat absorber and natural reflector of light.

  • Cost-effective and affordable.