Today Wordle Answer and Hints – All You Need To Know (Updated Daily)

today's wordle answer
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People repeatedly look on the internet for today’s wordle answer. In fact, Wordle is a greatly popular word game that numerous parole play daily. It is a game which might seem simple at first look. But, as you start with the game, you will definitely feel the toughness of the game. However, if you have not played the game, let me inform you that it is a game where you have to guess the words from the available clues on the platform. In fact, regular players of the game might find it simple, but it is not so, as the clues will definitely make you guess more than a single word. Therein lay the difficulty of the game. 

Therefore, it is natural for people to search the internet for the answer to today’s Wordle. In fact, there are many articles on the internet which try to help people with the words of the game. But before you go into the answer, a brief introduction about the game is necessary for those who do not play the game. 

Today’s Wordle Answer

Today’s Wordle Answer
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Therefore, if you wish to know about today’s wordle answer then this article is the perfect stop for you. Keep reading this article to know more about the Wordle answer. 

Wordle- A Introduction

Wordle- A Introduction
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Wordle, created by Josh Wardle, is a daily word game. On visiting the official website, you will get a new word to guess every day. Initially, you have to type any random five-letter word in the boxes. Then the game will start. As you type a guess, the tiles will change colour. If the tile changes to green, then are sure that the letter in the tile is in the mystery word. If it changes to yellow, that means the letter is there in the mystery word, but you have placed it in the wrong sequence. However, the grey colour means that the letter is not there in the word. 

What Is The Answer To Today’s Wordle?

What Is The Answer To Today's Wordle?
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Now, here you will get to know the answer to today’s Wordle. The word for today, which is December 1, 2022, is a bit difficult. It has one repeating letter and one vowel. The meaning of the word is to throw something out suddenly. The other hint that comes from this word, is that it is a verb. Moreover, the featured letter here is ‘E’. Thus, taking a hint from these clues, we can deduce that the word for today will be EJECT. 

On a closer look, you can easily see that it has the letter ‘E’ and it is repeated in the word. The meaning of the word is also in tune with the meaning that the hint provided. Finally, it is also a verb. Therefore, this is today’s wordle answer.


1. What is today’s Wordle answer?

The answer to today’s Wordle is EJECT. As per the hints, the word is a verb and contains the letter ‘E’. Moreover, adhering to the clues this word means to throw out something with force or suddenly. Moreover, it also has a repeated letter.

2. What is the answer to today’s Wordle?

The answer to today’s Wordle is EJECT. It fulfils all the hints that the platform has provided. 

3. What is today’s wordle answer March 4?

For March 4, the Wordle answer is AHEAD.

4. What is today’s Wordle 258 answer?

Wordle 258 means the puzzle for March 4, 2022. The answer to the puzzle is AHEAD.

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